Friday, June 10, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is...

Our dear John Clare
I feel so close to you as I sit here in All Saints Church, looking to your poem for inspiration
But the words, they don't come easily
They are in my heart, in my head
Stuck deep inside, not willing to flow freely
I look to you, my dear John for help and guidance
I wonder if you ever felt these feelings, thought these same thoughts
I realise that you must have done
It drove you mad didn't it?
Is that why you walked from London all the way home, I wonder if that would help me?
And this is your home, it is where you belong
And it is mine too
I do not want to go anywhere else, there is no place better for me
As I look back over your life and mine, I can see it clearly
We both have much to celebrate
We have a home, somewhere people will care about us
And what's more, it is somewhere we both found our writing flow again
Because as I look back, I now see that I have my flow back again too
I have found something to say
And all in the nick of time

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just One Kiss....

I knew when I saw you that you were the one.
Right from the start we had so much fun.
Your smile in the morning was just like a ray of sun.
So bright and fresh, and always full of fun!
At first we stepped out only once or twice.
But each time we did it was always so nice.
You opened up doors, and smiled as I passed by.
I knew back then that this love would last.
I’ve not known you long, but I know in my heart we are made for each other; no way will we part.
And each time I see you, in my heart I just know that my love will grow and grow.
How do I know this, I am sure you must think. Well, I shall tell you myself in this very ink.
The reason I know I’m in love is just this.
You stole my heart with just one kiss!


I don’t know why I want you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I want to be with you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I want to kiss you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I love you so, but I do.
They say I don’t love you, but I know that I do.
They say I shouldn’t want you, but I do.
They say you are wrong for me, but I know you’re not.
They say you are a bad man, but I know you’re not.
I know deep inside that I want you.
I know that you are the right man for me, but you do not.
My life would be much better if you knew, but you do not.
My life would be complete with you, but it is not.

Facebook Ruined My Life.... (and I need it)

The world’s biggest legal crack and whore den! You might laugh, but only because it is true!! Yes, you might think I tell you this in jest; but allow me to explain if you will.

I never wanted to use facebook, it never interested me. I had real live friends, I could text them if I wished; even meet them should I feel so inclined. I had pc games, none of which cost me a dime!!!

I knew where my friends were and what they were doing, because I was normally with them. If I wanted to talk to my folks, I would go downstairs. I did not need to connect with friends from school, they never wanted to stay in touch anyways ~ that or they were bullies.

If I had wanted to raise animals I would get a pet, if I want grow crops I would become a farmer. If I wanted to own a city I would become a multimillionaire… what? Wait, I do want to become one of them!!! All these games do for you is make you become obsessive, you have to play them or the animal will die and your crops will wither up and die too… what the heck am I talking about, they are not real anyways!!

And then there are those apps that can only be described as crap… those that tell your fortune, or what your name means. Which are only genetically generated anyway! The ones that can tell you what colour you are just by answering a few questions, or whom you will marry; or when you will have a baby… always wondered what answer they would give if a man took it.

What is with all that stuff, I mean really? Some people must seriously have nothing better to do… and yes I am including myself in that statement. And this goes back to my earlier point, facebook is my pimp! And it is yours and most of your friends’ too!! Unless of course, you are one of the smart ones who steers clear of it. But trust me, if you are not careful it will get you too… facebook has sucked me in and I cannot get out again; send help if you can!

And do you know what makes all this worse? “THEY” have created this legal den of vice and we are all powerless to stop it, if we do not get our daily (sometimes hourly) fix of facebook; then our day is ruined. Like I said, I did not want facebook; but now I cannot live without it. I have to tend to my farm(s) and city(s) and checkout whatGranmaSuzy says will happen to me, I have to make sure my crops do not die and my animals are fed… I mean only just recently I went away for the weekend and thought I had killed Pinggy the Penguin… (And talking of killing off animals ~ can we take a moment for my ex pet on spp ranch? Thank you kindly)

And if that was not bad enough, “THEY” then go and decide to change everything around… they say it is to “fix the technical problems” but I know the truth, it is just to pee me off. They move the chat bar, then the notifications; and then the notes… they even moved the flipping inbox ~ I mean, the inbox for pity’s sake! My friend had to post a status asking someone to e-mail just so she could find it, and I will not even begin to tell you what I had to go through just to stalk that guy I fancy!

I am like many people on there, I fear change; it scares me… and you should not scare me ~ I poop easily! What is wrong with leaving things as they are and just fixing the bugs? It is like supermarkets isn’t it? They change things around every six months in the hope we will buy more stuff, I just end up getting annoyed; walking out and buying my stuff online! We like our same routines and what have you… it is comforting to us! Like a pair of comfy pj’s or an old tee shirt full of holes; it is our “blankiee” and we like it “just as it is” thank you very much!

So here I sit waiting to harvest my crops, animals and houses. I am waiting on my city to grow, waiting for my zombies to get hungry for brains; and my zoo to expand. I am waiting for my friends to come “online” and for Granma Suzy to tell me what I should do today, all while stalking (sorry, checking up on) that guy I fancy! Maybe I should just switch off my pc and go meet my friend for coffee in the real world… but I shall just check on my farm first though!