Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nutty Nan's are Damned Difficult...

I cannot begin to explain what angers me most, that this has been allowed to happen or that so called London Community Spirit is nowhere to be seen.

My Nan used to be the one who was always there, the one to give her all for everyone. She'd never think twice about giving her last cent to those who needed it, she was always the first to help and last to leave.

So you can understand why I am just a little bit pissed off that now, when she needs help most; they have all seemed to have fucked off and left her in this appalling state.

She worked in the centre of London until she was 85 years old, when she retired due to the start of health problems. And I think this is clearly where the trouble began, there is nothing for her to do anymore now. Being widowed in her mid 50's also did not help, but she always had something or someone to keep her occupied. And then things changed, losing the community hall across the road has made it worse in my opinion.

With her health getting worse, she lost the sight in one eye; and when you couple that with heart and breathing problems, it all adds up to an elderly lady getting frail and older. And that in itself scares me, especially with the area she lives and indeed the world we live in. Maybe it is very Tory of me, but how can you trust someone that would kill you as soon as look at you!

So with the health problems and the area she lives in, it already looks bad; add to that the fact she is clearly lonely and has nothing to do. Now the problem she has been faced with is dementia - something she believes she does not have, but clearly does. And I guess this is what has been making things worse, that and the fact she still thinks she is working and earning a wage.

Truth is she is slowly becoming unable to look after herself or indeed her affairs, and I won't even start on about the state her flat is in! She was never like this when younger (yes I know it happens with age) and the truth is, it is frighten to think someone could be allowed to get like this is in our Country.

Part of my anger is towards all the "friends" she helped out over the years, those she looked after. Where are her religious friends? What about those she used to work for/with? Or those from the Eastern Star whom she spoke so highly of? Or even those fellow Freemasons that stood with my Grandfather before he died? Where is this "loyalty" they speak of so highly?

Yes I know she is our family, but when that family cannot be there surely the purpose for friends is to take on the families’ mantle? Is it too much for someone to give a damn? I want to blame the council of the area, but in truth I feel that they are like most council’s; say they'll look after all the people in the ward and then neglect those that matter most.

She lives in a block of flats that seem to be the place the council send the misfits of society - and I do not mean any offence by that, just the best way to explain. The flats cannot have been modernized in all the years they have been up; they don't look like it anyway! It's a two bedroomed flat and when she was able, seemed easy to clean and look after. But now, it is a totally different story. Whether or not it is her health causing her trouble, she simply cannot look after the flat as it is.

It looks like she hasn't hovered in years, goodness knows how many dust bunnies there are under the beds etc. The spare room is filled with food and gifts and things I know she cannot afford, the bath looks like it either hasn't been used or cleaned in years. The loo is bad now, especially due to there being a leak from upstairs - filled with damp and stains all up the walls. And there is a distinct smell of stale urine around, not unlike the one coming from her chair in the lounge.

Talking of the lounge, it too looks in a right mess. There is food everywhere again, half eaten sometimes too; and a pip/stone still lying where it fell on the paper. Food and stains covers the floor, coffee table, footstool and bizarrely; remote controls for the televisions. One of the more worrying things is the small gas fire/heater by her seat, it is a worry that something could happen and effectively blow the whole building up!

And then we come to the kitchen, and I swear she must either not eat or have a cast iron stomach... The place is full of food, it is on top of the small dining table; the work surfaces are also covered. No idea what is in the pantry, I hate going into the place; your feet stick to the floor! And the fridge, open the door at ye own peril - the rancid smell hits you within seconds, and lingers for ages - and travels too! God only knows if anything is within date, I am sure there must be a penicillin farm growing in there!

That is just the state of her home, something both her younger self and her husband would have had a fit over. It is the state of her mind which is more of a worry, and there are many reasons why it does. Not least that she simply does not seem to understand she no longer has a wage coming in, she just cannot afford to keep spending like she is earning money each week. Every day she seems to go out shopping, buying food she seems not to eat; let alone want.

The other thing that worries me is that she is vulnerable, how easy would it be for some unscrupulous person to come along and con her? I am convinced that she has been, but seeing as the amount of poop she is in is huge; goodness knows when we will ever find out. But the main problem is that she is in amazing debt and trouble, and simply put; she does not understand just how bad it is! The main cause of the problems is her car, and the one thing I don't think she will be able to live without. Her car is the only way she gets out and about, it is her lifeline; but is also becoming her downfall too.

She was always a nightmare to get into the car with, always willing to shout at the other drivers even when she was in the wrong! The she began to get a few speeding fines or parking in the wrong place etc, and now she has began getting bump after scrap on the ten year old car. Two years ago it came to ahead when she had an accident with a double decker bus; it was a bit of a bump; but thankfully no major injuries... The car took the worst. What was the worry was she had no idea where she had left the car, no real idea where it happened; or how. Clearly the shock has affected her, who wouldn't be; but just how much of it was to do with her dementia and how much the accident?

Every time we go down we spot how many more scraps and dents are there, wondering how many more she will have next time is anyone’s guess. And it isn't just the points or the dents or the accidents, it is the fear that one day she will have such a bad accident and either hurt herself or someone else. That and the fact she simply cannot afford to run a car anymore, it all adds up to worrying signs. She has insurance of over £800 a month, which is hard enough for anyone to find; let alone an elderly person.

Her road tax has run out, only just sorted out her MOT; after a good six months after it was due... But the most worrying thing is one (or maybe more) unpaid fine the Leiwsham council has given her, or to be more exact the fact she has not paid it/them. She has clearly had notices about the fines, but ignored them or been unable to pay. The council has forward the debt onto a debt agency, which gave her a chance to clear it but has also been ignored.

Now she has been told that the bailiffs are coming to take her car away as a start of clearing her debts, though whether or not that will cover it is a different matter! Either they have either come for it and could not get access to it, or they will be doing so soon. Either way, things do not look good for her; or indeed us! So now what? Well, it seems that if it isn't one thing it is another. How to deal with it all when we can only get down to see her one a month or so? We can only do so much, and in truth it is all like an iceberg; and we are only scratching the surface!

She was told to go to the bank Monday (today) and transfer some savings over; trouble is it seems that has not happened. Monday is nearly over and we have no idea where she is or even if she has gone to the bank, we don't know if her car has been taken away; or if she's had an accident or anything! And I guess that is part of the problem too, the not knowing and not really being able to help; that and the fact she is so damn stubborn!

She clearly still has the marbles to know when she does not want to do something, it does make me wish Dad (who's Mother it is) was more forceful; but can understand why he isn't or doesn't want to be.

So now what? In truth I don't know, I have no idea where to start; and I am sure my Dad doesn't either. The future does not look a pleasant one, and as someone who is a worrier; none of this helps any!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When Squirrels Attack....

Nervously I sat waiting for him to show, my stomach in knots; much like a lovers Celtic knot. My insides were all tight and strained, like a ring that has outgrown its owner.  A million and one thoughts went through my mind, not least would he show up; one of my great fears which were aided by my great weakness ~ my lack of confidence. But my thoughts were like a million and one diamonds, and as soon as he walked into the bar those diamonds and their bright sparkle paled into a dull nothingness; the light in my eyes could easily light the way forward.

Had I really been longing for this moment? Was this going to be all I had dreamed it would be? Will the moment last? What if the feelings were not there? The doubt was there, ever present; much like Steffans itself ~ something I will always find in Northampton, like an old faithful friend; never one to ever let you down. All my fear and doubts came crashing to a head, my heart too full to speak; my mind not focused on what was so clearly in front of me. I was overwhelmed, like a kid in a sweet shop; or more likely a woman in Steffans with a limitless credit card ~ I wanted so much, but could say so little.

And just like when a Mother knows what her child has done wrong, he clearly knew; he could sense it. And without another word, he took me into his arms and held me fast against his chest; no words being needed as I simply melted into those strong arms of his. As he continued to hold me against his solid frame, we begin to kiss; a true lovers kiss. The type you hear about in fairytales and see in movies, the kind that makes you go weak at the knees and makes your heart sing. Like a string of pearls, they are timeless and scream class and style. As we softly pulled apart I could still feel his closeness, his smile was warm and his touch tender.

Our gaze locked upon each other, his big beautiful brown eyes telling all I needed them to say; my own eyes transforming the need for words ~ he already knew me so well anyway. We must have stayed like this for hours, our friends came and went; the punters came and went ~ like other jewellers, many will come and many will go; but Steffans will always remain ~ nothing and no one seemed to matter to use. And as the moment between us grew, the words formed in his sweet beautiful mouth; he had to say it ~ he knew that it was a now or never moment. Pulling me closer to him, I could feel it too; I knew this would be the moment everything in my life had been waiting for. Taking a deep breath, he slowly opened his mouth, pausing slightly before he spoke those momentous words he had been longing to say...

“There are kamikaze Squirrels about on the loose!”

My Kingdom for a Squaround Mug!

Squaround Mug ~ it’s not round, it’s not square; it is magic FM’s giveaway item!

And I want one, more than I have wanted many things in my life!!

I want one more than I want children, marriage, a job, money, food and even drink!!!

What do I need to do to get myself one of these mugs? I have tried everything, I have done the competitions; I have tried to be the fastest person to get my call or text message in ~ is it because I am from Northampton? 

I know I am not from London or living there; but my Nan lives there ~ in Abbey Wood… and my Dad was born there! 

As Mike Posner says, if I could write you a song to make you fall in love; I’d do it to get a mug! Though I cannot sing, so that might not work. Is it because you are Cooler Than Me?

Well, I can write; a little bit anyways. So I would like to write you a poem if I may, just for you; maybe you will feel that this warrants a Squaround mug?

I could start by saying how much I want one
How much I need one
But I am sure you have heard it all before…
I could tell you how great your station is
I could tell you this is the only radio station I listen to
And while it is true, it has all been said before…
As has, I never listen to anything else
Though this also is true…
To find the right words to impress
To find the right route
Maybe I need to return to the old fashioned road of begging?

Talk It Up. (assignment: dialogue)

Written entirely in dialogue. Done as a writing assignment, and an example of who to write dialogue. The basis of the story is a young girl visits her father in prison, where she tells him she is pregnant by a man her father hates. Her mother wants her to have an abortion; she does not seem so keen. Written to show how her father reacts and what the girl thinks to matters, hope you enjoy!

“Did you hear me Dad?” She timidly asked, not wanting to look up.
“I heard...” He just about managed to splutter, not willing to allow his anger to surface.
“I told you that I want to keep it...” She added defiantly, not even allowing what her mother wanted to have any baring on her life.
“He won’t stay.” He added, knowing all to well what his “sort” was like.
“Yes he will, he loves me!” She replied softly, not completely sure of the man she had been seeking comfort with.
“Ha! Don’t make me laugh...” He shouted, raising his voice so the other inmates and officers heard him.

“What does your Mother say?” He asked, knowing the answer already.
“She... she thinks...” No matter how hard she tried, she just could not bring herself to say the words.
“Get an abortion, go on; say it...” He answered for her matter-of-factly, staring ahead of him blankly; while all his daughter could do was nod numbly.
“She’s right too, you’re only a kid for fuck’s sake!” He added, finally allowing some of his anger to show; not realising what he had actually said.
“I’m 18 Dad... two years older than when Mum had me!” She spat back, not ready to be put down in such a way.

“You talk as if I have not thought this though...” She said more softly, sighing deeply as she stared out of the high windows with bars against them.
“You haven’t...” He threw back, knowing deep down he was wrong; they had brought her up better than that.
“Bollocks...” She shouted back, now it was her turn to make them all look; right on queue the room did as she wished.
“Mum was 12 when she lost her virginity, I was 18...” She began, just about holding her calm.

“She was 16 when she had me, and you were 10 when you first got sent down...” She continued, her voice rose a little more; the room almost silent.
“I am nothing like either of you!” She added, her fists clenched; her own temper just being kept in check.
“And I am still your father, even if I am in here!” He quietly answered back, finally seeing that she had more than a point.
“Yes, and you will be a Grandfather when you get out.” She said softly, wanting to show him what lay on the outside of these horrible four walls.

“And you’ll be a Mother...” He began, not sure whom he was reminding.
“And HE will be the Father...” He just could not help but add that, he wanted her to know he was still angry.
“He’ll take care of me Dad... of both of us!” She softly said, wanting to end this row; these days were too few as it was.
"He best an' all..." He replied, trying to smile; knowing that life would never be the same again.

Nicky S.... for Serious Now!!!

Just so you know, my last name ISN'T serious. 

But, I thought it about time we quit with this political crap and got back to the point of this blog ~ somewhere to post my writings and assignment etc. Plus in truth, having three (at least, even I have forgotten) blogs is becoming tiresome! I really want to get back to one blog for everything ~ and no, there was no politics in that comment whatsoever!

Also, while I am at it; the picture I have used as my display is by an artist called Iain Faulkner.
The piece is called "In From The Storm" and all credit should go to him.
Not just for the artwork, which I still think is amazing; but also for the fact that it was this piece that got me back into writing again.

I saw it in a now long gone art gallery in Northampton (just off the Ridings for those of us that know Northampton) and it just instantly stuck me as stunning. I wanted to sit there and study it all day long, I think the girls behind the counter must have got fed up of me always going in there and just sitting there.

Anyways, I ended up writing a story based around it (I think I posted it on here ~ but it wasn't very good) and it got me back into writing. The picture has long since been sold; and as I said the gallery gone too.

But the one thing I am going to go back to doing is heading out to places and looking around for some ideas, that was one of my best plans; maybe it will work now?

And if you happen to see me out looking lost (or even thoughtful) come and say hello, you never know; it could help an old writer out...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is...

Our dear John Clare
I feel so close to you as I sit here in All Saints Church, looking to your poem for inspiration
But the words, they don't come easily
They are in my heart, in my head
Stuck deep inside, not willing to flow freely
I look to you, my dear John for help and guidance
I wonder if you ever felt these feelings, thought these same thoughts
I realise that you must have done
It drove you mad didn't it?
Is that why you walked from London all the way home, I wonder if that would help me?
And this is your home, it is where you belong
And it is mine too
I do not want to go anywhere else, there is no place better for me
As I look back over your life and mine, I can see it clearly
We both have much to celebrate
We have a home, somewhere people will care about us
And what's more, it is somewhere we both found our writing flow again
Because as I look back, I now see that I have my flow back again too
I have found something to say
And all in the nick of time

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just One Kiss....

I knew when I saw you that you were the one.
Right from the start we had so much fun.
Your smile in the morning was just like a ray of sun.
So bright and fresh, and always full of fun!
At first we stepped out only once or twice.
But each time we did it was always so nice.
You opened up doors, and smiled as I passed by.
I knew back then that this love would last.
I’ve not known you long, but I know in my heart we are made for each other; no way will we part.
And each time I see you, in my heart I just know that my love will grow and grow.
How do I know this, I am sure you must think. Well, I shall tell you myself in this very ink.
The reason I know I’m in love is just this.
You stole my heart with just one kiss!


I don’t know why I want you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I want to be with you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I want to kiss you so, but I do.
I don’t know why I love you so, but I do.
They say I don’t love you, but I know that I do.
They say I shouldn’t want you, but I do.
They say you are wrong for me, but I know you’re not.
They say you are a bad man, but I know you’re not.
I know deep inside that I want you.
I know that you are the right man for me, but you do not.
My life would be much better if you knew, but you do not.
My life would be complete with you, but it is not.

Facebook Ruined My Life.... (and I need it)

The world’s biggest legal crack and whore den! You might laugh, but only because it is true!! Yes, you might think I tell you this in jest; but allow me to explain if you will.

I never wanted to use facebook, it never interested me. I had real live friends, I could text them if I wished; even meet them should I feel so inclined. I had pc games, none of which cost me a dime!!!

I knew where my friends were and what they were doing, because I was normally with them. If I wanted to talk to my folks, I would go downstairs. I did not need to connect with friends from school, they never wanted to stay in touch anyways ~ that or they were bullies.

If I had wanted to raise animals I would get a pet, if I want grow crops I would become a farmer. If I wanted to own a city I would become a multimillionaire… what? Wait, I do want to become one of them!!! All these games do for you is make you become obsessive, you have to play them or the animal will die and your crops will wither up and die too… what the heck am I talking about, they are not real anyways!!

And then there are those apps that can only be described as crap… those that tell your fortune, or what your name means. Which are only genetically generated anyway! The ones that can tell you what colour you are just by answering a few questions, or whom you will marry; or when you will have a baby… always wondered what answer they would give if a man took it.

What is with all that stuff, I mean really? Some people must seriously have nothing better to do… and yes I am including myself in that statement. And this goes back to my earlier point, facebook is my pimp! And it is yours and most of your friends’ too!! Unless of course, you are one of the smart ones who steers clear of it. But trust me, if you are not careful it will get you too… facebook has sucked me in and I cannot get out again; send help if you can!

And do you know what makes all this worse? “THEY” have created this legal den of vice and we are all powerless to stop it, if we do not get our daily (sometimes hourly) fix of facebook; then our day is ruined. Like I said, I did not want facebook; but now I cannot live without it. I have to tend to my farm(s) and city(s) and checkout whatGranmaSuzy says will happen to me, I have to make sure my crops do not die and my animals are fed… I mean only just recently I went away for the weekend and thought I had killed Pinggy the Penguin… (And talking of killing off animals ~ can we take a moment for my ex pet on spp ranch? Thank you kindly)

And if that was not bad enough, “THEY” then go and decide to change everything around… they say it is to “fix the technical problems” but I know the truth, it is just to pee me off. They move the chat bar, then the notifications; and then the notes… they even moved the flipping inbox ~ I mean, the inbox for pity’s sake! My friend had to post a status asking someone to e-mail just so she could find it, and I will not even begin to tell you what I had to go through just to stalk that guy I fancy!

I am like many people on there, I fear change; it scares me… and you should not scare me ~ I poop easily! What is wrong with leaving things as they are and just fixing the bugs? It is like supermarkets isn’t it? They change things around every six months in the hope we will buy more stuff, I just end up getting annoyed; walking out and buying my stuff online! We like our same routines and what have you… it is comforting to us! Like a pair of comfy pj’s or an old tee shirt full of holes; it is our “blankiee” and we like it “just as it is” thank you very much!

So here I sit waiting to harvest my crops, animals and houses. I am waiting on my city to grow, waiting for my zombies to get hungry for brains; and my zoo to expand. I am waiting for my friends to come “online” and for Granma Suzy to tell me what I should do today, all while stalking (sorry, checking up on) that guy I fancy! Maybe I should just switch off my pc and go meet my friend for coffee in the real world… but I shall just check on my farm first though!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time Will Tell...

I have held back from commenting on the recent local elections purely because I was hoping that with time, things will seem clearer and that way I can be objective; they do say time heals and all that...

First off, I never saw the results coming. I thought it might be bad, but certainly not that bad. I am not going to comment as to why I think it happened, I am sure everyone has talked it to death. What I will say, is that politically it hurts me deeply to see people I care about and had grown to know; lose their seats.  Even those in “opposition” would not (and did not) expect this result, and even the harshest of critics would be hard pushed to be glad at many a good hard working councillor losing their seats.

Even though I was more than happy to help my party this election, I clearly found things difficult to deal with when it came to what I believed and who I am as a person. It has already been gone over more than once, so I shall save you all going over it again.

Everyone knows I am friends with pretty much anyone, and you all know I am happy to talk to most people. And maybe this has been my downfall, I certainly get that impression. I can understand it, certainly see people’s points. But I cannot see how (or why for that matter) I cannot be me AND do what I wish politically... is that not the point of freedom of speech? Is that not the point of being able to choose for myself my own path in life ~ politically and otherwise?

Are we that shallow and petty that we are only willing to be friends with those like us? Is that what all politicians do? If you do not have the same view as me, fine; I accept that. If I do not have the same view as you, please accept that. And there is no reason why we cannot talk about our beliefs politically or otherwise, we can even agree to disagree; it does not make us any less important than anyone else.

I am of course talking in a general sense, nothing is aimed at anyone. But I have to admit I have done that in the past, even I am not infallible; even I can get it wrong sometimes! I would like to apologise wholeheartedly to those I may have offended by things I may have said in the past, with everything that was going on; I allowed myself to act before thinking things through. I allowed “it” to get to and tear me in different directions, it certainly was not me; nor will it ever be me.

I guess what I am trying to say is, why can I not be me and believe what I do politically, why does it all have to be the same? I do believe in many of the core basic values and beliefs that many Liberals believe in, the fact that others believe in being free, open and fair works for me. Life should be about wanting the best for our fellow human beings, not about making people all the same; not everyone is the same... is it wrong to want liberty, equality and to believe in community? Is it wrong to want to be free from poverty? Or to make people aware of the facts so they can be free?

And when it comes to following those core principals, I believe that Liberals fit what I believe in. And similarly I can only expect the same from others, and hope that my follow Liberals will believe in the same. I would like to think all Liberals follow those beliefs, I hope they would all want the same; feel the same and treat others in the same way. I know there will be people that say “Liberals (especially in Northampton) do not believe that.” I cannot (and will not) answer for any others, they will be able to answer for themselves. But I am not like others, I am not someone who will say something that is not true ~ maybe I say things too quickly without thinking, but I hope I do think more before I speak ~ I take pride in the fact I am that genuine. That I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive.

I know many Liberals that lost their seats cared a great deal about the town and those they represented, and I also know many will not believe that. Seeing things politically from all sides, and being on the outside of it all; it certainly does seem a case of you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t... maybe the old saying is true, you can please some of the people some of the time; but not all of the people all of the time?

So what now?

Well, for the Liberals; I do not know. I imagine they are trying to see what went wrong and where they go from here, I imagine it will be the same with the other “independents” and those smaller partiers in Northampton.

Good luck to the Labour party who now have a huge task ahead of them, trying to be an opposition to a blue “stronghold” when the biggest gob (and I say that with affection) is gone; I hope they are up to the task.

Good luck also to the Tories, who need to be aware that they will have a million and one Liberals watching their every move with a keen eye... I hope for my town’s sake that they are successful, I shall be watching you too!

For me? I miss my party first off, but only I can take the blame for that mess. I honestly do not know where my politics lie, I am not sure I ever will to be honest. I guess that is the trouble with having political friends, regardless of if they mean to or not; they (whichever party they belong to ~ or were in) cannot help but be swayed by their own beliefs. A Liberal friend I miss terribly often said, “If you can’t stand the heat in politics...” and she is right. But this is not something I want to give up, I want to help; want to be part of helping things to change...

But maybe, until I can find my own path I need to take a backseat. I have a room I need to clean, more ironing I need to tackle, papers I need to read and sort out; not to mention writing assignments I have to attend to... gosh life does seem to creep up on you doesn’t it?

In closing, I would like to wish ALL those Liberals I met along the way. All of you (regardless of if you know/believe it or not) have had an affect on my life, I count myself lucky to have known all of you... yes even Mr. Woods!

Thank you for reading, and this is Nicky STILL a Liberal Democrat; signing off and saying see you on the backbenches.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is It Safe To Come Out Now???

Well, now that it is all over and the dust has all but settled; I thought I would begin writing stuff again… plus seeing as they are now only four of my follow Lib Dems in office, I don’t think I shall be getting in too much bother ~ though I could be wrong… I have been before!

Going into the election I knew that being a Lib Dem would not be easy, I knew that many people disliked what they (I still feel weird saying us) have done to the town etc. and I also realised that they had a good chance of losing control of the borough council. For the record, I never saw that result coming either… nor did I ever think Tony Clarke would lose either.

Regardless, I was happy to help “my party.” I wasn’t joining a party to be popular, I still believe in the “pre~amble” they have on their membership cards… however; I do worry that many of the others in the party did not believed the same. It sometimes felt that being a councillor/working for the public, was more about towing the party line than what their core principles are. It sometimes seemed to be a case of “this is far too important to play fair” or “we must win at all costs.”

Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to win or doing as you are told.

I understand the need for rules and that we should, on the whole; follow them.

But, and this has always been one of my “bugbears” as it were; if your boss (in whatever sense of the word) told you to jump off a cliff ~ are you really going to do it without as much as an; “why?” Which all leads me to question, what on earth has happened to make many of us like this?

Someone in the party would constantly tell me that they “needed” to win, and all I could think was; why? Is it really that important to win? When did it change from “because I want to serve my fellow Northamptonians,” to “because I need the money?”

Life and people are far more important than money will ever be, I don’t want my ward councillor telling me I should vote for them; I want to vote for them because they work hard and will do their best for my area… if you are doing it right, I don’t need to be told about it.

I personally believe there are a few main reasons why the Lib Dems lost control of the Borough; one of them is of course because of the nation scene. Supports of both the Tories and Lib Dems seem to be uncomfortable with the coalition, and you cannot blame them really can you? Is it a case of Clegg selling out for a place of power in the government, or simply a case of him seeing the potential? I personally have never liked this coalition, if I had wanted to be close to a Tory; I would have still been one!

Had it been me leading the party, I would have stepped back. Keeping my promises and integrity while allowing the Tories to (if it goes like it) make a balls up of it all… after all, there will be another election along in four~ish years; and that isn’t that long when it comes to politics!

I feel that another reason is that they were adamant that the town centre should come first when it came to planning etc. and I cannot say I completely disagree. Picture the scene if you will… (And this is a tangent, but it works)

In four years’ time, the Saints and Cobblers have an Asda and Ikea on their plots of land. They have developed their grounds etc. and everyone that matters is happy… the parking is a nightmare in St. James and Duston Road, but that doesn’t matter. Tesco’s moves in up by the Saints too, because they always get in upon the act; and Sainsbury’s makes a fuss and has its extension too. Throw in some other shops etc. and you have your very own “Weston Favell” type centre up in St. James/Duston/Upton area…

Now, you get people like my parents and others who don’t like going to the town centre; who now have everything need (or would go to Milton Keynes for) right there on their doorstep… where do you think people will go? I know without even having to ask where my folks will go, trust me I can save every council the consultant fee by telling you; it will be to the out of town shopping centre! I mean, why go town (which is slowly and painfully dying) when you have it all five minutes away? When petrol/diesel is the price it is, and the buses are a nightmare too, why would anyone bother or care about the town centre?

So what happens to the Market that is never going to be the same simply because people shop differently nowadays? What happens when the stores that have been in the town for like ever, finally get up and go elsewhere? When will the council start to worry? When places like Sainsbury’s, Church’s China, Debenhams, House of Fraser, or Church’s Shoes? What will be the wakeup call for them I wonder? What happens when we lose the towns venues like the theatres? Will that shock you all into doing something? When the town is a ghost town, what then?

Before you chastise me for spouting political brainwash garbage, I am basing this on firstly my own views but also those of the forgotten few; the silent majority that most politicians forget. People like my parents, who have not voted for ages because they think “you lot” are all the same. Normal people who have far more important things to worry about than which council does what or who runs it, it is these people most of you forget. Because while being a loud mouth (and I say that with affection as it is aimed at some people I know) is all well and good, and does get you so far; but not everyone wants to be that ~ or can be like that for that matter!

Before the election, the local paper (Chron & Echo) held a big debate and got people of the town to ask the candidates what they would do when they were elected. Towards the end of the night, a young lad got up and asked what each would do to inspire him and people like him to not only vote but also take an interest. And in truth that about sums it all up really, most people don’t want to hear that such and such a person left his car in his parking spot; they have more important things to worry about.

They won’t care if such and such a candidate is standing against his former party who kicked him out in such a rough way, the majority of people don’t bother with local politics and rarely care (especially now) about the national scene either… simply put, people are too busy with their lives to bother or care. Yes they want things to be better; yes they want to pay less council tax etc. but in truth they have their lives to get on with!!

But those same people have a voice and a vote, many of whom may have voted; many of whom may have seen you “all to be the same” and sent back a vote of “no confidence" in those that rule us. I guess my point (yes, I think I have one) is that it isn’t the ones with the biggest voice you need to worry about, it is those silent majority that need to be convinced or shown that you are not all the same. Even though I am interested in politics and even though I should know better; sometimes I think you are all the same…

They say the best government is that in opposition, and in some respects this is true; they always tell us voters they will do what the government is not doing... trouble is that every time an opposition says that and gets elected, none seem to hold true to their words!!! And maybe this is my point about everyone being the same, being proved right? Everyone says they will do their best for the voters; they will listen and stick to their promises, which is great… but in four years’ time when they have failed they either blame someone else, be that a previous council/government or just tell us things will get better and they will do it right the next time.

So I really do wish this new administration well, I hope they will not be the same. I hope that they keep their promises; I hope that both the Saints and the Cobblers get what they want. I hope that Fitzy and the Market survives, I hope that MY town does not die… but should the Tories fail to deliver, would the last person to leave Northampton please turn off the lights?

(Rant over, for now…)