Friday, June 10, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is...

Our dear John Clare
I feel so close to you as I sit here in All Saints Church, looking to your poem for inspiration
But the words, they don't come easily
They are in my heart, in my head
Stuck deep inside, not willing to flow freely
I look to you, my dear John for help and guidance
I wonder if you ever felt these feelings, thought these same thoughts
I realise that you must have done
It drove you mad didn't it?
Is that why you walked from London all the way home, I wonder if that would help me?
And this is your home, it is where you belong
And it is mine too
I do not want to go anywhere else, there is no place better for me
As I look back over your life and mine, I can see it clearly
We both have much to celebrate
We have a home, somewhere people will care about us
And what's more, it is somewhere we both found our writing flow again
Because as I look back, I now see that I have my flow back again too
I have found something to say
And all in the nick of time

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