Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nicky S.... for Serious Now!!!

Just so you know, my last name ISN'T serious. 

But, I thought it about time we quit with this political crap and got back to the point of this blog ~ somewhere to post my writings and assignment etc. Plus in truth, having three (at least, even I have forgotten) blogs is becoming tiresome! I really want to get back to one blog for everything ~ and no, there was no politics in that comment whatsoever!

Also, while I am at it; the picture I have used as my display is by an artist called Iain Faulkner.
The piece is called "In From The Storm" and all credit should go to him.
Not just for the artwork, which I still think is amazing; but also for the fact that it was this piece that got me back into writing again.

I saw it in a now long gone art gallery in Northampton (just off the Ridings for those of us that know Northampton) and it just instantly stuck me as stunning. I wanted to sit there and study it all day long, I think the girls behind the counter must have got fed up of me always going in there and just sitting there.

Anyways, I ended up writing a story based around it (I think I posted it on here ~ but it wasn't very good) and it got me back into writing. The picture has long since been sold; and as I said the gallery gone too.

But the one thing I am going to go back to doing is heading out to places and looking around for some ideas, that was one of my best plans; maybe it will work now?

And if you happen to see me out looking lost (or even thoughtful) come and say hello, you never know; it could help an old writer out...

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