Monday, April 9, 2012

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fanfic Tastic! CSI Miami...

My Dearest H,

I never thought this moment would come, never thought I would be able to say the words I longed to say. That day seems so long ago, but yet; it still feels so raw… I am sure it does for you also.

When you came to my rescue that terrible day, you must have just felt like it was your job; yet how quickly things changed. To have lost one member of your team is bad enough, but two must have hurt you deeply; now I see why or rather how you could understand so well how I was feeling… you were feeling it too weren't you?

I never did get to thank you for saving my life twice that day; you really were my hero on more than one occasion. I do not know if I would have given up had you not been there, I know you always said I was far stronger than I knew; but I still do not know what would have happened had you not been there.

As the months went by all I could think of was you and those beautiful blue eyes, I could not explain it; I tried to rationalise it… but you were all I kept coming back to. Your kindness and warmth meant so much to me, and right at a time when I needed it most.

It took me forever to call you, and even longer to get the confidence to ask you out. I can still see the look on your usually emotionless face; it was like you had never been asked out before. I must admit the silence was not what I expected, nor was the coolness of your reply. But I do understand now, I know why you would not let me jump right in.

It must have taken so much for you to let me in, to tell me your past. I hope that I conveyed all that I truly meant that night, I knew it would not be an easy ride; but with your arms around me I knew I would never regret falling.

And I don’t, nor will I ever regret falling. You make the days seem easier, and the nights oh so longer when we are together. I know that I shall always have your heart, and am sure that you know you shall always have mine too.

I will always feel save, and be protected when I am with you; my dear sweet beautiful H.
In closing, thank you for the past 12 months; and here’s to the next years. I cannot wait to spend them with you my darling husband to be, I know they will be the best years of our lives.

Always Yours
Alexandra xxx