Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Trevor Eve Appreciation Party... My Manifesto.

(for my wonderful Trevor Eve/Waking the Dead fans; and maybe a little gentle friendly dig at my political friends too...)

We here at the Trevor Eve Appreciation Party believe in free Trevor for all, we want to change the rising trend of younger actors being drooled over; while allowing the older (better in most cases) actors passed over “just because.

Our members and supporters believe that true talent comes from age and experience, taking nothing away from the younger actors; but youth and good looks count for little when you are talented AND hot as hell.

Trevor Eve is without doubt one of the best actors around, at over 50 years old; he is also one of the hottest around. Should we be elected, our party would implement the follow...

• Free DVD’s of Trevor’s past shows. Up to and including Children... Naked Trevor is good Trevor! (Well, nearly naked anyways)

• Waking the Dead as a weekly episodic programme. We believe this is ~ without doubt ~ one of his best works, if elected WtD would run and run. If scripts became a problem the shows producers would tap into the great world of “fan fiction” out there, allowing people to “write” their own scripts.

• A group of cinemas specially dedicated to showing all of Trevor’s work.

• Trevor Eve Appreciation Day. A day dedicated to Trevor and everything about him, held on his birthday; where people could celebrate all things Trevor. The highlight of which would be a huge party in the park type of event, with the man himself as the main guest of honour.

• On education, children of school age would be taught Trevor Lessons. Ranging from showing his previous works to helping out youngsters learn from the master himself.

• On National Health, we here at the TEA Party believe that a little bit of hotness will help you to recover and get better. We would make all doctors look as hot as Trevor and make his works available to patients, visits by the man himself would be a given.

• On the economy, we believe that the more Trevor you have the more money will be generated into this Country.

• On Defence & Crime... we believe that the characters (especially DSI Peter Boyd) that Trevor plays are good strong characters, and our Policemen/women should be more like those he plays. Tough and strong but honest and fair. With regard to Defence, our armed forces shall be given acting lessons and will be reformed into lean mean Trevor Eve machines.

So, in short; a vote for the TEA Party is a vote for more Trevor Eve!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Worry? (Irish Logic)

There are only two reasons in life that should worry you; either you are sick or you are well.


If you are well, then there is nothing to worry about.


However, if you are sick there are only two things to worry about; either you are going to get better or you will die.


If you get better, then there is nothing to worry about.


However, if you die then there are only two things to worry about; either you will go up or down.


If you go up, then there is nothing to worry about.


However, if you go down; you will be so busy shaking the hands of old friends and colleagues you will be too busy to worry!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Miracle Worker or Councillor? Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t!

While I am in this writing mood, I shall explain my views; politically and otherwise... I have touched on the market square already, so I shall try to avoid that subject.

Week after week all I seem to be reading is how bad of a job the Lib Dem run NBC, (and sometimes the get that wrong ~ remember we have TWO councils here!) how everything they have achieved has been crap.

It seems that everyone and anyone from Fitzy to my friend Tony Clarke is ready to stick the knife in as it were and complain about anything and everything. It seems that the current administration are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, which leads me to one of my questions; why would anyone in their right mind want to be a Councillor?

Not only do you have to balance the budget and books, not only do you have to seemingly please all of the people all of the time; but you also have to actually work miracles and do the impossible!

In my view, (other than with regard to opposition Councillors) I see all these “wannabe Councillors” moaning about how bad things are; but unwilling (or unable) to do anything about it. It is a little like football fans spouting off saying they could do a better job of managing their football team than the actual manager; however, if given the chance to do so ~ they all suddenly shut up! In other words, if you think you can do a better job or know better than those who run things; why are you not doing it?

If it was me, and I was so impassioned about what happened to my town; I would do all I could to become a Councillor and everything I could to change things. Yes it is true that one of the reasons I joined a party was because I wanted to become a Councillor and change things for the better, and yes I have the chance to do that; but in truth I am not sure it is worth the hassle.

Even though I don’t know what goes on “behind the scenes” as it were, I know things are not easy for any local (or national for that matter) government to make things work. But I also know that things in this town are not good either, and to be honest things will not get better over night...

Before this current administration, we had the Tories in power who didn’t do much. Then we had Labour in power who did loads, just not all of it good; they apparently got Northampton put into special measure ~ which I think basically means the national government had to take control of our spending and stuff ~ someone in the council will be better placed to explain that bit.

Now seeing as I was either too young or not as involved as I am now, I cannot comment on how good or bad things were before; but surely it cannot of been that good if things are as bad as they are now? Not ALL of the towns problems (and there do seem to be many of them) can be blamed on the current administration, these problems did NOT happen over night; the town has been in decline for far too long now and what worries me is that no one is listening!

While I have a huge amount of time for ALL Councillors, and would like to think I have friends on all sides of the chamber; I do worry that many of them are trying too hard to make things like a mini Houses of Commons... far too often I see those Councillors (and you know who you are!) on the opposite side of the chamber doing what can only be described as “childish taunting” and point scoring; when what they should be doing is putting the needs of my town first.

Members of that chamber have been voted in to make a difference and look after their ward residents, now don’t get me wrong many ~ if not all ~ of our Councillors do work extremely hard for those said residents. And if my ward Councillor was (and he is) one sitting on the opposition side, I too would want them to make as much noise as they could to get me the best deal for me and other as they could... but, and here are my concerns; far too many of them seem to forget about the “working together for the good of the town” part and seem to be more interested in acting like children!

Yes it is good theatre (I’ve seen some sights in council meetings!) and yes each Councillor should fight for their residents, as well as holding the administration to account for everything they do; but at the end of the day can you not have your “moment” and then work together?

Life is about compromises, we all have to make them! You cannot always get everything your own way, that is just not how life works... I mean I want to be a supermodel with one of them super hot hunks on my arm; still I have to settle for being super nice and having no one draped upon my arm ~ it happens! I would have thought the key (or one of the keys) to being a good Councillor, was being able to compromise?

My personal view is that while much needs to be done, ALL Councillors should quit with the fun and games and start getting down to the business of saving my town and getting it going in the right direction!

I Have Been Abused!!!

I have wanted to write this blog for a while now, but every time I tried something always held me back.

It is partly in reply to something a friend (though he might not be after this) said, and partly to put my point of view across ~ seeing as everyone else is doing so!

The gent in question is one of the regular crowd who act as something of unofficial “rebel rousers,” towards the current Lib Dem run administration. He seems to have a huge distain for all the main parties, (which he is within his right to do) as well as being something of a “champion” towards council housing tenants...

I have nothing against him, or his reasoning behind any of what he does... BUT; and here’s the big but, I have a huge problem with his seemingly one sided view of how our administration bullies and abuses said tenants.

As to if the things he says are true or not, well I am not able to answer. I have one view from the gent in question, (who is, himself; only hearing things second hand) and the view of some of my councillor friends on the yellow side of the chamber...

If it is true, then those doing the bullying/abusing should ~ and I hope will ~ be brought to task for it, bullying (in any form) is wrong; period.

I am not about to pass judgement on things without knowing the whole facts, however what has got my goat more than anything; is this gents comments to me over these matters.

Our conversations actually took place over the fact he had tried to bring to task Councillor Woods (again) over how much his hearing (for that car issue) cost the taxpayers...

Surely we have been through this enough people? Surely, after wasting eight plus hours of my own life and nine months of his on this matter, we have ALL had enough of Councillor Woods and his bloody car? (No offence there Tony, if you’re reading) So why in the blue hell, do I want to spend another god knows how long over it?

Anyways, (rant over there!) we somehow managed to get onto matters regarding one of the sheltered housing people (the one’s who visit others in need) getting in trouble & being bullied by the Lib Dem administration; and (which I find bizarre) the aforementioned Councillor Woods.

With what this gent was saying, Councillor Woods not only knew about the trouble the help got in but also bullied; intimidated and abused her. Now I know Councillor Woods is (and can be) a lot of things, I know we are not exactly friends and it is true even I find him fairly intimidating at times; but something I just cannot see... if I am wrong however, then I shall say I am wrong.

However, when I made the comment that what I cared about were the taxpayers like my folks having to pay out for more freedom of requests over how much this hearing etc took over Councillor Woods, than much else; this gent accused me of not caring and only thinking about my own pocket.

Now, anyone who actually knows me; will know neither is true. I care too much about everyone, and the last thing I will ever care about is money! To me, money is the route of all evil; and personally I wish that I could live without the need for it. Most people who know me will also know that the one thing you can be assured of, is that I more than “give a damn” about everyone and anyone! Not only is it (kind of) part of my job to care (The St. John thingy) but it is also something which I have always felt is more of a trait than anything else, simply put; I cannot help but be nice!

Therefore, with that being said; what I want to know ~ well ask the gent in question (notice I have not named him...) is... “Isn’t what YOU are doing (to myself and others ~ with the constant disrespectful e-mails and comments) bullying?”

I find his comments towards me, not only hurtful; but also abusive....

Where is the respect you say those in power do not show you? Respect has to not only be earned but also given to the right people. Moreover, regardless of if you like it or not (or agree with them or not) those in power DO deserve to be treated with respect.

I was brought up to have respect for my elders, something this gent is proud of also; but my parents also brought me up to have respect for authority figures too! Regardless of if I like them or not, Councillors and the officers; have my respect ~ that’s not to say I don’t think they should not earn that too... but more on that another time!

So, Edward McNabb; do I get an apology from you for the abusive comments... or should I just tell anyone and everyone how you have treated me and e-mail you every chance I get, being rude and abusive too of course?

Have I made my point?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Complaints Department...

Because the election is hot underway, and because I know many people would like to do this; I have made a complaints department....

It is run by a wonderful woman called Ms. H. Weight.

It was set up for those people who would like to complain about, well anything really; but especially for some of my politically friends.

  1. If there are times when I have:
  2. Pissed you off with my constant "can't make up her mind" attitude.
  3. Annoyed you because I don't do as much or help as much as you would like.
  4. Acted (said or done something) dumb around you that makes you worry about me.
  5. Or just generally gave you cause for sleepless nights etc; then this is the place to come...

Helen, will address all complaints fairly and quickly; of course she will also deal with them fully and to the highest standards.

So, with that being said;

"If you have a problem with me, my attitude, intelligence; or lack thereof...

Please go to Helen Weight!!!

Thank you kindly xxx