Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Poem

Nicky Sarti                           

Born in 1977, on the 22nd day of May,
Then pronounced and named a Miss Nicola Sarti.
Out of the womb at a quarter past one,
Into Barrat Ward in the General Hospital of Northampton.

Since then so much change, and you are now Nicky.
Time to forget those days when things were more tricky!
Though you were hurt when young, you’re confidence shattered,
Just think to them, it never really mattered!

So hold your head up high, and be the strong woman you are,
As the things you are doing are what make you a star!
To volunteer and to help those in need,
Takes courage, confidence and the skills to succeed!

Forget the time you found your ex had a wife,
As it is quite clear you have moved on with your life!
Since meeting Tina in January of 2007,
It has been your turn to grab that small piece of heaven!

Focus on that you like doing in your spare time,
Like The Cobblers, watching wrestling and dramas with crime!
You are clearly a wonderful person, that’s no mystery,
Now it’s time to travel, write about the lands and discover their history!!!


Later they will have dinner, at a small restaurant near Priory on Sea. He will wear plain khaki slacks and a deep green dress shirt. She will outclass him in almost every way, from the pearl earrings and necklace to the little black sheath.
Her legs will look astonishingly good.
This is what Peter Boyd does not anticipate, on a cold, foggy Saturday night not long after the death of Fin Dawley (or John Bryson, depending on one's point of view). He steps out of his car expecting... well, he doesn't know what to expect. Smoky eyes, for a start, that get him like they haven't ever before. The harsh light of an interrogation room is nowhere near the same as the soft yellow glow of a candle. The way Maria's dark hair glistens and her plum-jam lips curve in a winsome smile; sometimes she'll play the coquette expertly. He knows these things all too well.
He knows them, yet he is only just beginning to discover them.
She looks less like a woman playing dress-up and more like a film star from the earliest days. All dolled up, he could easily believe a hardened criminal would fall in love with her. Men are notoriously foolish when it comes to a pretty face. Boyd cannot decide who the bigger fool is: her half-brother, the mobster, or the Detective Superintendent.
Over spaghetti, the small talk turns to more serious matters. The little black kitten's funeral was just this morning - hence, the touch of mourning garb. Poor Soot, and poor Tigsy as well - seeing one's kin murdered does horrible things to any mind, feline or human.
A lingering glance; dark brown eyes on blue, as dark as the sea and the midnight sky, and the shadow of a killer on the deck of a doomed ship.
And then the sea itself, cradling its daughters, canvas-adorned brides all. She reaches up and, with one finely manicured finger, traces out someone's initials in the stars. Not FD, mind. But they're very similar indeed.
The light changes, and the mood as well; a smile, from face to face. White teeth shine as she laughs under the streetlamps. There's his car, but he's hesitant to identify it. He might inadvertently break the spell he's doubtless fallen under.
Star light, star bright... only star I see tonight...
After she has gone (leaving two blurs of maroon on his right cheek), he traces the stars himself. There's the M, and the L beside it.
Perhaps he will stargaze again next weekend.

The Twelve Days of Christmas... WTD Style.

On the first day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
A perfectly preserved body!

On the second day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the third day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the fourth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the fifth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Five pints of aaaaaaale -
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the sixth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Six different profiles
Five pints of aaaaaale -
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the seventh day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Five pints of (hic) aaaaaale!
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the eighth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Eight confessions
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Five pints of *swig* AAAAAALE!
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Nine suicide notes
Eight confessions
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Five pints of... *thud*
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the tenth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Ten search warrants
Nine suicide notes
Eight confessions
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Five pintsh of aaaaaaale!
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Eleven dowdy parkas
Ten search warrants
Nine suicide notes
Eight confessions
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Fiiiiive piiiiints of aaaaaaaale!
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my DS gave to me
Twelve new gray hairs
Eleven dowdy parkas
Ten search warrants
Nine suicide notes
Eight confessions
Seven whiteboard markers
Six different profiles
Five pints of - oh shit *puke*
Four walled-up corpses
Three suspects
Two severed heads
and a perfectly preserved body!

Story Time... WtD Style.

Boyd flicked on the light

"Do exactly as I tell you," he said as he very carefully unbuttoned her red dress.

"What are you saying?" Mel asked irritably from the doorway of Boyd's office, and rolled her eyes. She snatched the file for the Gold case out of Boyd's hand and sighed dramatically.
"At least you finally turned the lights on," she continued, further taking Boyd out of his reverie.

As Mel strode out of the office, Boyd murmured, "Where are my leather gloves when I need them?"
"Frankie used them for one of her tests," Grace remarked, as she leaned into the room. "She's always slicing and dicing... things. I saw a fantastic silk tie yesterday. It would be perfect for you. Black, tone on tone. Go wonderfully with that black linen shirt you wore the other day."
"Oh yes, dress totally in black. I'd be confused with the grim reaper," Boyd replied, peering at her over his glasses.
"Don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows he doesn't work cold cases." Grace dodged a paper ball by closing the door and walked down the hall laughing.
Smiling to himself, he switched off the light and tossed his glasses onto the desk. He sighed and slumped comfortably in his chair. "Now where was I? Ahhh, yes.."

The smile grew broader and broader on his face as he continued to dream of what he only hoped could be. Was this really the 18 year old Gold girl he was dreaming of or SOMEONE ELSE???
Now who could this be. Grace stepped back into his office and upon doing so, heard him murmur the name Suzie. Was this the same Suzie who's case they had worked on some time ago?
Boyd suddenly woke up and startled at realizing he was not alone, sat up quickly in his seat, grabbing a file as he did so. "You can't get her out of your mind, can you?" questioned Grace, with a soft smile on her face. "Who on earth are you talking about?" asked Boyd with a serious frown on his face, embarrassed that not only had he been caught daydreaming, but the name of the person of whom he day dreaming, slipped out and just may have been overheard.
"Suzie Jones," replied Grace with a most definite tone in her voice. "Oh come on Boyd, you know you miss her. Admit it" But this time she spoke with a very concerned tone. "I, don't know...." stammered Boyd. "Oh yes, you do Boyd. Why don't you give her a call." "She's a very special lady and now the case is over, she may just reconsider the possibility of a relationship with you."

Boyd mulled this over, for the next two weeks. This would not be easy. It had been a horrendous case...for everyone. He could still remember the pain in those violet eyes. Perhaps she had moved on, he hoped so, for her sake, but how would he know for sure? The truth at all cost might cost too much.
"Grace! Where is that woman?" Boyd's glare swept the room. Then he froze. Was he seeing things? Was that really Suzie? He had to be seeing things.
"What is it Boyd? Can't a person get a cup of coffee without you ...Oh, she's early." Grace swept past him and opened the door to let the tall woman into the room.
Boyd felt as if someone had cut off his air supply. He swallowed, finally pushing air past the rock in his throat, and felt a smile flicker upon his lips. To his wonder, she smile back. Imagine that.
"It's been a while," she murmured, as she crossed the room with Grace.
"Too long."
She smiled an answer. This was hard, but not as hard as she'd expected.
Boyd gave Grace a sidelong glance. She smiled that Mona Lisa smile that often drove him to near-murder. "We met sat a sale."
"A sale?" He gave them a blank look.
"Antiques and the like," Suzie offered, and nervously brushed a strand of mink brown hair from her cheek. Why couldn't her hair behave, just once? No matter how many pins she used, that mass of curls insisted on escaping, if only to remind her that it could. She smiled at Grace. "I thought I was seeing things, but no, there she was. Trying to buy this lovely composition doll from the vendor, while her date was protesting loudly about it's lack of collectable value."

Boyd gave Grace a glance. She smiled. "I do have them." She laughed and remarked to Suzie. "He was intent on educating me on everything from A to Z. Dreadful man."
"Did he ring up again?"
"Of course. But I told him it wouldn't work out."
Suzie grinned at Boyd. "She actually told him to shut up. He was stunned. Then he gazed at her as if she were the sun and the moon." This wasn't so bad. They just needed something to talk around for a bit. It might work out.
"What was it you were shouting about?" Grace suddenly demanded.
He gave her a blank look, then his brain kicked in. "I need that profile on Ted Morgan." He was glad the rest of the team had scattered like quail. He had to admit, he was more demanding as of late. He didn't need them shooting thoughtful glances at each other.
"It's just finished. I'll get it," Grace declared, as she charged towards her office.

There was a loud silence. Then, Boyd said, "I'm glad to see you."
"Me too." Her smile wobbled a bit, then firmed up.
"Would you care to have a drink later?"
"Oh. Tonight? Grace and I.."
"It's all right." God this was awful.
"Friday would be better, if you can make it." There was that smile that made her knees weak. It really happened, not just in books.
"Friday would be great."
"Here, now go away. We have lunch to do." Grace shoved a handful of papers at him and glanced at her watch. "I'm taking a long lunch. I've got one due, big time."
"I know, I owe you."
With a grin, Grace swept Suzie away, leaving Boyd standing in the middle of an empty room. For the first time in a long time, it felt empty.
Friday. Smiling, he turned and headed for his office.

Friday could not come soon enough for Boyd and the thought of seeing Suzie again. What was it about this woman that had such a hold on Boyd? As hard as he had tried, he could not get her out of his mind. Originally she was a witness to a crime, then a suspect and then after being cleared of all suspicion ended being a very helpful source to a Cold Case that Boyd could not resolve, until she stepped into his life.
At the time he had tried not to show how much she meant to him, they fought like cat and dog, but the chemistry was amazing between them. He had shown some tenderness to her when she was attacked, but quickly he resorted back to being the cold person everyone had come to know. They had parted on friendly terms but only Grace knew and understood the pain Boyd was going through. Although he tried to get on with his life, he never could get her out of his mind. Now she is back in his life. What happens now?

"It was a dark and stormy night," Boyd muttered sarcastically, as he glowered up at the hiss of lightning that snaked across the boiling black clouds, illuminating their insides with pink light. "God, any moment I expect to see a damn spaceship roll out of that mess."

Just what he needed. Friday had arrived in not too bad condition, but had lost its grip quickly. Heavy smoky grey clouds had grown darker as the day went on, until it resembled a rolling cauldron of pitch. A nice quiet dinner with Suzie would now include a sprint along the sidewalk and near drowning. Like he needed anything else to think about.
A reluctant smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. He was as skiddish as some green lad. But then, no one in recent memory had affected him the way she did. A deep breath calmed him and he headed towards his car.
A near drowning may just give them the subject to work around until they both felt steadier about conversation. The past would be hard to put behind. Just seeing her had brought so much back. Flashbacks, hell-of-a-thing. And, his part was nowhere near her emotional involvement. Yes, maybe this storm was a blessing in disguise.
As he slid behind the wheel of his car, he glanced at his watch. Plenty of time. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? His nerves could play up quite a bit with so much time.
The engine fired and the car swept away from the curb. A smile spread across his lips. It was Friday, finally.

I'll Be There (Mel & Boyd)

Mel’s Diary is at the beginning, but then it's the normal chapter after that.....

Chapter One:

Wednesday 14 March 2003 – 19:37

I'm so exhausted right now but I wanted to write in my diary, it's been ages since I last wrote in here so I thought it was about time I did. Ok the last time I wrote in here I talked about this guy I’d just started going out with. Well, that was two months ago and we're no longer together, it just didn't work and so we both decided to end it. He was a great guy and everything………but he just wasn't my type. So I'm now officially single again, kinda happy about it. I need some time to myself I need to spend some time being single.

What else can I tell you. Well, we've just finished this big case, a young girl went missing 7 years ago and the police didn't find her body and had to stop the investigation. Which was were we came in, her body was found 3 weeks ago and after some investigation we caught the guy and arrested him.

I'm glad it's over, although I'm not looking forward to the paperwork we've got to do.

Saturday 17 March 2003 – 11:00

Ow my head.

I think I drank too much last night, I don't actually remember much about last night except staying at the office late and that's it. I'm sure it'll come to me later.

Saturday 17 March 03 – 2:22

Oh god what did I do….I think I remember what happened last night. In which case I'm not sure if I want to remember.

I can't believe it.

I remember staying late to finish some work, and I remember helping Boyd with something and then we had a drink, and then I kissed him. It kind of happened and I couldn't stop it….didn’t want to stop it. I remember everything that happened between us, I remember that we had sex. In his office. After I’d realised what had happened last night I grabbed my stuff and left, I needed to get out of there. I needed time to think, I still do.

Tears streamed down her face as she read what she'd just written, the memory of last night coming back to her and sending fresh tears down her cheeks. With a shaking hand she picked up the phone and dialed the number, the one person who understood her and who was always there for her.

The person on the other end picked up on the fourth ring and at first sounded cheerful, but as soon as Mel spoke the other woman's mood changed and she knew immediately that something was wrong. They were twins after all and could tell when the other was happy or sad.

‘’ Mel what's wrong ‘’ her sister asked gently.

For a moment she had trouble finding her voice, but after several seconds she managed to get out a choked whisper.

‘’ I've done something stupid ‘’ she cried down the phone.

‘’ Stay there I'm coming over ‘’

Mel was about to protest but it was too late, Olivia had already hung up. Sighing heavily she got up from her desk and walked toward the kitchen, needing something to wake her up, her eyes still half closed.

Half an hour later Mel was sitting on the sofa with her legs curled up underneath her, her sister sitting next to her crossed legged. Both of them with mugs in their hands. Mel had been staring into her mug for 5 minutes now, but Olivia left her to her thoughts, knowing that she'd open up to her when she felt ready.

‘’ I slept with someone last night ‘’ she blurted out, making Olivia turn her head in her sister’s direction.

‘’ Who. Do I know him, what's he like ‘’ Olivia inquired, curious as to who this mystery guy was.

‘’ Boyd ‘’

‘’Come again ‘’ Olivia asked.

‘’ I slept with Boyd last night ‘’

‘’ You are talking about the same guy I think your talking about. Right ‘’

Mel nodded her head and closed her eyes, afraid her sister would shout at her. But instead all she heard was silence, at first she thought that Olivia had gone home, but when she opened her eyes her sister was still sitting next to her, staring into her mug.

‘’ I've messed things up Liv ‘’ Mel complained as she put the mug down and buried her head in her hands. Her life had been going great up till last night when she'd slept with her boss, and in his office as well. She wasn't sure whether she regretted it or not. She was so confused right now.

‘’ What happened. I mean……well you know what I mean ‘’

‘’ Yeah I know what you mean ‘’ she paused ‘’ I was working late trying to finish a report for the case we'd just finished. Myself and Boyd were the only ones still there and he was in his office. So I went into his office to ask if he wanted a hand…I helped him with some of his work and then he offered me a drink. We started talking and we'd had a couple of drinks and I was just getting up to leave when he came over to me…’’

She paused, trying to get her thoughts together.

‘’ You kissed each other ‘’ she interrupted, and Mel looked at her. Wondering how she did that, how she knew stuff before she said it.

‘’ Yeah we kissed and then……we did it. We had sex in his office ‘’

‘’ You didn't, did you ‘’ cried Olivia in surprise, looking shocked and wide eyed.

‘’ If you’re referring to the desk, then no we didn't ‘’

‘’ Sorry it’s just well…it's a shock. I’d never expected you to say that you'd slept with your boss ‘’ Olivia began ‘’ I just assumed it was some guy you'd met. Not that I'm saying you're the type to have one night stands. Oh fuck I'm sorry Mel that's not what I'm saying at all. Shutting up now ‘’

‘’ It's alight. But I was shocked when I woke up this morning to find myself, instead of in my bed, on the sofa in Boyd's office. And then I saw him lying next to me half naked and I just panicked and left. ‘’

Tears were now rolling down her cheeks and dropping onto the cushion on her lap. Olivia leaned forward and they hugged each other, Mel crying on her sister’s shoulder like old times. It broke Liv’s heart seeing her sister so upset and she wanted to do something to help her, she would be there for her sister. She knew that Mel needed her right now, and she wasn't going to go anywhere.

‘’ Hey it's going to be alight you know. If you ever need to talk about anything or this then you know you can always talk to me ‘’

‘’ I know and thanks Liv. I appreciate that ‘’

‘’ Hey that's what sister's are for. ‘’ She replied, as she put the mug down on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

‘’ Mel can I ask you something ‘’ questioned Liv, looking at her twin.

‘’ Yes ‘’

‘’ Do you love him ‘’ Olivia asked.

‘’ Promise not to hate me if I tell you ‘’ Mel asked, looking down at her hands.

‘’ Why would I hate you. I could never hate you, you're my sister ‘’

‘’ The answer to your question before is yes. Yes, I think I do love him ‘’ she said, lifting her head up.

Chapter Two: (One Month Later)

‘’ Amelia Silver ‘’

‘’Want me to come in with you ‘’ asked Olivia. As she sat with Mel in waiting room of the doctor's surgery.

‘’Are you sure ‘’ she asked.

‘’ Of course. And besides I've got the day off and I thought I’d come with you. Give you support if you need it. ‘’

They got up from the seats and followed the nurse into the doctor's office. Sitting down in front of the desk they waited for the doctor to enter. She did a couple of minutes later and sat down behind her desk. Dr Jenkins looked down at the paper in front of her and then looked up at Mel.

‘’ I have the test results back. It's conclusive you’re pregnant Miss Silver. I’d say your about a month along ‘’ the doctor informed her, before she could ask.

Mel sat for a while in silence, trying to take in what she'd just been told. She knew who's it was of course. How was she going to tell him, and more importantly how was he going to react to it.

‘’ Do you know who the father is ‘’ Dr Jenkins asked.

Of course I do

All Mel could do was nod as she tried to take in the news. Her sister sat next to her quietly, she knew that Liv was surprised and wondered what she was thinking. She glanced at her sister quickly and noticed the look in her eyes, she looked back at Dr Jenkins and tried to speak but the words were trapped and in the end she gave up and waited for the older woman to speak.

‘’ I’ll make you another appointment in a month or so for a scan ‘’

Mel walked out of the room awhile later still in shock, she'd not spoken since before they'd gone in there to see the doctor

Mel entered the lab and walked over to where Frankie was examining a body. They had reopened the case of a young man who'd been murdered 6 years ago, but it had to be closed because there wasn't enough evidence then to put the guy who'd done it away. Now it was being investigated again by the Cold Case Squad, after another young man had been found dead by the same means as the first one.

Frankie looked up and greeted Mel before turning back to examine the body in front of her. The room was silent for several minutes before Frankie broke it.

‘’ Are you ok Mel. You look pale ‘’ Frankie asked, noticing how pale Mel looked.

‘’ I-I’m … ‘’ Mel was unable to finish her sentence, and had to run out of the lab and to the toilets.

When she'd finally stopped throwing up she collapsed again the wall and sat there, letting the tears fall. The thought of telling him made her cry even harder and she pulled her legs closer to her and buried her head in her hands. Not caring that she was sitting on the floor or that she was in the toilets. She didn't care where she was; all she wanted was to be alone to think.

But someone would come looking for her; Boyd would probably send Frankie or Grace to look for her. But when the door opened a moment later it was neither Frankie nor Grace, but Boyd. He stood in the doorway watching her. She still had her head buried in her hands and was now softly crying, unaware that her boss was standing in the doorway of the lady's toilets.

She looked up when she heard someone clearing their throat and wiped her eyes, she looked at her boss shocked that he was in there.

‘’ Boyd what are y-you doing in here ‘’ she cried in surprise.

‘’ I came to see if you were all right. Frankie told me you left the lab in a hurry ‘’ he explained, as he came closer to her.

‘’ I'm fine. You shouldn't be in here. This is the lady's you know ‘’

‘’ I know ‘’ he said with a laugh. He stopped laughing and became serious. He sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. After a couple of minutes she rested her head on his shoulder.

They sat like this for several minutes before Mel decided to tell him, if she didn't tell him now he would find out soon enough anyway when she started to show. She wanted to tell him now, save him from getting angry with her when he did find out.

‘’ I want to apologise ‘’ she began. Lifting her head up and turning to look at him, so he could see her face.

‘’ Apologise. What for ‘’ he asked. He was confused. What did she have to apologise for? He thought to himself, as he looked at her.

‘’ F-for avoiding you the past four weeks. It's just I needed time to clear my head. I don't think I've cleared it properly but I know what I want. What I feel. I don't want you to think that that night we spent together doesn't mean anything to me and that I regret it; because I don't ‘’ pause ‘’ I was just shocked. But now I know how I feel ‘’

‘’ How do you feel ‘’ he asked. His heart beating faster as he looked into her eyes, as he looked at her beautiful face.

‘’ I love you ‘’

Just hearing those three words sent his heart racing, and for what seemed like hours he sat there totally speechless. It felt as though he'd been sitting there for hours but in reality it had only been a few minutes. He briefly looked away and then turned back round to look at her. Looking into her eyes he could see that she was telling the truth, that she really did love him. It was all there in her eyes, he reach his hand out and stroked her cheek gently, a smile breaking out across his face. As he prepared himself to tell her how he felt.

He'd been scared. Scared that she wouldn't love him back, that she would reject him. But it seemed his fears were unfounded.

‘’ I love you ‘’ he whispered as he leaned forward, gently placing his lips on top of hers. She leaned into him and gave her self away to the kiss.

She could feel the softness of his lips on hers. It sent a chill up her spine and she wrapped her arms round his neck. Running her fingers through his hair. They were still locked in the passionate kiss minutes later when the door to the toilets opened.

‘’ Oh ‘’ cried Frankie. As she came across the two of them kissing on the floor.

She backed out of the toilet and quickly retreated. Going back to the office. Grace and Spence were sat at a computer watching something and looked up when Frankie stumbled in looking embarrassed. She sat down in a chair and didn't know what to do.

‘’ You alight Frankie ‘’ asked Spence. Noticing her expression.

‘’ I uh … I saw Boyd and um … Mel … ‘’ she stammered.

Grace and Spence looked at each other and then back at her. She felt uncomfortable under their curious stares, obviously wanting to know what she'd seen.

‘’ … Kissing ‘’ she finished.

‘’ Kissing … you mean. Each other ‘’ Spence asked. And all she could do was nod.

They pulled away from each other and for several minutes, sat looking at each other. The smile not disappearing from his face. I've got to do it, I've got to tell him. Taking a deep calming breath she looked at him and prepared to tell him her news, her life changing news.

‘’ B-Peter there's um … something I've got to tell you ‘’ she stammered. Wondering why it was so hard for her to get her words out.

‘’ What is it ‘’ he asked.

‘’ I went to the doctor's this morning with Olivia, my sister. And um … the doctor told me that I'm … ‘’

‘’ What … what did the doctor tell you ‘’ he asked, starting to worry that there was something wrong with her.

‘’ … Pregnant ‘’ she finished.

She waited for him to say something, anything but he didn't he just sat there, opened his mouth and then closed it again. She was starting to worry about his reaction. What if he got angry at her.

She lowered her head and looked down at her hands, but he gently lifted her chin up so he could look at her. He was still smiling, which had to be a good sign.

‘’ I love you ‘’ he said, continuing to look into her eyes.

He saw the tears start to roll down her cheeks, wiping away her tears he moved closer to her and kissed her again. He pulled away and just sat there looking at her.

‘’ What's wrong ‘’ he asked.

‘’ I-I thought you would hate me ‘’ she whispered.

‘’ I could never hate you Mel. I love you ‘’

‘’ I was scared. That you wouldn't want me ‘’ pause ‘’ that you wouldn't want the baby ‘’

‘’ Of course I do ‘’ he told her, wiping the remaining tears from her eyes and hugging her.

They pulled away and she moved around until she was as comfortable as she was going to get on the floor. Her legs had gone numb and she was starting to get pins and needles. She'd have to stand up soon before her legs went any number.

’ I just hope that I’ll be a better father to this child. Then I was to Joe. ‘’

‘’ I'm sure you were a good father to him ‘’

‘’ It's my fault though. It's my fault that he's missing that he could be dead. I'm responsible. I don't want to make the same mistake again ‘’ he told her.

‘’ I'm scared ‘’ she admitted.

‘’ Why ‘’

‘’ Because I've never done this before. I-I’m scared of messing it up. That I’ll just end up l-like my mother, and then the baby will have to be forcibly removed. Like me and Olivia were ‘’ pause ‘’ I don't want what me and Olivia went through to happen to my baby … our baby ‘’

‘’ Your not going to mess this up. I have faith in you, I have faith that you'll be a brilliant mother. I know what happened to you and Olivia was hard but it's not going to happen to our baby. ‘’

She really need to get up of the floor now, her legs had gone numb and she moved them trying to the feeling back into them. She slowly got to her feet and stood up, but her legs were unsteady from being sat down for so long on the floor and she began to fall. Boyd got to his feet and caught her before she fell, he held her against him for several minutes until she tried to pull away, telling him she was ok now.

‘’ The others will be wondering where we are ‘’ she told him.

‘’ I guess we should get back ‘’

‘’ You won't tell any one will you ‘’ she asked in a small voice.

‘’ Of course I wont. It's between you and me. But you'll have to tell them soon. They'll notice ‘’ he told her, as he came towards her for a final kiss before they went back out.

‘’ I know. And I will tell them. What about us, I mean where does this leave us ‘’ she asked.

‘’ We can take one day at a time ok. I'm not going to rush you. And if you don't want us to be with each other then that's fine ‘’

‘’ I do. I love you ok ‘’

He moved closer to her and placed his lips on top of hers. Running his hand up and down her back, they let go of each other and Mel straightened her clothing before the walked out of the toilets and joined the others.

Frankie, Spence and Grace had smiles on their faces. And Mel and Boyd looked at each other, wondering why they were smiling at them. They didn't realise that Frankie had walked in on them kissing earlier.

‘’ What ‘’ asked Mel.

‘’ Nothing ‘’ answered Frankie.

Everyone (Frankie, Grace and Spence) knows about Mel and Boyd, but they don’t know that Mel’s pregnant. It’s set a couple of days after Chapter two. Boyd has asked her to move in with him but she hasn’t given him an answer yet.

In loving memory of

Our Little Angel

Madeleine Elisabeth Boyd

Born 12.10.03 Died 14.4.04

Aged 6 months

Beloved daughter to

Peter and Amelia Boyd

She reached her hand out and held the baby’s hand, feeling how cold it was. She felt the tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked down at the small baby, at her small baby. It was breaking her heart just looking at her, but she couldn’t leave. Not now, not ever.

She reached her hand up toward the necklace round her neck and undid the clasp at the back, she took it of and placed it into the coffin with the bracelet she’d already put in there.

Her sister had put in a small teddy that she’d bought when Madeleine was born. She couldn’t believe that this was happening, that she was burying her baby. Parents should never have to bury their children, especially not when their baby’s. She thought to herself as she let the tears flow. Not caring anymore that anyone saw her. She was in too much pain to hold it back anymore.

She felt the hand on her shoulder; just feeling his touch made her break down. She collapsed against him crying onto his shoulder and he took her back to their seat and sat her down. Sitting down next to her he held her hand and squeezed it gently.

The scene changed to outside the church in the cemetery. Everyone was gathered round the grave where little baby Madeleine would be buried. She was already in tears as she looked at how small the coffin was.

Mel slowly opened her eyes and sat up in bed, the room was completely dark and the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the ticking clock. The only light coming from her alarm clock, the red numbers flashing 4:37 am. She made her way across the room to the door, trying not to wake him up. She walked out into the hall, running her fingers through her hair as she walked toward the kitchen to get a drink. The dream had been so vivid that she could still feel the tears.

After getting herself a glass of water she slowly walked back to her bedroom, trying to shake the feeling away. Surely it wouldn’t come true. She hoped it didn’t. She’d seen them both in the dream completely heartbroken at their daughter’s loss. Surely this wouldn’t happen in real life.

She lay in bed thinking about what Boyd had asked her. After they’d talked about everything and she’d told him that she planning on keeping the baby he’d asked her to move in with him, she’d told him that she needed some time to think about it and he’d said that she could have as much time as she wanted. She lay awake for several hours until her eyes finally closed and she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Mel had been thinking about it all afternoon and was still thinking about it, as she sat at work trying to concentrate on the information in front of her. But her eyes kept blurring from so much time spent looking at the paper. She closed her eyes and rubbed at them, she needed a break. She’d been at this now for 3 hours. Frankie was in the lab, Grace and Boyd were in their offices and Spence had gone to run an errand.

She opened her eyes again and closed the file in front of her. Her mind had been wondering all day and she needed to do something about it, she ran her fingers through her short blond hair and then looked at the screen of her computer, as though it would help her make a decision.

She needed to talk to someone; she needed their advice on what she should do. She opened up a window and went into her email account. Typing in her username and password and then waiting for it to sign in. when it had finished she started to compose her email. Writing to the only other person she knew would be able to trust. She could trust Frankie, who was a friend as well as a colleague, but she wanted to talk to her sister.

While she waited for a reply she did some more work, and did some research on the Internet for the case their latest case. She hoped that Olivia was online now and replied straight away, she didn’t want to wait days for a reply but if she had to she would. She was just coming back from the toilet’s when she noticed the ‘You’ve got new mail’ flashing up on the screen. She opened it up and began to read it.

Mel smiled as she re-read the email again. She immediately felt better after reading what her sister had to say and her mind was less fogged with confusion. She knew what she wanted now. It had helped her a lot getting advice from Olivia.

She opened up a new message field and sent a reply back, before going back to her work. She sent another reply back and then closed the window. Going back to the file she’d been looking at before. She felt better now that she’d gotten her sister’s advice and she was less confused now. She’d decided to tell him tonight.

She’d been sitting in her car now for the past 20 minutes, trying to work out what she was going to say. It was simple all she had to do was say ‘Peter I’ve decided I want to move in with you’, so why was it so hard for her to actually put that into words. She was afraid that was it, she was afraid that he’d changed his mind and didn’t want to live with her now, she was scared that he’d changed his mind about the baby and about them.

You can’t stay in here all night you know. You’re going to have to tell him, he needs to know.

The annoying voice in the back of her mind said. She took a deep breath and got out of the car, she stood by her car for several seconds before walking toward the front door. It took her several more minutes to knock; while she waited she played with her keys and went over what she was going to say. She’d never been more nervous in her whole life then she was now. He opened the door and they stood there for several seconds looking at each other, he let her in.

She walked into the living room and looked around; taking a look at the place she’d be moving into it was nice. She turned round when she heard him clear his throat; he was standing in the doorway looking at her. He offered her a drink and she asked for some water and while he was gone, looked round the living room a bit more. The walls were painted in a light crème and she wondered if he’d decorated himself or if it had been like that when he’d bought the place.

‘’ So what did you want to see me about ‘’ he asked, as he returned with a glass of water. She took the glass of water from him and took a sip.

‘’ I-I came to tell you that I’ve made a decision ‘’

She paused, taking another sip before continuing ‘’ I’ve decided I want to move in with you ‘’

He smiled and she smiled back at him, she put the glass down on the table and he moved closer. He moved even closer and soon they were sharing a passionate and tender kiss. She knew everything was going to be alright now, she had Peter and as long as she had him she could get through anything, she was scared about the dream she’d had last night but hoped with all her heart that it was just that. Just a dream.

On Her Shoulders (Frankie & Boyd)

Mel was gone. That was something they all just had to come to terms with. They all had their own way. Some were open about their grief. Some grew quiet and withdrawn. He himself just got angry, dangerously angry. And she threw herself into her work, harder than she ever had before. However they dealt with it, though, they needed each other more than ever now. She needed him. He needed her.
His arms round her when everyone else had gone home while she cried, were all that kept her standing. When her knees fell out from beneath her, he was her rock, but the situation was entirely mutual. The only way he could stay strong, keep going every day, was by knowing he was keeping her going.
The funeral was the hardest day of their lives. Mel’s family were so devastated to have lost such a loving daughter, sister, friend, even though she had been an adopted, it didn’t make the feelings any less real or intense. A lot of people said nice things about the recently deceased young woman, many of them barely able to speak through their tears.
The cold case squad sat together in a pew in the middle of the church, the women clutched at tissues, while the men stared resolutely ahead, pledging to never let this happen again. They remembered all the times they had come so close to losing one of their members, a serial killer here, psychopath there, but they had never imagined it would feel like this.
Boyd reached out and took Frankie’s hand as she sat next to him. She looked up at him, red eyed, and smiled weakly. He knew he’d be letting her cry on his shoulder again that night, just as he’d be crying on hers.

More Than An Apology.

A year on and things hadn’t really gotten any better for any of the team. Sure they did their jobs and lived their lives the best they could but nothing felt the same anymore. All the team had changed so much over the past year, Spence hid away from the world. Grace put on a brave face but all could tell she was still scared and had nightmares. Frankie threw herself into her work, but also became withdrawn. It was Boyd that was the worry; he was like he always seemed to be but more angry, more concerned, more close to the edge. He looked very much like a man that was only seconds away from snapping. It scared all the team but there was only one person he got close enough to, to tell things to. Frankie.

But then again she was the same, the only person she really could talk to these days way Boyd. When the others had gone home, she would always talk to him about her day. That’s how it had been since the day of Mel’s funeral. The night before started it I guess. Boyd had been down to see her in the lab before he left and had found Frankie crying her eyes out sitting in the corner. He held her so close all night. Next morning she woke up lying in his arms on a cold hard lab floor. Although Boyd’s back must have been killing him, he never let on just couldn’t do enough for her. He took her back to his so the could get changed for the funeral. He was so kind to her. Both seemed to just give each other the support they needed.

All the Cold Case team sat together a few rows back from the front, Grace held onto Spence who looked as if he was about to crumble any minute. And as he had done last night Boyd held Frankie’s hand. As the tears flowed freely, well between the women anyway, Frankie squeezed Boyd’s hand and leaned into him. Whispering in his ear all she could say was,

“Thank you Boy... Peter. Thank you.” Although she knew she didn’t need to say it she wanted to. He squeezed her hand back and gave a sad smile. After the funeral Grace took Spence home and Boyd took Frankie back to the Cold Case HQ. Although she told Boyd she was fine and wanted to be left he wouldn’t and knew better than to leave her now, besides, how could he leave now? As they sat in his office talking Frankie moved over to the sofa Boyd was sitting on and cuddled up next to him. They just seemed to feel comfortable with each other.

As she lay in his arms crying he absent-mindedly stroked her hair, he only realised he was doing it when she moved he head to the side and let a soft moan of pleasure escape from her lips. It took him by surprise and he pulled back before going to apologise, Frankie cut him off before he started,

“It’s been so long since I’ve felt so relaxed and comfortable Peter, thank you.” She wanted to say more but couldn’t find the words. Instead of searching she turned slightly and cuddled into his arms before crying again. All the while Boyd was silently stroking her hair and gently caressing her face while whispering words of comfort. Without thinking Boyd gently kissed her on head, it shocked both of them but neither wanted to pull away. Both wanted to say something but neither knew what or even where to start! As Frankie moved closer to Boyd she cuddled into the crook of his neck and just closed her eyes breathing all of him in.

“Frankie, I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to have you around the past few months. I don’t think I could have made it without you being there.” Boyd watched as Frankie lifted her head to face his, he kissed her cheek and said thank you. She smiled at him and put her head back into the crook of his neck. She didn’t know why but she felt so comfortable in his arms, it was as if she belonged there. She pulled slightly back and spoke,

“Do you remember a little while back in the Debbie Brittan case we had a falling out over DNA test results?” Boyd nodded and she continued,

“And do you remember the way you apologised to me?” neither of them needed to think about it, of course he knew!

“Yes of course I do Frankie. I held up a piece of paper that said, “Frankie – I Love You, on it. Why?” He replied. He wasn’t sure where this was going but hoped it would go down that road he’d dreamed of.

“It meant the world to me you know Peter. Not just that you said sorry or that you appreciate me, but the fact you cared about me.” After a short pause to gather her thought she continued,

“It’s been a long time since anyone has cared. Or told me they loved me. I know that you don’t and that not how you meant it, but you still said it, which felt great.” She paused again and placed her head on his shoulder. He didn’t know what to say. Normally Boyd would never be lost for an answer, but not this time. It was as if all his Christmas had come at once. He had always had feelings for her but never thought in his wildest dreams she’d feel the same way. What was he going to do now!

“Frankie?” He wasn’t sure how he was going to do this but he knew he had to do something. As she lifted her face to greet his, it took all his reserve not to just kiss her there and then. All though he was sure she liked and had feelings for him, he knew he was never good at reading the signs. After asking him what he wanted Boyd continued,

“I meant it. That note. All of it Frankie.” And then after a pause to look into her beautiful eyes continued,

“Especially the I love you bit. I have done since I first saw you. I was afraid to tell you incase you didn’t feel anything for me.” His shyness apparent now she gently stroked his face. And snuggled into the crook of his neck again. They stayed like this for a while, not needed to say anything, not feeling uncomfortable with the silence, just both feeling safe with each other. As they relaxed into each others arms Frankie started to gently kiss Boyd’s neck.

Boyd moved his hands all over Frankie as he melted at her touch and her kiss. He had wanted her for so long now he was scared he wouldn’t be enough for her, after stopping her and voicing his fears she smiled at him and took the bold step of kissed him. On the lips and very passionately. Thankfully he returned the feelings and kissed her back just as passionately. After a few moments Boyd pulled away and spoke,

“Frankie I want there to be an us. But not for the us to happen here. In my office. Can I take you home?” He swallowed hard at the thought he could have got it all wrong. Frankie spoke while looking him dead in the eyes,

“Peter, please take me home. I need to be in your arms. I feel safe, loved and wanted in them.” With a smile and a kiss he said,

“As you wish. Your wish is my command.” With that he picked her up in his big strong arms and carried her to his car. With a final kiss Boyd started the car and they were off home.

No Words Needed.

“One day you will take my heart completely and make it more fiery than a dragon.

Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet.

I will wait forever to be that special girl in your arms.

I know you could make me happy.

I know I can find true love & happiness in those arms of yours.

I know that you will and can love me.”

They both knew what those words meant. Not just to the case but also to each other. As they both looked deep into each others eyes they were captivated in the moment. Not just that moment but all those moments that had been happening over the past few months between them. It had become impossible for them to deny or refuse the feelings that were apparent in both their souls. Neither could deny it any longer, they were certainly attracted to each other, possible even in love with each other; but neither wanted to be the first to make that move.

Neither he nor she wanted to be the first to break from this moment that had seemingly been stirred by that note. Could this really happen? Could this really work? So many questions and thoughts running through their minds that the day just flew by and before either of them knew it the rest of the team had gone home leaving just himself and her alone. Was this the time? Neither were sure but they knew it was something they both had to do.

Both stood silently together looking deep into each others eyes for what seemed like all eternity but in reality was only a few moments. She went to speak, he put a finger to her lips gently as he shushed her words, and he smiled the smile of an angel. He didn’t want this moment or those of the past few months to ever end and he was afraid, afraid that he would never, could never be enough for her. Was the age difference going to be too much for them? Or the fact they were colleagues? Could he risk losing another team member? Or that the already broken team become further destroyed? But most of all he was afraid she did not feel the same way he felt. Could he... could they make it?

This time as he went to speak she hushed his words with a gentle smile and the softest of touches upon his open lips. She too then smiled the smile of an angel but this time she took a bold leap of faith and moved closer to him, when she saw he did not move away or object she moved closer still. Seconds later they were standing so close that their bodies touched in almost all the right places. The one place that there was still some distance was between their wanton lips.

He could feel her breath slightly staggered and almost labored, he knew that she could feel the same in his breath, he was rapidly breathing very shallow and deeply now. He just could not resist her anymore with a smile he put his arms around this beautiful woman standing in front of him and pulled her closer. Inches away from his lips and she knew she was about to fall for this man, her Boss. She could no longer resist the longing she had felt since she first came to the Cold Case unit. He had a hold on her the first moment they had met; she could no longer deny her desires, she needed him.

Moments later they were kissing. Passionately. Neither could stop, neither wanted to stop. Their passionate kissing never relented as late evening turned to night, it seemed as though they stayed like this for hours their love and passion for one another growing. He pulled back a little and seeing the look in her eyes as she slowly came round knew there was now no need for any words, they both just knew where this should go. He could see the love in her eyes and she could see he felt the same, they both knew everything would now be ok. Maybe it was that kiss, or maybe they had always known it? But now they knew neither of them needed to say anything anymore. Both were just safe in the knowledge that they wanted and needed each other.

They again stood in silence for ages before he made the first move, grabbing his coat she followed suit and went to retrieve hers, being ever the gentleman he took her coat and held it for her so she could slip it on,

“Thank you Boy... Peter.” She said smiling at him as she walked towards the door.

“You’re most welcome baby. Come on let’s go home.” He replied following closely behind. Neither needed to question where home was, both just seemed to know. Or maybe it was just a case of it was where they both wanted it to be. With another quick kiss they left the Cold Case unit together and headed for his car. As they got inside he turned to her and looked deep into her eyes,

“I love you Peter.” He could tell she meant those words without needing to question his own heart her replied,

“I love you too Stella.” And with that they were away.

Peter & Grace.

Colleagues and firm friends for way over ten years Boyd and Grace not only work well together but they both seem to need each other. The only one Grace feels safe with is Boyd, the only one Boyd will open up to is Grace and when he flies off the handle and loses his cool the only one who can seemingly control him. They have always gotten on well together and all the team knew instantly that they both would just work together! All of us have always thought both should start seeing each other but neither seemed to want to go there, none of us could understand why. They were so unhappy alone and it has to be said neither had been having much luck in their private lives, the type of guys Grace dated were from her own social and career background where as he was; apart from his wife Mary a sucker for a young pretty blonde! Admittedly none of his “dates” lasted more than five minute, the only one who ever did was Jess and then we all know what happened there! And things weren’t that much better for Grace if she was honest with herself; if they would have just been honest with each other they would have seen that he was the Ying to her Yang and perfect for one another.

I guess both were worried about their friendship and working relationship most, but I know neither wanted to get hurt and were scared about things going wrong. Admittedly both haven’t got a great track record when it comes to relationships, and both were not only guilty of making the wrong choices but also letting their hot headed stubborn ways get the better of them. Both can be cold and frosty, both can be stubborn and relentless when they want their own way. We all learned that rather than admit they both had feelings for the other both would rather spend the rest of their lives alone and unhappy, which none of us really understood and would all try changing. It would take something major to change things and get them both to admit they had feelings for the other, and unfortunately that came at the cost of losing a colleague and very dear friend.

It had been almost a year since Mel had been killed and I had left and although I always missed the team I very rarely regretted leaving, I just didn’t feel the same about the job anymore and needed to get away from that type of environment. I always kept in touch with Grace though as she was somewhat of a mother figure, she always had been towards me, Spence and Mel. I don’t think she could help herself sometimes and if we were all honest none of us would want it any different. It was Boyd I always thought I was angry at, but the more I thought about it the more I realised he wasn’t to blame for what happened to Mel. No matter how long it had been I always felt like I was still part of the team and that we were all just one big family, and I was always kept fully informed of the happenings of the Unit. So when it all came to ahead a few months ago I did my best to get down to see the team, not really too sure why; maybe I thought it would just make things feel better.

It was the last Case the team had been given and nobody is too sure really if it is the last cold case or not, I guess it depends on if the top brass can not only do without the Unit but also if they can really justify shutting the Unit down. To cut a long story short the team were asked to re-investigate a case Spencer worked on as a PC because the DNA test were unable to be give a correct and accurate result. It turned out that not only did they get the wrong man but someone in the team was be less than helpful towards the rest of the team. All roads seemed to point to it being Spence but I just couldn’t believe it and I know for a fact that neither Boyd nor Grace believed it either, so when a chemical attack meant for Spence actually hurt Felix the team we kept quarantined by the anti-terrorist squad until they could find out what the substance was. While all this was kicking off Spence was out trying to find the guy that could help him and the team find all the answers but was shot by the real culprit.

I have to be honest and say I was glad in a way that I wasn’t there at the time; I don’t think I could have coped with it all. I’m just glad that Boyd and the team finally managed to get there in time and save Spencer! After everything the team had been through the last thing it could have coped with was losing another team member, and I think it took all their strength for both Grace and Boyd to hold on and keep fighting. I couldn’t make it down in time so I missed the three weeks Spence lay in a coma, and I missed both Boyd and Grace leaning on each other. This is how they finally managed to admit they had feelings for one another! I remember when I called Grace just before I came down to see them and I could tell by the pain in her voice that she was going through hell and very near breaking point, I could also tell that Boyd was feeling exactly the same as Grace by the things she said when I asked how he was holding up.

“Oh you know Boyd Frankie.” Grace said as I asked how he was doing.

“He always hides his feelings and just goes into one major strop.”

It was said jokingly but we both knew it wasn’t far off that, I could also tell that something was beginning to give between the pair, as when I talked of him she would always try and change the subject! With nobody there the Unit effectively shut down, another reason on the growing list the top brass had of why they should shut down the Unit. I can’t judge or blame anyone but after everything we all had done and been through the least the top brass could have done is let things go, especially at moments like this when everything; including peoples lives were up in the air like this. I’m still not sure just how it happened but all I could tell was that one night before Spence had regained consciousness Grace was sat in Boyd’s living room relaxing on the sofa and the next asleep in his arms! When I ‘grilled’ Grace about it she very quickly changed the subject and days later when Spence woke even he could tell something had happened between the pair, but for a long time neither would say anything to the other much less any of the team.

Over the weeks Spence was off work recovering and the weeks Stella’s case was being heard things got really rough going for both Grace and Boyd, and it was always Grace who Boyd leant on and visa versa. As to how they felt about each other you will have to ask them that but I know that neither has been happiest then when they were with each other! And as the team go through all the trials and tribulations that they had always thrived off of, both Boyd and Grace grew closer and closer. And as the weeks turn into months all the team know something has changed between the pair, but neither are sure just what exactly was different. It was certainly nothing obvious; they were always close and always flirted with each other. They were always looking out for each other and Boyd was always talking to her, there was just ‘something’ different between the two of them.

And as the months go by I am glad in a way that things have turned out the way they have, ok I wish it had happened differently and I wish Mel was still here. (She would have kicked both Boyd’s and Grace’s butt’s by now! And all while rolling her eyes!) But I am sure things will get better and I know that no matter what happens none of us will ever stop being a team, mainly because we are, have always been and will always be more than a team. Truth is we are all just one big family and even if we are a little ‘dysfunctional’ at times, what fun would it be if we were all perfect all of the time!

Perfect Strangers.

As she stood watching her life fall apart she felt like her life was over, feeling the sadness rising deep within her. Slowly turning to walk away she realised she had no real idea of where she was going, or where she would go after this. Wandering through the city streets she contemplated her life as she tried in vain to find somewhere to go to get out from the pouring rain that seemed to be getting heavier with each passing moment, but having no money and looking the way she did she wasn’t having any luck.

“… So you see if you could just let me come in for a moment to dry off I’d be most grateful?” she asked for what seemed like the hundredth time, and after getting turned away again she sadly walked away. Hurt lost lonely and dejected, she hoped and prayed that her prince would come along and save the day.

As he walked away from the banks of the River Thames and the devastation of this last case, he felt totally lost and in need of salvation. ‘It’s my fault.’ Was all that went through his tired and weary mind, as he walked through the city streets, getting soaked in the pouring rain he had no idea where he was going just that he needed to go somewhere. With his mind full of all the hurt and pain in his heart he walked through the deserted city streets desperate to find some solitude, thinking about the people he’d lost it all started to become too much for him as his tears threatened to fall. Not being able to take anymore and as he came to a stop in the middle of the street, outside of the Ritz Hotel his tears just couldn’t stop falling. As thoughts of his wife and son mixed with that of his team his tears continued to fall, mixing with the falling rain that didn’t seem to want to let up either.

“Look sir, I know you’re upset but you’ll have to move on as it’s putting people off coming inside.” The uniformed man said, his blank expressionless face gave nothing away. At any other normal day or time his reaction would have been to kick scream and shout until he was heard, but instead today all he could do was blink a few times put his head down and walk away sadly. With tears still flowing from his eyes he walked blindly through the streets, carrying the heavy painful weight of it all upon his shoulders and the tightness across his chest of his heart breaking. Looking for somewhere, anywhere to rest his weary soul and find salvation. Walking through the back streets he came across this small café, walking inside he looked at himself in the mirror behind the counter and realised he was a mess. Ordering a coffee and sitting out the way in the corner he tried to make sense of it all, knowing deep down inside the pain in his heart and soul was still immense and it would take a small miracle to ‘fix’ him once more.

As she passed by the small café she almost passed by feeling like she couldn’t really stomach getting turned away again, but standing outside the door she felt something deep within her telling her that she shouldn’t walk by. Walking inside and heading for the counter she too caught herself in the mirror and realised what a mess she looked, trying to smile as best she could to the man who approached her from behind the counter she was determined not to cry this time. Taking a deep breath and smiling a smile she knew would never reach her lips; she spoke and told of her plight to the man behind the counter.

“Excuse me, please can you help me?” She started; preparing herself for the moment she was turned down again and told to leave.

“What’s happened my dear?” The man behind the counter said as he looked with concern and worry, shocking her for a moment with his concern. Smiling a little she continued after he had introduced himself.

“I just need somewhere warm to sit and dry off while I think, I’ve had a really bad day and I need to….” Pausing as her voiced trailed off, the tears she swore wouldn’t fall did.

Looking up to see this beautiful young woman walk in, the first thing he noticed was her sad eyes. Then he noticed the bruises and cuts, tears and dishevelled look that he himself was now sporting. Sensing this beautiful woman had also been through hell something deep inside him drove him to instinctively head towards her, and as he listened to her plea for help almost on auto pilot he offered his help along with that of Jack’s; the man behind the counter.

“What’s the matter my love?” He said as he handed her his handkerchief, wishing he could take this beautiful young lady’s pain away.

“My life is over, I’ve lost everything.” She said tearfully as she took the handkerchief, turning to face the man and thank him she came face to face with a handsome man that looked just as lost and hurt as she did. Both became captivated by each others eyes, the seemed to say so much and for a long time silence surrounded them both.

“Thank you, you’re most kind.” She said as she let her hand linger upon his for as long as she could, not wanting this moment to end. Is this my Knight in shining armour? She thought to herself as she wiped her eyes.

Seeing her shiver he put out an arm for her to follow him and asked if she’d like to join him, noting her fear he spoke.

“My name’s Peter, would you care to join me for a coffee?” Smiling she could just somehow tell she was safe with this man, and nodding slightly she followed him over to his table. Sitting opposite each other he poured her a cup of coffee and silently tried to work out just what each others ‘story’ was, and just why both where sitting in this small back street café lost hurt and lonely.

“Thank you for your kindness Peter, I’m Sarah.” She told him as she tried to search his eyes and reach his soul, smiling back at her the best he could he too was trying to search her eyes and reach her soul. Both praying that the other would be what they needed to take their pain and fears away, hoping that the pain and loneliness each felt would soon go away.

“Do you want to talk?” He hardly heard himself say as the silence surrounded them that only seemed to enhance the moment, trying to smile she looked up into his brown eyes that showed so much of his pain and hurt.

“I was just about to ask you the same Peter!” As they both smiled and looked deep into each others eyes both felt something stirring deep down inside that neither would be able to explain, taking a deep breath he spoke first.

“I’m a Policeman with the Met; I head up a unit specially assigned to solving ‘cold cases.’ We just lost another member of the team today, I just feel like…” His words trailing off as he thought about Stella’s lifeless body laying in his arms, biting his lip to try and stop his tears from falling he sat staring down into his coffee.

“Oh Peter, how awful for you. What happened?” Sarah said as she instinctively placed her hand on top of his, trying to comfort him the best she could. Even though she had lost everything, she still knew how to care, watching his gaze shift to her hand upon his she smiled. Touched by her comfort and concern, Boyd smiled slightly and tried to find the words he needed.

“One minute we were talking and the next she was laying in my arms covered with blood.” As a tear left his eye, he tried not to let her see but as she squeezed his hand gently he knew she had.

“Is there anyone I can call for you Peter, your wife or girlfriend maybe? You are obviously in shock.” Sarah said before she realised, thinking she was doing the right thing. Not knowing it was all too much for him, as he broke down unable to stop his tears or the pain he felt.

“My wife died after we divorced when Joe…” Not being able to finish the sentence, Boyd could no longer be strong or hold on. Seeing the pain and hurt in his eyes Sarah knew whatever he was going through or had been through was enough to break him, wondering how such a kind man could have been so hurt she spoke.

“Oh Peter I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” With tears in her own eyes, the silence surrounding them again Sarah thought of his pain. Realising that something was still stirring deep down inside her, Sarah wondered how a perfect stranger could create such feelings within her. As two strangers, hurt lost and lonely sat crying to each other neither could have known that their lives would start to get better.

“I was ten when my parents died in a terrible car crash and I had to go stay with foster parents. I wish I had died in the crash with them, my ‘new family’ abused me. After five years I want in and out of care homes, until I met Steve.” Sarah managed to say through the tears, noticing that he had now begun to stroke the back of her hand he had started to hold. Both knew it was for comfort but somewhere deep inside Sarah felt a longing desire that she thought had left her forever.

“Joe was a wonderful child but as things began to go wrong between myself and his mother, he would run away…” Pausing for a moment unsure why he felt so comfortable tell a perfect stranger his deepest darkest fears Boyd realised he had been stroking the back of Sarah’s hand, feeling a yearning desire deep within him for the first time since Mel Boyd looked up into the eyes of an angel and knew instantly he had fallen.

“At sixteen Joe ran away for good, I’ve not seen him since...” Biting his lip once more to try hold the tears back, noticing how she squeezed his hand and looked back into her eyes. Sarah sat trying to find the right words not only for comfort but also to explain what she was feeling, looking into his eyes she was surprised to find that her own fears and questions were being returned. Captivated by his eyes she saw the tears fall from them and instinctively wiped them away, softly speaking to him.

“Oh Peter.” Was all Sarah could say as she saw all the hurt and pain running through his eyes, sitting there in silence knowing neither needed to say anything.

“What happened between you and Steve?” Boyd asked, knowing that something had happen to her.

“He’s all I’ve ever known since we started seeing each other when I was sixteen, I feel so lost without him.” Seeing the disappointment in his eyes, Sarah tried to search for what he was feeling as she continued.

“I thought he loved me, he was my first.” Feeling embarrassed Sarah paused, trying to find the right words. The pain and hurt in her voice was evident and as she tried to hold back her tears again, she lost the fight and let them fall silently. Gently wiping the freshly fallen tears away, Boyd continued to silently hold her hands hoping that it was a comfort to her. As Sarah looked up into Boyd’s eyes she could tell he wasn’t like the rest, and sighing deeply she continued.

“After breaking me mentally Steve then began to break me physically after I hit eighteen.” Sarah said as she searched for a sign in his eyes that he felt the same, knowing she had fallen for this handsome kind stranger. Wishing he could understand how any man could do that to a woman let alone such a beautiful one, Boyd sat there trying to search for signs in her eyes that she felt the same way he did.

“How could Steve do that to you Sarah? I’d never…” Boyd started, trailing off when he realised neither of them were in any fit state to go down that road, staring back down to his coffee Boyd hoped she’d not heard him.

“I know you wouldn’t Peter, you’re not like him. After he had cheated on me for the tenth time I confronted him.” Pausing as she looked deep in Boyd’s eyes she saw something she wasn’t expecting, love and surprisingly enough she realised he saw that in her eyes too.

“After a huge row today, he did this to me…” Indicating to the bruises and cuts that adorned her beautiful face, seeing the sadness in his eyes as Boyd tenderly touched her cheek, gently squeezing her hand with his free hand.

“He kicked me out of my home and left me with nothing but what you see in front of you now.” Holding her palms up indicating that all she had was what Boyd saw in front of him, a lost hurt and broken woman.

Looking into his eyes Sarah could just tell that he would take care of her, and that she would be safe with him. As Boyd ordered food and reassured Sarah it was ok he realised he wasn’t ready to let her go yet, telling her that she deserved better Boyd finally allowed someone into his heart again.

“You are such a beautiful woman Sarah, you deserve so much better. You remind me of Mel…” Boyd’s voice faded as he couldn’t stop himself from mentioning her name, feeling the sadness rise deep within him at the thought of the young woman he never got the chance to tell the truth to. The tears pricking his eyes, Boyd wanted to look away but found he couldn’t.

“Mel was the first member of my team; she lost her life after she apprehended a victim that became a suspect too.” Pausing as he tired to hold back the tears, Boyd hadn’t talked about Mel or how he felt since that fateful day.

“She fell and hit my car…” He sobbed through the grief and pain, as his tears fell silently.

“It’s my fault, I couldn’t protect her…” Boyd cried feeling all the years of hurt and pain flooding out, sensing his pain Sarah moved to his side and held him instinctively in her arms.

Whispering soft reassurances into his hair as he continued to weep, softly rubbing his back for comfort, Sarah wished she could take his pain away.

“I couldn’t save her… She didn’t know, I never told I…” Boyd managed to say through the tears, wishing he’d got the chance and praying he got a second chance with this beautiful kind woman holding him tightly in her loving arms. Sarah held Boyd closer and continued to whisper soft reassurances into his hair, trying as best she could to sooth away his pain and hurt.

“I never told her I loved her, I never said I love you.” Was all Boyd could manage before his grief and pain took over, feeling her own tears fall Sarah thought of the pain he must have gone through.

“Oh Peter!” Sarah tenderly cried into his hair as she tightened her arms around him, feeling how he buried his head into her chest and sobbed silently. Both became oblivious to their surroundings and as time passed them by both stayed in each others arms, comforting and crying upon each other.

As day turned to night, Boyd and Sarah still held each other in the same close embrace as the customers came and went. It was only when Jack approached and spoke to them while clearing tables that either of them realised that had been there all day, or that it was time for them both to start thinking about where they should go from here.

“If you love someone you should tell them every chance you get, you know?” Jack’s deep voice startled them both slightly, both looking up at him through tear stained red eyes both questioningly looked at him before he went on.

“When I met my wife Tina, I swore I’d never forget to tell her everyday that I loved her.” Sitting down at the table next to Boyd and Sarah, Jack went on noting how they still hadn’t let go of each other.

“I just wish I’d had the chance with Lucy…” Jack’s words trailed off as he thought about the woman who had stolen his heart all those years ago, holding back the tears as he continued.

“We worked together and although I felt instantly in love with her I could never say anything, I never had the confidence to do so.” Pausing to say goodbye to his last customers, Jack locked up and came back over to Boyd and Sarah who was now sat perched upon Boyd’s lap.

“Lucy was due to leave and go abroad and I felt like I would be able to tell her before she left…” Pausing to hold the tears back still, Jack thought about that last day he saw Lucy.

“When she didn’t turn up when she was meant to I got worried, I searched everywhere for her. When I finally found her she was laying in a hospital somewhere after being involved in a car crash…” Turing away to hide his tears, Sarah held onto Boyd tightly feeling him do the same.

“I never got the chance to tell her I loved her, and it destroyed me. So now that I have my Tina, I never let a day go by when I don’t tell her I love her.” Jack said as he regained his composure, getting up to leave Boyd and Sarah alone for a while Jack turned to leave speaking before he left.

“Sometimes you don’t get a second chance to say I love you, you should always take the chance when you can.” Walking away Jack sighed deeply, hoping it would be enough. Sitting in silence both Boyd and Sarah felt Jack’s words hitting home, knowing he was right and that they couldn’t just walk away now.

“Thank you for coming to my aid today Peter. You have restored my faith in men, I finally feel ready to love again.” Sarah said softly as she moved slightly so she was perched on his lap but facing him, smiling at him with her beautiful blue eyes he could see the tears drying up and hoped that they never felt that pain again.

“I feel the same way Sarah, I know I never got he chance to tell Mel I loved her but now I feel like I have a second chance I have no intention of letting it escape me again.” Boyd answered as he gently caressed her back and looked deep into her eyes, feeling like he could finally become the man he wished he was Boyd smiled. Both saw something in each others eyes and just seemed to know what the other felt and was thinking, neither were ready to walked away or let the moment go.

“I know we have only just met Sarah, but I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I couldn’t stand being apart from you for even one day, I’d really like you to stay with me and to get to know you better.” It wasn’t so much of a question, Boyd just said what he was feeling and thinking smiling at how Grace would be laughing at this new sensitive side he was showing.

“I feel the same way about you Peter, I can’t envision not knowing you. I would love to stay and spend time with you…” Sarah said as she smiled the smile of an angel, leaning into Boyd’s ear she whispered to him how she felt.

“I can’t imagine you not being here by my side.” Wanting to say that she had fallen, Sarah moved within inches of his lips. He could feel her breathing slow and how she seemed to take each breath in unison with his own, slowly Boyd inched further towards her lips feeling his own desires were as strong as hers he softly whispered the words he could never normally say.

“I love you Sarah.” He felt how she smiled gently, moving inches further so that their lips were almost ever so slightly touching Sarah spoke.

“I love you too Peter.” Softly she whispered her desire, and now as they sat having admitted their feelings both felt ready to love and feel again. Moving forward, they shared a tender kiss one that would linger for the longest time. Finally they pulled away and would spend the rest of the night falling deeper in love with each other, knowing that neither would ever be along again.

As the time came for them both to finally leave, the both headed towards the door. Taking her hand in his own, Boyd kissed the back of it and softly whispered ‘I Love You’ against the back of it. Smiling at each other, they left together and headed for his home. As Jack watched them leave Tina came and wrapped her arms around her loving husband and spoke.

“Just like the old days hey Jack?” Kissing his back and thinking of the two perfect strangers that had just left and who reminded them both of a past that neither could forget, smiling and turning to take his wife in his arms Jack spoke.

“Aye my darling aye, here’s hoping they have just as much as happiness as you and I my love.” Smiling at his wife Jack knew that if Boyd and Sarah felt half they way he did for Tina then they’d make it, turning away Jack spoke once more before the pair went to bed.

“I’m glad you came in that day, my beautiful perfect stranger.”

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finding Their Feet.

Disclaimer: Waking the Dead is copyright BBC. This fan fiction is copyright to the author, Nicky D Sarti 2008. All rights reserved. All regular characters belong to the BBC and the show’s writers, whereas others are fictional and belong to me. This is just for entertainment purposes only, i.e. it is just a fun way to enjoy the show.

“What did you just say?” Stella said, just audibly enough for Eve to have heard. The silence hardly broken, the lab seemed eerily quiet as Stella sat; dumbstruck where she had been twenty minutes.

“I said, your voice makes me want to cum...” Eve said, clearing her throat praying that she hadn’t just got it all wrong. There was no doubt in Eve’s mind the more she thought about it, Stella was always going to be the one for her. Now all she had to do was make sure Stella felt the same way, and this Eve knew; could be easier said than done.

“Oh... Right. Ok...” Was all Stella could say for the moment, her mind and body numb; unable to think of anything other than Eve’s words. All that Stella was thinking was why she wasn’t running for the hills as per normal, truth was that had it been any other woman who had said that to her she would have run a mile. But not this time, this was different.

“Are you ok Stell, say something will you?” Eve said as she came and stood in front of Stella, standing as close as she felt possible Eve involuntary reached out as if to take Stella into her arms. And quickly pulled back when she realised what she was about to do, folding her arms against her chest; trying to hold in her feelings.

“So, erm... where does that leave us?” Was all Stella could say after a long time of silence, not ready to look up into Eve’s eyes but aware she was stood within inches of her.

“Don’t know, depends on where you want it to I guess...” Eve replied, trying not to let her slight smirk turn into a beaming great grin.

“I’ve never... you know... before.” Stella said, shyly. Finally looking up into Eve’s eyes, for a moment not sure what she would feel. Within an instant Stella know she had feelings for Eve, something just seemed to feel right between them.

“Me either you know... I just feel safe and comfortable with you.” Eve began with a smile, realising those loud drums were in actual fact the sound of Eve’s heartbeat in her ears!

“Feeling mutual... I can be 100 per cent me with you.” Stella said as she boldly edged forward slightly, suddenly feeling the urge to reach out and touch Eve. Immediately Eve senses a change in the air and reaches out at the same time as Stella, their two hands reaching for the others; their fingers interlocking with each other.

Both seemed to know what the other was thinking, but neither could explain how it happened. One moment there was space between them and the next they were in a passionate embrace, their bodies pressed firmly against one another. Their foreheads touching, their noses doing something that resembled an Eskimo kiss. Eve’s body was aching with every breath they took, Stella’s too if she was honest with herself. Both wanted to make the next move, but neither had the confidence yet. As if both knew what the other was thinking, within moments they had moved closer; their lips now within taking range. Seconds later Eve boldly moved in, laying a soft long tender kiss upon Stella’s lips. Within moments the pair was acting on their passions, kissing with a fury that both had long since stopped believing they had within them. Pushing Stella gently backwards against the steel examination table, Eve’s hands were all over Stella’s willing body. Slowly Eve began to create tiny electrons of pleasure underneath Stella’s skin, causing her to moan deeply.

“Mmmm, oh Eve...” Stella just managed to breathlessly moan, as Eve nibbled her way down Stella’s soft neck.

“Don’t stop...” Was the only other thing Stella was able to hoarsely whisper softly into Eve’s ear, her sexy French accent causing Eve’s body to tremble against Stella’s own wanton body.

Straitening her lab coat, Eve pulled Stella into her arms and resumed their previous position before their passions had got the better of them. Again the silence was back, but this time it was a comfortable silence. Neither wanting to or needing to move or say anything, both just languished in the other’s warm embrace.

“I love you Stell, you know that don’t you?” Eve sighed softly, gently caressing Stella’s back.

“I love you too, God this feels so right.” Stella silently replied, breathlessly trying to recapture her composure as she came down. They had been caressing each other like this for a long time, both in silence; sighing every now and then, enjoying the feelings the other was creating within the other.

“Marry me...” Stella said, seemingly from out of nowhere. For a moment the silence worried Stella while Eve tried her best to get her head round what she had seemingly just heard.

“Sorry? Did you just say what I think you just said?” Eve managed to say, after Stella broke away from their embrace. Opening and closing her mouth a few times, Stella tried her best to speak but found she couldn’t. Nodding was all she could do, the shock and surprise clearly evident upon Eve’s face.

“Are you well aware of what you just asked?” Eve said, as Stella nodded again.

“I mean it’s a big step, you know...” Eve continued, as Stell finally found her voice.

“If you love someone you just know... “ She began, before swallowing deeply before continuing.

“And besides, if you love me like I love you there is nothing to think about is there?” Eve was just about to reply where they both heard the doors opening, watching Spence walk in; followed by Grace and Boyd.

“What’s to think about?” Spence said, looking from one girl to the other; totally unaware of what had just happened. Looking a little flushed Stella left it to Eve to answer as she went and stood by Grace, playfully sticking her tongue out at Eve while she tried to answer Spence’s question.

“Just that sometimes nothing is what it seems, none of us can guarantee anything.” Trying to slow her heartbeat which had, up until this moment had been going ten to the dozen ever since Stella had got the upper hand on their moment together. Smiling to herself, Eve already knew the answer she would give Stella; but then of course she wasn’t about to make it easy on her either!

Amazing Grace.

Disclaimer: Waking the Dead is copyright BBC. This fan fiction is copyright to the author, Nicky D Sarti 2008. All rights reserved. All regular characters belong to the BBC and the show’s writers, whereas others are fictional and belong to me. This is just for entertainment purposes only, i.e. it is just a fun way to enjoy the show.

They had been sitting in the park, quietly eating lunch for the past 30 minutes. Eve knew Stella wanted to say something but wasn’t about to push her into saying anything, Stella would speak when she was good and ready. The summer breeze always surprised Eve; it never failed to make her shiver in a good way. Another thing that made Eve shiver in a good way was Stella’s soft touch, looking over to her girlfriend; Eve became transfixed with the woman she loved.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Stella replied, not needing to look back. Eve sighed.

They had finished there lunches and had already started to walk back to the CCU, they walked in silence both leaving each other to their own thoughts. Although Eve loved the silence that she and Stella often shared, she knew that this silence was something different. It couldn’t have been the case they had just been through, or the one they would undoubtedly get landed with; but it was something.

“What is it beautiful?” Eve finally asked when they were within site of the CCU. Sighing deeply Stella had the words on the tip of her tongue, but couldn’t find the words she needed.

“Nothing.” Stella replied after what seemed like an age of silence. Truth was something was bothering Stella, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to tell Eve about it yet. Walking back into the bullpen in silence Stella caught sight of Boyd watching them both intently, causing Stella to shiver slightly.

“Good of you girls to join us…” His voice boomed across the room, leaving both Stella and Eve all too aware that he was pissed off.

“When you have a minute we have a new case that needs some attention!” Boyd continued, annoyed but not sure why.

Rolling their eyes to each other, Stella gave Eve an ‘I’ll see you later’ and went over to her desk; picking up the file Boyd had thrown on her desk. Sighing deeply, Stella turned the pages of the file and tried to make some sense of the information in front of her. With Eve back in the safe confines of the lab she was left thinking about Stella and the look Boyd gave her, it wasn’t like Stella to be so distant; well not with her anyway. Back in the bullpen Stella and Spence were quietly working on their desks, leaving Grace thinking. Heading to Boyd’s office, Grace felt that she could no longer keep quiet.

“So what was that out there Boyd?” Grace finally said after she had been watching him trying to look for a file on his desk, stopping for a moment but not looking up Boyd replied.

“What was what? I hate it when people are late...” He wanted to add more but couldn’t find the words; actually truth was that he didn’t want to tell Grace what he really felt.

“You are ok with it when I am late, or when Spence is late...” Replied Grace, knowing full well what the problem was.

“It’s just...” Began Boyd, before sighing deeply and biting his tongue.


“Don’t give me that Peter, it’s something alright. Now what is it?” Grace demanded, moving into his office and shutting the door behind her. Outside Stella and Spence looked up for a moment, before shrugging their shoulders and getting back on with their work. Back in Boyd’s office, Boyd had given his famous; “I don’t want to talk about this” face while Grace gave him her famous; “I don’t care” face. Neither one willing to back down, both wanting the other to stop. Finally, after seeing that she wasn’t going away Boyd sighed deeply; knowing he was going to have to be honest.

“It’s just, they are seeing each other and it will ruin the team...” He was about to go on when Grace stopped him, putting her hand up. And putting on her stern voice.

“No, she turned you down and you can’t stand the fact it was for another woman...” Grace wasn’t sure what angered her more, Boyd’s reaction to Eve and Stella; the fact he had made a pass at Stella or the fact that she obviously meant so little to him. Three weeks ago when their friendship seem poised to be turning into more than just friends, Grace had been on a high. She had always loved Boyd and knew deep down he could make her happy, but now after this; she was no longer sure.

Silence surrounded them for a few moments, Grace was angry; even Boyd with his bad sense in the female species could tell that. Taking a deep breath, Boyd got ready to be honest with Grace.

“I never made a pass at Stella...” He began quietly, not taking his eyes from Grace’s steely blue ones.

“I told her how I felt about you, that is what we were talking about...” He went on, watching how Grace seemed to be lost for words.

“I told her I was in love with you and wanted to marry you...” With those last soft words Grace’s eyes looked as if they were out on stalks.

“You what...” Grace began to say, trying to find the right words... no actually scrap that, trying to find words; any words! The shock and uncertainty obvious in her eyes, this just threw everything up into the air.

“So what the hell was all that out there Peter?” She finally managed to say, realising she was turning a dark shade of pink with each moment that passed. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Boyd never needed to answer as Grace realised she had been set up.

“So...” Grace purred as she walked towards Boyd, her own smile growing with each mischievous thought in her own mind.

“Where do that leave us Peter Boyd?” Thinking for a moment, he gave a sly smile and answered.

“Same place as Eve and Stella I guess...”

Forbidden Passions (The Phone Call)

Although we had arranged to meet the next day, Tony called me early in the morning to explain that due to a last minute business trip; partly for the club and partly for the council he had to go away for the week.

“I know it is a pain in the arse Nicky, but you know I have no choice in the matter...” Tony said, sighing deeply, wishing he did not have to go to this damn meeting; realising that the aching in his groin will have to wait for a week. As I yawn and tried to wake up, I can feel his soothing tones making me become wet; almost without thinking, I slip my hand under the covers and softly run my fingers over my wetness.

“It’s okay Tony; I know how it goes...” I begin to say, enjoying the wetness of my desire.

“You could always talk to me for a while you know...” I continued to say, knowing that he could almost see the smile on my face.

“Oh? And just what should we talk about sweetheart...” Tony said, more than a little aware of where he wanted this conversation to go. I had two choices as I saw it, I could be the shy girl I normal was; or I could be the bold confident young woman that had just bedded him less than ten hours ago.

“Anything you like Tony, I’m happy just to hear your voice...” I begin to say, smiling as I do so.

“We could talk about work, politics, the club; or the fact that I am still so damn horny from last night...” For a split second the silence was obvious, I could tell he was by now as hard as iron. I could sense he wanted to talk about that, but I chose to wait for him to start. By now my fingers were happily stroking away at my soaking wet pussy, I needed to play more. Slipping my index finger softly and slowly inside I could not help but moan aloud softly, alerting Tony to the fact I was seriously aroused. With his mind firmly upon last nights events Tony could not help but get hard, his firmness pressing against the tight cotton material of his white boxers; reaching down he cannot resist rubbing the hardness of his desire.

“You’re still horny hey? Guess I’ll have to work on that then won’t I...” Tony said, smiling; knowing that I was challenging him.

“Oh, and what did you have in mind Tony?” I asked innocently, playing along with this game.

“Well, next time I see you I am going to make love to you all night long for a start...” Tony says softly, releasing his stiff cock from its tight confines.

“Sounds like a plan to me...” I replied as I insert my finger deeper inside my sopping wet pussy, enjoying the feeling my wetness was having on my already over aroused body.

“You like that idea?” Tony says, slowly stroking the full length of his throbbing member.

“I can’t wait to have your head between my thighs again to be honest Tony...” I reply, slowly pulling my finger out of my pussy and then letting it seek out my now highly sensitive clit. I can hear him moan aloud as what I had said sinks in, truth was he was the best at oral sex I have ever had; so of course I wanted his tongue to work wonders on me again.

“God I am going to lick you until you scream out for me to stop...” Tony said as he continued to stroke his erection, his movements growing in rhythm but not speed.

“I want to cum on your tongue...” I say, beginning to find my own rhythm as I stroked my clit; wishing he was there to see me. I could tell by Tony’s breathing and deep moan that he liked that idea, reaching over into my ‘toy’ draw; I pull out my big blue bunny. I know it has been a while since I was this turned on, but I just had to play with myself like this; I wanted this to be something I remembered forever.

“I love the taste of you Nicky, I can’t wait to feel your juices flowing into my mouth...” Tony said as he breathlessly tried not to cum too quickly, the picture in his mind of him between my thighs was proving amazing fuel to his desires. My blue bunny was a good size in length and width, but with my arousal it slipped easily and fully inside me; causing a deep and audible gasp to escape from my lips. With a raised eyebrow, Tony understood exactly what it meant beginning to stroke his cock quicker.

“But the first thing I am going to do to you is slip my finger inside of you, I wanted to do that to you in the car when I took you home after the match...” Tony continued to say, closing his eyes as he pictured his finger slipping inside of my wet pussy.

“Oh God Tony, I wish you had; I would have cum so damned quickly...” I breathlessly moaned as I began to slide my vibrator in and out of my throbbing pussy, knowing damn well had he been there with me I would have cum by now.

“But I want to make it last, I want to take forever with you; I want you to remember it forever...” Tony said honestly, gripping his cock a little tighter as he jerked himself off.

“Oh Tony...” I moan, as I close my eyes and begin to rub my clit with my other hand.

“As I am moving my finger in and out of you, I’m going to begin kissing your beautiful clit...” Tony continues to say, picturing me lying naked on the bed; with my fingers deep inside my pussy.

“I can’t wait to lick it, to nibble it, oh to be sucking your hot little clit into my mouth right now...” Tony continues to say, panting as he tries not to cum; he wants this to last.

“Mmmm Tony, I know my little clit would like that... God it’s so sensitive right now.” I managed to say, having to stop rubbing my clit for a moment as I concentrate on fucking my pussy with my vibrator.

“Really Nicky?” Tony says, knowing that we were doing the same thing; that thought alone making him nearly cum on the spot.

“God I wish I was there right now, I’d slip my tongue deep inside you if I was...” He continued, slowly picking up the speed as he jerked himself off.

“Mmmm Tony, I wish I could have you inside me again...” I said as I pulled the vibe almost all the way out of me, before slamming it back deep inside me. Turning the vibe on I knew that it would not take me long to get off this way, and that was just what I needed; I needed to cum. I could tell by his breathing that Tony was near to cumming too; his laboured breathe an obvious sign that we were both very close.

“Oh Nicky, it felt so damn good you know; you are so damn tight...” Tony managed to say, trying not to blow his load too soon; gripping the tip for a moment.

“You are so damned big Tony; I have never felt so turned on in my life...” I said honestly, I have been with some big guys in my time; but nothing could prepare me for Tony. For a man his size, he was very deceptive in that department. I can clearly remember seeing him naked for the first time and almost dropping to my knees instantly, and not just to pray to the heavens either!

“God I could not wait to get you in my mouth Tony...” I said as I pictured in my mind sucking him off, how I enjoyed the feel of him twitching inside my warm and willing mouth.

“Shit Nicky, I nearly came on the spot when you did that...” Tony said, feeling that tell tail twitch in his balls. He knew he was close to cumming, especially as he pictured my sweet tender lips around his throbbing member.

“Oh sweet Jesus Nicky, I’m gonna cum...” Tony just about managed to say as he pictured himself cumming into to mouth, thinking of how I willing swallowed all he gave to me. It was enough to tip him over the edge as he began to cum, spurting all over his naked chest. These thoughts and sounds enough to tip me over the edge, but as he called out my name I could no longer hold my own climax at bay.

“Oh Tony, fuck me; make me scream...” Was all I could manage to say, as thoughts of his throbbing cock cumming deep inside me filled my mind. Moments later I felt my body tense up as I turned the vibe to full power and rubbed my over sensitive clit faster, quickly I exploded with a furious passion I had not felt in this way before. The only time I had felt this aroused was with Tony, never had I came like this alone. Panting was the only thing that told Tony I was still okay as I came down from this high I had experienced, I could tell Tony was smiling at the other end of the line.

“Can I call you back later?” He softly said, both of us aware this was something new and fun for us to experience.

“Of course Tony, next time though; bring the cam hey!” I said, slightly laughing as I said my goodbyes and hung up the phone; heading off to have a shower and try wake myself up... not that I wanted to wake up mind you!