Friday, June 3, 2011

Just One Kiss....

I knew when I saw you that you were the one.
Right from the start we had so much fun.
Your smile in the morning was just like a ray of sun.
So bright and fresh, and always full of fun!
At first we stepped out only once or twice.
But each time we did it was always so nice.
You opened up doors, and smiled as I passed by.
I knew back then that this love would last.
I’ve not known you long, but I know in my heart we are made for each other; no way will we part.
And each time I see you, in my heart I just know that my love will grow and grow.
How do I know this, I am sure you must think. Well, I shall tell you myself in this very ink.
The reason I know I’m in love is just this.
You stole my heart with just one kiss!

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