Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Sad Farewell to a True Legend....

As I heard the news my heart broke, I know it sounds daft; especially seeing as we hardly knew each other… but you were, are a legend to this club and indeed town.

They called you “Flash” because you were quick on the wing, thank goodness your were; as you quickly winged your way into our hearts!

How I took great delight in telling my friend who you were at that old boy reunion, he was meant to know it all too! You never forgot me, always had a smile for me and genuinely seemed to like the fact I was a fan… like I could have been anything else!!

I still cherish the book you signed; it holds pride of place in my book case & always will. Oh and the times I’ve shouted at our present day ‘wingers’ to “get a move on!” or how I wished they had been like you!!! You would have sorted some of them opposition full backs out, I’m sure.

I wish you were still here, I wish I had the chance to say hello one last time; one last time to ask how you were or to see you smiling towards me.

I wish I could say thank you one last time for all you did for the club, you are one of an elite few who will always have a special place in not only the club but also Northampton as a town.

So, from this very humble and very grateful St. John lady to the legendry Tommy “Flash” Fowler; thank you. For all that you were, for all that you did for the club… but more importantly thank you; for being my friend.

You will NEVER be forgotten!