Monday, July 21, 2008

Forbidden Passions. (Part Three)

It was only a few days after our last meeting and to be honest I was still buzzing from it all, although I had not thought about it at the time just being that close to Tony caused me to have lustful thoughts for the last few days. But each time I thought about our meeting I kept coming back to how quickly and abruptly it had ended, it was obvious to me that something was wrong. And the moment I walked into the soccer ground I knew that something needed to be said, I hardly had gotten into the first aid room when I was being asked after.

“Hey Nicky, I heard what happened Thursday... are you ok?” David, our clubs chairman asked. Nodding I assured him I was fine and assumed that Tony had obviously gotten over his problems, or maybe he just liked to gossip! Whatever the reason I had this feeling deep inside that both Tony and myself needed to talk, passing the time of day with David we must have stood chatting for about 10 minutes before he headed off for his office. I was just about to turn back round to get on with my things when I came face to face with Tony, stood silently looking at me. For a moment there was silence between us, which was quickly joined by a million and one feelings that seemed all too willing to disrupt my day. We both knew that our silence was becoming awkward but neither of us seemed able to speak, we both seemingly had something on our minds we wanted to say but neither of us were ready to say it. My mind was racing between what I felt and what I wanted; torn between my lust filled desires and the fact that there was still problems between, an unspoken obstacle that both of us were aware of.

“Are you ok Nicky?” He finally asked, clearing his throat slightly; his mind still filled with thoughts of that Thursday. His eyes looking anywhere and everywhere to avoid looking me in the eye, in all honesty it did not occur to me that he was worrying about what happened; mainly because I had no idea anything had happened. If I had thought about what had happened to me that first day then of course I would have seen, but maybe my lack of confidence would always seemingly be my curse.

“I’m fine Tony...” I said as coolly as I could, considering I still had this major crush on him. He instantly noted the change in the air and my tone, he wanted to say so much but found the words became stuck in his throat. The silent strained atmosphere between us again falling, sighing deeply Tony was obviously struggling with his conscious.

“I have been thinking about you...” Tony began, looking up into my eyes.

“Did you get a tattoo in the end?” He added, hoping it would lighten the mood and make things a little easier for us both. Smiling slightly, I thought about teasing him slightly but decided to be honest.

“Not yet, I still am not sure what to have...” I began, looking into Tony’s eyes; searching for something I was not sure I was searching for.

“I’m glad you thought about it Nicky...” He began, finally seemingly to relax. As we talked about everything like nothing had happened it was the first time I was actually able to study this man in front of me, realising that maybe he was doing the same to me I blushed.

“Maybe you could help me out sometime Tony?” I say, smiling at how he smiles back at me. I know that we both want to talk about what was bothering him, but neither of us feel ready to do so yet. As someone passed the first aid room both of us realised that we should both get on, I could not explain it but that feeling left me a little empty. Feeling unusually bold I pulled Tony gently close in a thank you hug as I planted a soft kiss on his cheek, lingering for as long as I could; enjoying the fact that he made no show of pulling away or stopping me.

“What was that for?” Tony said softly, as I finally pulled back.

“I just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me on Thursday.” Even though I pulled back, I loved the fact that neither Tony nor I made any move to detangle from each other.

“Hey you don’t need to thank me honey, I would never have let anything happen to you...” Tony said with a smile, hugging me to him quickly.

“Maybe I could buy you a drink to say thank you after the match?” I boldly ask, trying to not allow my blushes to show as much as I am sure they were anyway! Instantly the smile was gone from his face and I knew I had overstepped the mark, before he even said anything I knew I should not have said anything.

“As much as I’d love to have a drink with you Nicky, I can’t make it tonight. I’m sorry honey...” He said, wanting to say more but before he had the chance my colleagues had turned up and stopped either of us continuing.

“Chat later ok Nicky?” Was all he could say, as my colleagues needed me to help out; nodding was all I could do before I watched Tony leave.

To be honest the rest of the day seemed to fly by, I made as much effort as I could to be myself around my friends; and I tried to look like I was watching the game but in truth I was not. My mind was still firmly with Tony and how empty I was feeling, all day I thought about apologising and if I was being honest running away. Somehow I managed to get through the whole game having seemed normal to everyone; even my best friend seemingly had no idea what I was feeling. So as was normal I head off to the main entrance to chat with friends before heading off, well that was my plan anyway. I had not planned on my friends keeping me chatting for so long, or for Tony to be watching me all the match. I am not really sure how it happened but somehow I got into a little bit of a “set to” with some drunken away fans, they were starting on my friend and I guess I just never thought and wanted to protect my friend. Anyway, before I knew what was happening Tony was by side, giving these guys the meanest dirtiest look ever, and asking me if I was ok.

“Look, can I take you home Nicky?” Tony asks, saying that he wants to make sure I get home safe. Nodding I grab my first aid kit and head off to his car, enjoying the fact that his arm was still around me.

“I’m going to start calling you my hero if you’re not careful Tony...” I say, smiling as I get into the passenger seat of his big E class Mercedes. Smiling back, Tony slips into the driver’s seat beside me and answers.

“I don’t mind being your hero Nicky, would make me feel useful...” There is a slight jokey atmosphere in the air, but part of me could tell he meant it. As I suspected it was not going to be my day when I could not for the life of me do my belt buckle up, feeling a complete idiot I looked to Tony and shyly asked for help.

“I know I am an idiot...” I begin, looking as dumb as I felt.

“But, can you help me here?” I continue, pointing to the belt I just could not work. Smiling and nodding, Tony silently reached over and took the belt from my hands gently. As he took the belt from my hands his hand gently brushed over my breast, causing my skin to tingle in a very good way. Neither of us spoke but the silence said it all, there was a passion and desire that we both understood. As he clicked it in place Tony smiled up at me, he eyes said so much at that moment; I just wish I knew how to read them. Of course I knew what I wanted them to say, but I never thought in a million years that they would actually be saying it; so as we drove off I had no idea what was about to happen, or indeed just how much I wanted it to happen. We must have got half way down the road before Tony finally took a deep breath and spoke, testing the water before he took the plunge.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for a drink tonight, I really would have liked to.” Gently and slowly he put his hand on my thigh, praying that I made no attempt to remove it; which of course I did not.

“I understand...” I begin to say, glancing quickly to his hand that gently squeezes my thigh. Seeing I make no move to remove his hand Tony relaxes more as we continue to drive, biting the bottom of his lips slightly as he tries to make up his mind. Part of him wanted to say something, part of him did not; maybe it was just a matter of which was a stronger will.

“I feel like I should apologise for how last Thursday ended Nicky...” Tony began to say, before he had the chance to continue his cell phone rang. Silently cursing the person on the end of the phone, he pulled over and answered. As I sat listening to Tony’s one-way conversation with the person on the end of his phone I noticed how he had yet to remove his hand, almost without thinking I begin to softly stroke the back of his hand. For a split second he is silent; almost stopped dead in his line of thought, before trying to continue.

“Ok, fine. Damn it, just do what you God damn want...” Tony said, raising his voice slightly; something I never thought I would hear him do. Hanging up the phone Tony just sat there for a moment, silently just looking out of the windscreen. The silence between was awkward, and whether or not he knew it Tony was softly caressing my thigh. He must have opened and closed his mouth a few times before he finally found the words he wanted to say, turning his head slightly to face me he spoke.

“Do you still want to have a drink with me Nicky?” He kind of smiled at me as he spoke, gently squeezing my thigh as he did so.

Nodding silently, Tony turned the car around and headed off to the local hotel. It was only when he saw the look in my eye as we pulled into the car park that he realised too that we needed to talk, smiling softly he informed me this was the only place he knew we could still get a drink. Before I had the chance to open my door Tony was there opening the door like the gentlemen I always knew he was, placing his hand tenderly on the small of my back as we headed off to the bar.

“As I was saying before Nicky, I’m sorry I ended Thursday so abruptly...” Tony began to say as we sat down with our drinks, we sat close together in an out of the way dim lit corner. Tony’s face was so close to my face I could almost feel his beard brush my cheek, I wasn’t prepared for how this affected me; causing my skin to tingle once more.

“It’s ok Tony, I think I can guess why...” I begin to say, feeling so turned on I needed to be bold. With his eyebrow raised he looked at me, almost challenging me to explain myself. Taking a deep breath I spoke, leaning in as close as I could and lowering my voice.

“The same reason I had before surely? I thought you knew Tony?” I wanted to say what was on my mind, but needed to be sure. It was all well and good making a pass at him, but if I were not sure he would be ok with it; what good would it do me.

“I don’t remember you running off on me Nicky, what are you telling me sweetheart?” Tony said as his hand touched me again, this time softly he caressed my back causing me to shiver. Taking a deep breath I had to say something, I knew it could get me into trouble; but I just had to say something to Tony.

“I have a confession to make Tony...” I began, swallowing the lump that was forming in the back of my throat. He moved closer to me, his beard brushing softly against my cheek; his hand not moving from caressing my back. For a moment I looked into his eyes and saw something I had never seen before, trouble was I had no idea what it actually meant.

“I’m not sure how to tell you... I don’t want to offend or upset you.” I begin to say, coyly looking up into his eyes then away again. I smiled inside as I realised that I was actually trying to flirt with Tony, wondering just where this could actually lead.

“Just tell me the truth darling, nothing you could say or do would upset or offend me Nicky.” Tony said, smiling softly I could feel myself blush and then as I looked away I felt his soft kiss against my cheek. Quickly I snap my head up and come face to face with my own reflected desire and passion, one that my mind was already familiar with.

“I don’t want to lose your friendship...” I begin, putting my hand upon his that rested up the table.

“That first time we bumped into each other in town...” I continued, moving a little closer and lowering my voice still.

“I became very horny thinking about you...” I said coyly, smiling shyly not really sure where this was going to lead. There was the natural silence I was expecting but as was normal I just rambled on, trying to fill the silence.

“God, I can’t believe I just told you that; I am so sorry Tony...” Looking away; I go to move back and create some distance between us, but Tony stops me softly putting his hand over mine. Looking up into his eyes for a moment I can see a questioning look in them, but still he does not speak.

“I guess I am still so fired up Tony, that damn kid on Thursday and those drunken morons today... I guess they have got me a little riled, sorry.” I look away again, still trying to create some distance between us. Still he does not let me pull away, but still he will not speak.

“I just feel so damn angry about it still, I have all these strong emotions inside me and no release...” I sigh deeply and look away, closing my eyes at how dumb I must have sounded and how I had seemingly said the wrong thing.

“I know how that feels all too well Nicky...” Tony says, quietly as he softly caresses my cheek gently pulling my face closer to his own. For a moment I am silent, trying to work out what he has just told me.

“You too?” Was all I could manage to say as he gently stroked the back of my hand, his breath ragged in my ear; his beard softly tickling my cheek. Nodding was all I needed to make the lustful wanton desire to come back full force, I knew I wanted; no needed him... I just did not know if he wanted the same.

"So what should we do about it?" Tony said, his voice low and soft in my ear. His hand now moved from mine to softly caressing their way up my thigh, he could seemingly read my mind and knew what I wanted.

“Well, I think we both feel the same way; so I don’t know...” I say, sighing deeply before I spoke; thinking deeply about what I was about to say. I wanted to say “bang my brains out you big stud...” but knew that it was the last thing I could say, as my shyness and uncertainty kicked in his boldness took over. Smiling Tony nodded and took my hand in his, leading me to the reception area. Shyly I wait by the lift doors watching how Tony booked us a hotel room, watching him intently. Noticing how he seemingly did not care or seem to care what people might think, ok so he was not national paper famous but he was well known in Northamptonshire. All sorts of things went through my as I waited for him, what if someone he knows sees us? Was one thing that went through my mind, I just could not help but worry. To be honest it was all playing on my mind; so much so that I honestly thought about leaving. As he turned back to head towards me I could tell he was having some second thoughts too, but as he reached my side and we got into the life I think they began to disappear in us both. Tony was seemingly well aware I had doubt in my eyes and unasked questions in my mind, smiling he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. No words were needed but it calmed a fear I never knew I had, the lift doors had hardly closed when Tony kissed my cheek softly. Instinctively I blushed and went to pull away, stopping me Tony softly brought my face closer; looking deep into my eyes. It was as if he was searching into my soul; silently telling me it was alright, softly he held my face in his big strong hands and kissed me tenderly.

It was all I needed to feel calm and relaxed, as we parted from the kiss and ended up in something like an Eskimo kiss I could feel my desire rising even further; but then as I felt that tell tail twitch of Tony’s fabric I knew he was feeling the same.

“I want you Nicky.” Tony whispered as the doors to the lift opened, leading me off to the room he held my hand pulling me to him once more as we reached the door.

“The feelings more than mutual Tony.” I reply as he unlocks the door and we walk inside, as I put my bag down and take my jacket off I am hit with a moment of shyness again. Knowing what I want but unsure if I should be wanting it, I can feel my nerves begin to rise once more.

"You know where this is going don't you?" Tony says, silently studying me; as I turn round to face him I see him watching me intently, feeling flushed I begin to blushing. Smiling, I nod and say yes. Closing the door behind us and pulls me into his arms; holding me there in silence.

"Are you sure you want this?" He said to me as he slowly stroked my back. Nodding I take a deep breath and boldly pull him closer to me, in one swift movement I kiss him upon the lips. Slowly the kissing and caressing become more passionate and I cannot resist the urge I had deep inside to touch him, I had been longing to feel his hands upon me and mine upon him. As I run my hands over his body I can sense him looking at something, I realise he is watching me in the full-length mirror. Realising it is turning me on as much as it is him I discretely angle myself to allow him a better view, I can imagine I am a movie star and that we are in a sex scene. I am fascinated by his hands as they slowly move all over my body and create feelings deep within me that I thought were impossible, all at once his hands are gently caressing my breasts and all over my body I can feel myself getting lost in these emotions. I can feel his hardness ever growing against my body, moving my hand lower I watch myself taking hold of his cock and begin to stroke him. As he let out a soft moan I suddenly became very aware of my surroundings and look up into the mirror, seeing him watching me watching him turned me on even more than I could imagine. Seeing how it turned him on made it seem even more erotic and as I turned slightly allowing him better access and view, hearing him inhale sharply made me want it more and as I watched his eyes watching mine I could feel the passion within me rise.

Watching as his hand slowly moved down from my breast over my belly and towards my pussy made me inhale deeply as I readied myself for what was about to happen, moving slightly again so he could not only see me but also get better access. As I watched Tony gently touch the outer lips of my pussy I let out a deep sigh and continued to watch as he slowly started to turn me on further by his fingers, as he gently rubbed my clitoris I could feel my knees buckle. Taking hold of him I watched as he smiled and took my hand leading me over to his bed, turning me so I was sitting upon the edge of his bed still in full view of the mirror. Kneeling in front of me Tony smiled up at me with his big brown eyes, never taking them from mine as he kissed and caressed my breasts while using his hands to gently stroke and caress the rest of my already highly aroused body. As his hands moved back to caress and stroke my pussy I feel the passion and desire rising again I can't help but take his head in my hands and let out a soft cry of pleasure.

"Oh Tony." Sensing my desire and pleasure he pulled back a little and kissed me with a certain passion I thought that I may burst, as he pulled away again he smiled slightly before moving downwards with his kisses.

Moving slightly to allow him better access I knew exactly where this was going and I know it wouldn't take much for me to cum, slightly teasing me Tony kissed and caressed all over my legs and thighs before lightly kissing my pussy and blowing hot air over me. Calling out and taking his head in my hands he takes the hint and slowly begins to lick my pussy, exploring it deeply with his tongue. Placing my legs over his shoulders I can feel him deeply inside me, creating feelings I thought I would not feel again. As Tony began to lick and suck my clitoris I watched myself in the mirror, studying the way I looked as he touched the deepest part of my numb emotions. Putting one of my hands in his hair I started to caress my own body with the other, noting how aroused I became as I did so. Wanting these feelings to continue I softly moaned as Tony took his index finger and slowly started to trace the outline of my pussy lips, moments later I felt him insert his finger deep inside of me coating it with my juices. Feeling the passion of the moment I closed my eyes and threw my head back while moaning softly, but it was not long before my eyes were wide open as he stood slightly and inserted another finger inside of my already soaking wet pussy. All the while seeking out my G spot he never stopped licking and sucking my clitoris, it did not take long for him to find my G spot or for me to cum.

Moaning and calling out his name as I felt my pussy clamp onto his well lubricated fingers, I had my eyes tightly shut as I felt my orgasm take hold of me and soon I felt how rigid my body became. As Tony continued to press upon my G spot his other hand was laid flat upon my stomach, gently caressing me still as I came down from the high he had created in me.

"Oh God Tony." I breathlessly moan as I shudder and start to relax, I didn't really notice Tony laying next to me until I shivered again and I felt him wrap his arms around me causing me to open my eyes. For a long time we just lay there silently looking into each other’s eyes, neither of us wanting to speak or break the spell we had undoubtedly fallen under. Kissing my lips softly he tenderly stroked my cheek and spoke.

“Oh God Nicky, don’t stop...” Tony managed to breathlessly moan as I kissed his neck, caressing his naked waist as I do so. His hands still caressed my breasts as we kissed once more, our tongues entwining with each other. Taking the lead I gently pushed Tony back onto the bed, straddling his lap as he laid back. For a split second I allowed my pussy lips to softly rub over Tony’s now raging hard cock, up until that moment I never really took any notice of his cock. But as he let out a soft groan as my pussy rubbed against his cock I began to take more notice, sitting back on my legs I begin to stroke him softly; slowly working up to a nice rhythm silently enjoy his expressions as I did so. After a little while I could feel Tony moan out loud as my strokes began to get firmer, and with one single look from his eyes I knew what we both wanted next. With just one look, we both knew what was coming and as if he could ready my mind Tony moved up onto the bed. Shifting my weight so I was positioned between Tony’s legs I give him a small smirk and begin to kiss his chest, moving down towards his stomach and thighs. Several times I would kiss around his groin area, and each time I would feel Tony’s breath inhale; knowing that each time was causing his arousal to grow even more. After like the fifth time of brushing my lips within inches of his cock, Tony let out a moan of desire and practically begged me to stop teasing him.

“Oh God Nicky, please...” His breath was low and ragged, his voice raspy; making me all top well aware that his desire was at breaking point. Looking up into his eyes I see them wide open and with a longing desire even I could understand, nodding within seconds my lips slowly being to caress the tip of his throbbing long thick and very hard cock.

“Mmmm Nicky...” Tony softly moans again, obviously enjoying the feelings I am evoking within him. Softly kissing Tony’s bulbous head I can feel him twitch with each touch I make, part of me wants to tease him more so I let my tongue glide down the length of his shaft towards his big hairy balls taking hold of his cock and slowly wanking him as I began to kiss his balls. Sucking each one into my wanton mouth slowly, gently nibbling on the underside of his cock as I move from one to the other. Reaching out with his hand I can feel Tony place it gently into my hair, I know he wants to thrust into my mouth but he also understands this is at my pace. Within moments, I move my mouth back to Tony’s cock flicking the tip of my tongue quickly over the head of his cock.

“Oh God, please...” I barely heard Tony say, nodding I quickly and easily take his full length in my willing mouth.

“Oh sweet Jesus Nicky...” I head him call out a little louder as I begin to slowly suck him, with each inch I take further into my mouth Tony’s hands continue to stroke me. For a while I am content to bob my head up and down while allowing him to feel in control of things; his hands in my hair gently pulling me towards him. Moments later I begin to feel that tell tail twitch in Tony’s balls and suddenly stop sucking, a little too quickly for Tony who is left almost whimpering at the loss of my touch. However, as I return to stroking him and then nibbling his balls lightly again, he soon forgets his worries.

“I don’t want to cum too soon Nicky...” Tony manages to breathlessly moan as he begins to feel his balls tighten once more; pulling away I keep hold of his rock hard cock and speak.

“Do you want me to stop Tony?” Looking as if he wants to cry he slowly nods, telling me that although he wants me to continue he wants this night to last also. Nodding I take my hand away and move up the bed, laying on my side next to Tony; who was still trying to catch his breath. Softly I begin to caress his chest, studying the tattoos on his arms.

“I never imagined you would have tattoos Tony...” I said softly as I stroked the one on his left arm, sighing deeply he looks to me and spoke.

“I guess we all have something about us hey Nicky...” Closing his eyes as I continued to gently caress him, without thinking I softly begin to kiss his neck, moving my hand back to his cock; gently stroking him once more.

“Truth is Nicky I never thought I would get a crush on you...” Tony began to say, opening his eyes and looking directly into my own. At that moment I finally realised that his feelings matched my own, smiling slightly I boldly kiss him with a passion I never knew I had inside me.

"You are so beautiful, would you like to continue?" Nodding, I pull him a little closer to me and kiss him back with just as much passion as he kissed me. Taking me by the hand we move up the bed so we are lying close together in the middle of his huge bed, holding and stroking each other’s bodies.

Gently Tony continued to caress my body, both of us knew where this would end and neither of us wanted it to stop, so taking his cock in my hand I positioned him between my legs and nod silently for him to continue. Which he does by slowly entering me, stopping every now and then allowing me to adjust to his size and width watching me all the time and never taking his eyes from mine. Once he was fully inside he started to slowly thrust, never taking his eyes from mine. In unison we move our hips together as I feel his cock thrust deeply into me, my pussy enveloping his bulbous tip and long hard length. Passionately we continue to move in unison the passion and momentum building, until he was moaning softly at me to slow down.

"Please slow down Nicky, slow down." Smiling and nodding silently I slow down and we sustain a perpetual rhythm together as his cock and his thrusts take us slowly closer to the edge. With each movement I can feel him deep inside me and with each thrust I tighten my pussy around his thick cock, his eyes never leaving my own as my highly aroused body falls further under his spell.

My mind was already overwhelmed but still I could feel so many new and strong emotions, like the feel of my breasts and nipples rubbing against his solid warm chest and our bodies dripping with sweat that our passions were creating. As I wrap my legs around him I can feel him slip deep inside my soaking wet pussy, watching his eyes as I open myself for him more seeing how his eyes became dark and full of passion as I clenched my pussy tighter around him as he pulled back. For hours we seemed to move as one working up to a crescendo of passion and emotions that neither one of us seemed to be prepared for, feelings I had no idea I could ever feel or experience. As Tony continued to thrust into me he told me how beautiful I was and how much he had wanted me when he first laid eyes on me, as I admitted that I too had felt the same way about him I could feel his thrusting movements become a little stronger and deeper. Pulling out of me I was about to ask what was wrong but once I saw the smile in his eyes I knew nothing was wrong, leading my by the hand back over to the full length mirror Tony gently caressed my body as we kissed each other.

Turning me around so I was facing the mirror, slowly he stroked my body and kissed my neck. Closing my eyes I start to get lost in the moment until I feel Tony's hand move back to stroking my clitoris, positioning me so that I am lent slightly holding on to the edge of the bed. Slowly he enters me from behind and gently begins to pound away at my pussy, continuing to watch me in the mirror. Moaning slightly to alert me to the fact he was watching me I too turn my head to the mirror and begin to watch as he slowly worked up the pace and started to thrust faster into my throbbing pussy, I could feel my own orgasm building with each thrust and knew I was close to the edge.

"Oh God I'm going to cum." I moan as I start to massage my breasts with my free hand and hold on to the bed with the other, sensing his own desires rising I can feel him picking up the pace even more and can tell he is close to his edge also.

"I want to cum inside you." Tony breathlessly moans lightly as he holds my hips in his hands, slowing to almost a stand still all I can do is moan softly and nod. Moments later Tony began to grip my sides as his balls started to tighten and his own orgasm came, tightening my pussy muscles I feel him filling me with his hot cum.

Needing to cum Tony moves his fingers back to my clitoris and began to rub his and my own juices into the swollen nub; slipping out of me he turns me around and sits me on the edge of the bed. Laying back I can instantly feel the makings of something I had only ever felt once before, female ejaculation. It was something I had only once felt before with one of my ex lovers, but it had never felt like this before. The emotions of the moment took me by surprise taking his free hand in mine Tony looked deep into my eyes while telling me it was ok and to let go, putting my head back and closing my eyes I let myself go fully giving in to these feelings as I feel myself burst I call out his name.

"Oh Tony." As I lose myself in the moment I can think of nothing else but the feeling this man had evoked inside of me, I feel like I am floating and my head is spinning. As I begin to relax I can feel wetness between my legs, it is warm and I can feel it running down my thighs and out of my pussy all the way down to my asshole. Shaking with exhaustion and surprise we both lay cuddled together on his bed slowly regaining our breath and coming down the silence fall around us, we just lay looking into each other’s eyes.

“Dumb questions Nicky, but are you ok?” Tony asks, with a smile on his lips as he softly strokes the still sensitive skin on my naked body. Trying not to laugh I smile and nod, finding that not only will the words not come but I seemingly felt to exhausted to speak. As we both came down from the high we had just experienced the questions and doubt came thick and fast, what we had just experienced was amazing; but it was not like this was something we could continue to do. Ok technically we could have a fling and maybe convince ourselves that we were happy, truth is though I would always want that little bit more; and he would never be comfortable with treating me in that way. As Tony vacantly stared into the distance and continued to softly caress my skin, I knew we needed to broach this. Taking a deep breath, I knew it was now or never.

“So what happens now, I mean where does this leave us Tony?” When I had just about given up the hope of getting an answer he sighed and looked into my eyes, trying to smile a smile that did not really reach his lips Tony finally spoke.

“I want to see you again...” I barely heard him say, I could tell that his guilt was much greater than my own; being honest I was not exactly miss goody two shoes! I have had affairs before and quite frankly seeing as this wasn’t my first time I wasn’t feeling as guilt as I was sure he was, quietly I lay contemplating how to reply.

“Are you sure Tony? I am assuming this is the first time you have strayed... you need to be sure.” As soon as the words had left my mouth the mood between us changed, he pulled away and sat upright; his eyes changed from open and revealing to dark and closed. Sitting staring ahead Tony just stay focused ahead looking like he had the whole world on his shoulders; as I brought myself up so I was sat next to him, looking at him as I try to figure out what I had said wrong.

“What is it Tony, what did I say?” I tenderly ask as I go to touch his arm, pulling his arm away sharply he says nothing and continues to stare dead ahead. Shaking his head, Tony got up and headed to the bathroom leaving me sat there unsure what had just happened between us. (Tony’s thoughts in bold etc) As Tony splashed his face with cold water he tried to rationalise why he had just reacted as he had, it is just because I am feeling venerable and guilty. Tony thought to himself, of course if he was being honest with himself he knew it was more than that. Cursing himself under his breath for thinking it, Tony sighed deeply; his mind struggling with everything that was happening.

“Why can’t I just be damn honest?” Tony half said and half thought, alerting me to the fact that it was indeed his first affair. Standing naked at the doorway to the bathroom I took a deep breath and spoke, finally allowing myself to truly be me.

“I’m sorry Tony, I overstepped the line tonight. It should never have happened; I hope you can forgive me.” I go to turn away and dress, but before I can Tony has hold of my arm; silently holding me there for a moment.

“I don’t want you to go Nicky, I want you; I meant what I said.” Tony’s passions still in the forefront of his mind as he held my arm, softly letting go as he prayed I would not walk away and would understand.

“I’m sorry I was quiet Nicky, I just...” Tony began to say, being cut off by his cell phone ringing. Sighing deeply Tony grabbed his cell and answered it.

“What?” Tony curtly asked, no really caring who was on the other end of the line. Realising he could be needed elsewhere I began to get dressed, looking over to Tony once or twice. I noticed he looked dejected almost as if he wished we could stay, at that moment I knew he meant what he said; he really did want to see me again.

“Fine, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Tony said, sighing deeply as he hung up the phone. For a moment he was silent, only making a move to dress after another deep sigh.

“I have to go to a last minute meeting Nicky...” Tony began, trying to find his next words.

“I know Tony, I know!” I say, trying to make things easier for him. After dressing we head to the car, his arm still around me; seemingly not wanting to let me go. Pulling me into a close warm embrace, Tony sighs deeply into my soft hair.

“I meant what I said Nicky, I really want to see you again...” Tony said, as he softly caresses my cheek.

“The feelings mutual Tony, I want to see you again.” I say, boldly kissing his cheek.

“I have to get you home though my dear...” Tony says softly, wishing he could take her with him. Driving me home Tony was silent for the most part of it, and to be honest I could totally understand why; this was not exactly the easiest part of the night. As we reached my door we both silently stood together not saying much but acting like love sick teenagers for a while, both wanting to say something but neither ready yet.

“So...” Tony began, pulling me into his arms gently.

“When can I see you again Nicky?” Tony continues, softly caressing my back gently.

“When are you free Tony?” I ask, as I kiss him with a passion I had been hiding deep inside for a long time.

“How about tomorrow? I want to make it up to you for running off like this sweetheart...” Tony began, with a twinkle in his eye he continued.

“How do you feel about spending a weekend with me, a midget, a donkey and some fishes?” Tony continued, trying not to smile or laugh. Looking up at him with a certain shock that only caused him to laugh, Tony turned on his heels and got back in his car. I began to smile at Tony’s words realising that this was going to be the main part of our relationship, one that I was sure I would not regret.

Forbidden Passions. (Part Two)

It had been almost a month since I had bumped into Tony that day in the mall, and although I was almost pretty much back to normal; it was always still in the back of my mind. But today I had no real time to reminisce about things as I was late, to be honest I was overly late! First, it all started with my alarm failing to go off, making me somewhat late to my exam at college. Then as I am trying to get ready, I find that the water has been switched off due to workers doing stuff outside my home, when I had finally managed to get myself ready I was now really pushing it. So when the bus I was meant to catch did not turn up I was already under the impression that today was not going to be my day! By the time I actually got to town there was little point in me attending college, as I was a little over an hour late; so after calling in to apologise I headed off to the labour exchange to sign on. I was already in a bad mood so walking into a place that always; without fail made me feel 100 times worse, was probably not going to be good for my stress levels. And as if right on cue my advisor decided that today would be as good a time as any to lay into about something they claimed I hadn’t done, making my blood pressure hit boiling point. While I did try my best to keep calm, I knew that eventually I would have to stand up for myself, so having stood about as much as I could I finally snapped. Causing my advisor to quickly remember that I did not need to do anything and that she would see me in two weeks! Now normally I would come out of the labour exchange and meet up with my best friends, but for the past two weeks they had been constantly cancelling at the last minute; and to be honest it was pissing me off slightly… today being no different.

So after feeling totally let down and annoyed wishing that I had just stayed in bed that morning, I was about ready to either snap or go do something outrageous; either way I needed to do something different. I had no idea why but I suddenly had the urge to go get myself a tattoo, but as the coward I am I needed to get myself some Dutch courage and headed off to the nearest bar. However, even this would cause me trouble as while I was heading to the bar I was almost knocked to the ground by some young kid; who did not seem bothered in the slightest and showed no remorse. I had finally taken about as much as I could and just lost it and snapped, turning quickly on my heels and shouting the odds at him.

“Oi, you little shit…” I say without thinking, anger deep within me making itself present.

“Have some fucking manners and fucking apologise!” I continue, now seething with anger. The dangers of the situation never occurred to me, all I saw was a red mist that I could not control.

“What’s your problem bitch?” He replied with a sneer that; had I been thinking straight I would have known meant trouble.

“I’ll tell you my fucking problem, little shits like you pissing me off…” I wanted to say more but as he raised his hand to hit out at me I shut up quickly, even though I was scared I still had fight in me. I was still ready to fight as he grabbed hold of me, gripping hold of my shirt so I could not get away.

“Wanna say that again bitch?” He said menacingly towards me, a look in his eye that I had never experienced before; but had heard much about. Before he had the chance to lay into me we both heard a deep powerful voice calling out, one that I was very familiar with.

“Hey, leave her alone!” He shouted, causing this boy to turn round quickly but still keep hold of me. Before either this lad or myself knew, my hero was landing a firm punch square in the mouth of the lad who immediately let got of me and basically run off.

“Are you ok Nicky?” His voice filled with concern and compassion, nodding I took his outstretched hand and boldly kissed his cheek.

“Thank you Tony, you’re my hero.” I reply as I linger for as long as I can, smiling at how he seemed to do the same. Quickly we both mentally went through almost the same checklist, making sure that I really was all right. Apart from being a little shaken I was still “buzzing” from the adrenaline that was surging through my veins, and it was more than a little obvious to Tony that I was still seeing red. As he verbally checked if I was sure I was ok he steered me towards the bar that I was heading for, noticing that much like my dream he kept his hand softly placed in the small of my back.

“You sure you are ok?” He asked, his eyes showing a genuine concern for me. Nodding I smile slightly as I touch the back of his hand, causing little sparks to fly; ones I would later find out he too felt.

“I’ve just had like the worst day ever and I really need to let off some steam!” I say honestly, not taking my hand from his and enjoying the fact he made no show to remove it.

“What did you have in mind?” He asks, smiling at how that almost sounded like a come on. Sighing deeply I think for a moment before answering, wondering if he will be shocked or take it in his stride.

“I dunno something outrageous…” I begin, making a play of thinking about it. Truth was I wanted a tattoo; I wanted to be a rebel and have something that said fuck to the world… trouble was I was a coward and had no idea what to have! Feeling slightly saucy and bold I told him of my plans, looking in his eyes constantly to see if it had the shock factor.

“I want to get drunk, have a tattoo that could get me arrested and then get shagged senseless by some big stud…” For a moment his eyes looked as though they were about to question me, the next they looked as though they understood. After a long deep breath, Tony inhaled deeply and spoke; making sure I had no doubt in my mind just what he was saying.

“So, what kind of tattoo are you gonna get?” For a moment their was a look in his eyes that I was sure meant something was on his mind, it was as if he was challenging me to be a rebel and do something outrageous with him.

“I’m not sure, any ideas?” I reply as I take another sip of my drink, enjoying the feeling of the liquid as it burns the back of my throat; making me all too well aware that getting pissed was going to be the easiest of my statements to achieve!

(The next parts are mainly Tony’s dreams and thoughts, mainly in bold etc…)

Did she just say what I think she said? Tony thought, his mind still trying to get around the fact that the first thing through his mind was not what he had expected. Had he been thinking straight he would have made sure she was ok, tried to calm her down and then head off home… not try egging her on and thinking about being the guy she fucked senseless! Internally he shook himself too and tried to focus on what she had just said, hoping she could not read his mind and what he really thought. But then that was the problem wasn’t it, just what did he really think? It wasn’t something he was sure of; having these kinds of thoughts about a girl he hardly knew; was not part of his original plan!

“So what do you think I should get?” Nicky asked, looking shyly up into his eyes.

“Well, I have this…” He says, as he rolls up his sleeve and shows her his arm. Touching his arm she studies it intently, running her fingers lightly across the skin causing him to shudder.

“What does it mean?” She asks, looking up into his eyes almost daring him to cross that line. If he didn’t know any better he would have said that she know what she was doing and that she was the one leading him on, but had he been thinking straight he would have seen that he was just as much to blame.

“It’s something from my past, when I was a bit of a tearaway.” He replied honestly, sighing deeply at the touch of her fingers that still had not left his arm.

“Are you ashamed you have it, I mean now that you are older and what have you?” She asked, gently stroking further up his arm; enjoying the fact that he made no show to stop her. Moving herself closer to him she was now so close to him that her body was lightly touching his, something that Tony was all too aware of. He could feel the heat from her body radiating towards him, she was so close that he could smell her scent; almost teasing his hardness.

“I’m not ashamed; just wish I hadn’t rushed into it. That’s the only thing I would say to you is make sure you want one.” He replied, trying not to act on his ever-increasing yearning desire. God, she smells amazing, I wish I could slip inside her. The minute he thought it was the minute he knew that he had lost the fight to resist her, she had him and she knew it.

“Will you come with me when I get it Tony?” She asked causing him to look up and blush, making his lust obvious to her. All he could do was nod as she took a sneaky look at the ever-tightening fabric of his trousers.

Maybe she did it without thinking, maybe she wasn’t planning anything; but whatever it was he was aching with a desire that he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a longing desire that surprised him, the things he was feeling for an almost stranger made he feel very unsure about himself. As they finished their drinks they headed off to the local tattoo parlour, his heartbeat skipping a beat as she instinctively slipped her arm through his. As they walked he could feel her against him, each move they made her breasts would come into contact with his elbow. Each time causing the stiffness in his trousers to grow a little more, by the time they were at the parlour he was ready to burst and as Nicky stood there trying to work up courage all Tony could do was try not to want her. Maybe it was because she was unsure, maybe he loved her nervousness or maybe it was just that he was incredibly horny; but whatever the reason he wanted her. Without thinking he acted upon his desires realising that he was unable to go back, as she turned to head into the parlour he reached out and stopped her; taking hold of her arm gently.

“You know you don’t have to get a tattoo to be rebellious…” He began without thinking what he was saying; looking at him with a cheeky grin she challenged him.

“Oh really, so what did you have in mind?” She asked as she pulled him closer to her, avoiding the person passing behind him.

“There are other things you can do to let off steam…” Tony began, moving closer still to Nicky as she leant up against the side wall of the tattoo parlour. There bodies almost touching, their hands upon each other’s sides as the silence grew between them. By this time even Nicky was aware what Tony wanted and truth be told, she wanted it too. She too wanted to feel him against her body, the way she softly caressed his sides told him as much. Taking a deep silent sigh, Tony lent forward and whispered his plans to her; making sure that his hands never stopped softly stroking her.

“Well for a start we could head somewhere a little quieter and slowly get drunk…” He began; making sure his beard softly stroked her cheek.

“And what about the fact that I need a damn good seeing too?” She boldly said, causing Tony to almost cum on the spot.

“Well…” he began, pulling back for a moment to look into her eyes with his own wicked smile; that left both in no doubt what he wanted.

Without another word Tony’s hand went to her breast, softly caressing her; never taking his eyes from her own. There was no denying that she was just as turned on as he was, as she let out a soft moan both knew they could no longer deny their deep desires. Before she had any chance to think about it his lips were upon her own, softly creating a passion she had been lacking for a long time. As she open her mouth, willingly allowing his probing tongue access to her own she could feel a desire rise within her that would pretty soon match his own. Softly she stroked his back, caressing the contours of his muscles through his shirt. Softly he ran his fingers over her almost quivering body, enjoying the feeling of her shuddering against his own highly aroused body. Pulling apart slightly but still keeping their closeness, he was more than a little turned on to see that she was just as breathless as he was.

“I want you...” Nicky just about managed to breathlessly moan, her wanton desire more than a little obvious. Nodding Tony understood exactly what she wanted and as if he had planned his next move, he led Nicky to his car, which was conveniently close by.

Once inside as they kissed passionately again Tony’s hand instinctively found its way to Nicky’s thigh, quickly searching higher and further to continue her arousal. Although she was unaware of it happening Tony’s fingers were already within inches of her pussy, she only became fully aware when his fingers brushed lightly over her clit. Inhaling deeply she let out a muffled moan; alerting Tony to the fact he was within moments of causing her to explode, but he wanted Nicky to enjoy this; he wanted the moment to last forever. Softly and slowly, Tony’s finger slipped inside her causing Nicky to inhale sharply and let out a deep yearning moan.

“Oh God, Tony...” Smiling against her lips, Tony pulled back and turned back to the wheel. Although she whimpered at the loss of his touched, Nicky understood what his look meant and silently nodded as he drove off. As Tony drove both their minds were filled with desire and uncertainty, almost out of habit she put her hand on his thigh. Squeezing slightly each time Tony turned a corner or put his foot down, both all too aware they needed each other.

Twenty minutes later he was pulling into the underground car park of the block of high rise apartments, they hadn’t been up long and Tony could tell Nicky had questions in her mind.

“Carol doesn’t know about this place...” Tony said, as they left the car and headed to the elevator. Nodding but still staying silent Tony realised Nicky could be having second thoughts, but as soon as they were inside the elevator his mind was put at rest. Within seconds she had pulled him against her and was kissing him passionately, causing his hardness to twitch even more. Moments later she had effortlessly slipped her hand inside his boxers, and easily had her hand around his manhood; slowly stroking him and causing his prick to almost throb with desire.

“God I can’t wait to go down on you...” She said, causing Tony to almost cum on the spot. Had he always wanted her to say these things to him? Had he missed the signs, was this what she had always wanted? Was all that went through his mind as she continued to stroke him, but before he had the chance to do what he wanted the doors had opened leading out into the hallway.

“God how I’d like to slip inside her from behind...” Tony thought, as he watched Nicky walk in front of him; her beautiful ass looking like a drug that called to him. His heart was pounding in his chest as they reached his door, gently he took her arm to pull her back to his door. They walked inside in silence, and both stood in the doorway; silently trying to take it all in. They both wanted each other, their desire still rampant within them. But now that they were actually here neither were sure of their next moves, his mind was throwing a million and one questions at him. Truth be told he had no idea how to answer any of them, one thing was for certain though; what happened next would either break or make them. Taking a deep breath, Tony decided to speak and say what was on his mind.

“I want to take you to bed and fuck you...” He said, clearing his throat as he did so. For a moment there was nothing but silence between them, then slowly as Nicky turned to face him; he got his answer. Having already unbuttoned her blouse, it was already on the floor as she spoke.

“Take me to bed and fuck me so hard that I beg you to stop...”

Walking towards him with a look in her eyes that could not be mistaken, Nicky slowly and softly made sure Tony understood her; making sure she made her feelings clear.

“I want you to make me cum in a way I will never forget, make me call out your name.” She said, as she stepped out of her unzipped trousers. Within seconds Tony had her body almost pinned up against the wall, while passionately kissing her his hands almost ripping his own clothes off. Now naked they continued to kiss as their fingers began to explore each other’s lust filled bodies, both seemingly matching the other’s animalistic desires.

“Oh God yes, touch me there...” She calls out, as his fingers brush over her clit once more. Wanting to feel her cum it doesn’t take Tony long before he is on his knees with his tongue poised to slip inside her pussy, his fingers gently pulling the lips apart; allowing him full access to her inner core.

“Mmmm, oh God yes...” She moans as he slips his tongue inside her wanton pussy, moments later as he rubs his thumb over her swollen clit; he begins to feel her shudder to orgasm.

(Back to my thoughts and the main story etc.)

“So what do you think Tony?” I ask, wondering if he heard me the first time. Looking at me like he was totally out of it, he blinked a couple of times and was obviously trying to find some kind of words to string together. It was at that moment that I realised he too had just had something like the same kind of dream I had almost a month ago, smiling I open my mouth to say something but his phone rings.

“I’m sorry, I have to get this...” He says, as he answers almost looking dejected as he does. I silently watch him for a moment, thinking about the feelings that day almost a month ago left me with. Before that day I had never looked twice at Tony, he was always just someone I knew. But now he was more than that to me, it was like having an itch I could not scratch; I wanted him but could never tell him that.

“Yeah, ok. I’ll be there as soon as I can, and thanks for letting me know.” Tony said as he put the phone down, for a moment he was still silent; I assumed it was from earlier.

“Everything ok Tony?” I ask, watching how he looked up to me and smiled.

“I’m ok, I just have to get back to the club...” He began, softly squeezing the back of my hand before continuing.

“I’m only sorry that I couldn’t stay with you, I will only worry about you all day! Promise me that you won’t go do anything too hasty? Think about it before going and getting a tattoo...” He eyes seemed to be looking through me and into the distance, it would take a squeeze of my hand to make me aware that he was with it. As we said our goodbyes, I watched him leave again; wondering what had been going through his mind. Knowing that if it was anything like mine it would be a while before he truly got over it, but then I can’t say that I was truly over it even now; even now I still had a forbidden passion that I couldn’t shift.

Forbidden Passions. (Part One)

Walking back from the strangely covered walls along the side of the shopping mall I spotted Tony walking towards me, dressed in his smart black suit and clean white shirt. I cannot explain why but I instantly broke out into a broad smile, which soon turned into a huge grin as I spoke.

“Hey Tony, how are you young man?” I said, noticing how he too grinned as he noticed me.

“Hey there Nicky, how are you?” He says, gently taking hold of my hand as I held it out to him; revelling in the warm feelings radiating from it. We must have stood talking about nothing in particular for a good ten minutes, neither of us really wanting this meeting to end; both wanting to linger for as long as possible. As we continued to talk and pass the time of day with each other, I found myself starting to feel a stirring inside that I was not expecting. I tried hard to put these feelings behind me, for various reasons; not just that I was unsure if he had these same feelings for me.

“So what are you doing today?” Tony asks, standing closer slightly to me; gently pulling me closer towards him as someone walked past me. Moving closer to him I can feel his hand lingering on my arm, causing a passion I never knew I had to rise even more.

“I was just about to go for a coffee; would you like to join me Tony?” Before I thought about it, the words had come out of my mouth. To be honest I was sure he would say no, he looked as though he had a day full of meetings to keep him busy.

“Sure, I would love to grab a coffee with you Nicky.” He replied, taking the lead by gently steering me out of the shopping centre; his hand tenderly placed softly on my lower back. We headed to a nearby bar and after getting our drinks we sat close together in a quiet corner seat, for a split second as we talked I wondered what it would be like to kiss Tony. In all the time I had known Tony I had never sexually noticed him before, and the fact I was now was something of a shocking surprise to me.

The longer we sat talking the more attracted to Tony I seemed to become, finding that my mind often wandered off; thinking of the two of us together and truth was I could feel myself falling for him. I was not sure if he knew what I was thinking or indeed going through my mind, but the way he was behaving suggested to me that he felt the same things. As we talked Tony would slowly inch his way closer and closer to me and no matter what we talked about the intense passion in his eyes and voice were enough to cause little butterflies inside of me, couple this with our subtle but obvious flirting neither of us would be able to deny our emotions should this go any further.

“Of course the new signing should be fit by the start of the season, and this new guy we have our eye on looks amazing...” Tony had been talking about the football clubs latest signing and although I was interested I soon realised my mind was not focused enough, that was until he said his next words.

“A lot like you...” The silence in that moment was deafening, there was no mistaking what he had said. I sat there, very shocked for a good few minutes before I was able to reply.

But to be honest it wasn’t much of a reply, what could I say really anyway? It wasn’t as if I could cry out ‘take me now!’ or anything, so I did what I always did when confronted with someone complimenting me. I sniggered and laughed it off, blushing and smiling; hoping that this would be enough to close the matter. Tony had other ideas of course, and proceeded to tell me just what he liked about me; making sure I was well aware of his flirting.

“It’s true Nicky...” He began, lowering his voice slightly and moving a little closer to me.

“You look stunning. You are one amazing young lady you know?” His eyes looked right into mine and I could swear he was trying to read into my soul, and if I was being honest he wasn’t doing too bad a job of it either.

“You have a wonderful personality, and are so kind...” He continued, gently touching my arm; unaware that with each touch I was becoming more and more aroused. Looking up into his eyes I could tell he meant what he said, and while I was flattered he felt this way; I was unsure of just where this conversation could be headed.

For some reason I was unable to focus on his following words, I knew he was talking to me but I just couldn’t shift this deep aching yearning I seemed to have deep inside of me. All that was in my mind was what it would feel like being in his arms, touching him, kissing him; even being made love to by him. As a picture of the pair of us in bed together flashed into my mind, I knew I was feeling things I shouldn’t; either that or I was incredibly horny! Clearing my throat slightly louder than I had intended, I tried to find my voice. I wanted to say that I needed some fresh air but nothing came out, instead I just sat and listened to him telling me who wonderful he thought I was.

“You have no ulterior motives, you are genuine and honest; people feel safe with you.” He continues, surely thinking he is just flattering my ego and boosting my confidence; not realising he is pouring fuel to the flames of my desire.

“I feel safe with you...” Tony said softly as his fingers gently stroked my arm, causing not only my arousal to grow but also the skin to become hyper sensitive. Suddenly I shiver, making him all too well aware of his affect on my already over sensitive body.

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable Nicky?” He asks with a sly smile, looking up into his eyes I feel them piercing into my soul. Realising that I was putty in his hands, Tony moved closer to me; softly whispering in my ear.

“I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable with me; it is something I love about you Nicky...” I can feel him move his hand from arm to softly caressing my stomach with the backs of his fingers, as I shiver again I also inhale sharply.

“I feel so at ease with you Nicky, it is as if I could tell you anything and you would accept me.” Tony continued, his soft beard gently tickling my cheek; his breath hot next to my ear. Every part of our bodies seem to be touching, we can feel each other’s chest rising and falling; I needed to stop this, but found I was powerless to resist it.

Although I knew I was extremely turned on and that had he touched my body I would cum, I also knew that we could not cross that line; the moment we did, neither of us could go back to being friends once more. As his fingers brushed over the top of my pubic mound I exhaled deeply, mixing it with a deep moan I didn’t know I felt.

“Tony...” Was all I could manage to whisper quietly, as I instinctively reached out; catching his free hand.

“Are you ok Nicky?” He asked, placing my hand upon his thigh. All I could do was nod as I felt the warmth radiating from beneath his trousers, aiding my rising passions. My heart was beating so loud I swear he would be able to see it, it was deafened my thinking and clouding my judgement. Making me think and feel things I was not prepared to feel or think, moving his hand from my stomach I whimper at the loss of his touch. But then, as he softly touches my cheek I let out a more audible moan.

“My God, Nicky you are so beautiful...” He says, as he turns my face towards his own; our lips are inches from each other’s.

Without realising it we find that we are facing each other, our bodies and lips so close. The strain of our passions did not escape either of us, and as he placed his other hand gently upon my other cheek I felt a passion I was not used to. At that moment we both knew what the other wanted, and that our emotions would not be able to hold out much longer. We stood teetering on the edge of friendship and lustful passion, both filled with desire and also fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of our emotions and a fear that we would never be able to be the same again. Gently he stroked my cheeks with his thumbs, softly touching my lips with one of his thumbs making me all too aware that he felt what I felt. We must have sat like this for ages before our lustful desire was broken by my cell phone ringing; wishing the other person would go the hell away I knew I had to answer and breaking away I did so, silently cursing the other person. Taking the opportunity handing to him Tony went to get us some more drinks and I suspect some air, as I listened to my friend on the end of the phone I watched Tony at the bar.

I began to study him, thinking about his soft hands and how they made my skin tingle; even now just by thinking about them touching me. I thought of how I desperately wanted him to touch me again, and how I would love to feel his lips upon my own. As I put the phone down finally Tony was back with the drinks, this time sitting next to me with a little distance between us.

“Look Nicky, I am sorry about just now...” Tony began to say before I stopped him, putting my hand upon his; as I noticed the straining fabric of his trousers. Taking a deep breath, I said what had been on my mind for the past hour.

“Tony, please... shut up and kiss me!” For a moment the silence surrounding us worried me, but as I saw his lips curve I knew I wasn’t wrong. Nodding was all I needed as he moved himself closer to me, softly pulling my face to within inches of his face.

“Nicky, are you sure?” He asked softly, gently stroking my cheek once more. All it took was for me to nod for Tony to swiftly but gently moved forward and softly press his lips to my own, slowly our passion grew as did the kisses.

“Mmmm, Nicky...” Tony moaned softly against my lips as we broke, still within inches of each other; our noses doing some kind of Eskimo kiss. Without another word and within seconds we had finished our drinks and were heading off to his car, once inside we began to kiss again; with a furious passion that neither of us realised we had inside of us. His hands seemed to be touching me everywhere at once, caressing my face; arms; stomach; legs; everywhere. My own hands, passionately caressed his face and chest. Breaking away momentarily I struggle to catch my breath and was more than a little relieved to find that he was having just as much trouble as I was, panting I tried to speak.

“Tony... please, be sure about this... we can’t go back.” I just about manage to say, his hands still caressing my thighs.

“I want to... but just not here ok?” He breathlessly said, his hand seemed to shake; maybe though nerves but certainly through passion. Nodding, I smile as he turns and starts his car; driving off towards a hotel somewhere in the next county.

We must have driven for about 45 minutes before we turned into some country hotel somewhere, during the drive we had talked a little but mainly stayed silent; neither of us sure where exactly this would end up. My hand hadn’t left his thigh, the warmth continuing to grow with each passing moment. We sat in silence for a few moments as Tony brought the car to a standstill outside the hotel, neither of us sure or confident enough to make the first move. Slowly and almost without thinking my hand begun to softly caress his thigh, stroking further and further up towards his groin and the ever tightening fabric. Within inches of his erection straining for my touch I can feel my hand begin to shake, I can hear him inhale deeply.

“Nicky...” Tony just managed to say, the words he needed failed him at that moment. However, I knew what he meant; I knew he wanted my touch as much as I wanted his. Leaning forward I take the bold step and softly kiss him, softly I can feel him moan against my lips; almost begging me to continue. Slowly I move my hand towards his erection, touching him tenderly for the first time; trying not to gasp at his enormous size.

Slowly I rub his massive erection, feeling how it began to grow further in size as I continued to stroke him. Taking his hand Tony softly caressed my sides, moving closer towards my breasts; stopping short as we continued to tenderly kiss, our tongues entwining with each lust filled second. Pulling away breathlessly Tony gives me a look that I could not misunderstand, nodding we exit his car and head for the hotel. After we had booked our Tony wanted to head for the room, while I needed to take a moment; making sure this was what we both wanted. As I led him to the bar he stopped dead in his tracks, looking at me with eyes that seemed to say all he felt. Taking my hand in his was all I needed to be sure this was what we both wanted, allowing him to lead me to the room. At the door I spoke once more, getting his with nerves.

“Are you sure Tony?”

“Are you Nicky?” He replied, opening the door.

Nodding I walk in first, dropping my coat and bag in the hallway. Within seconds Tony was behind me, his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him; gently kissing my neck and allowing his soft beard to tenderly rub against the nape of my neck. Leaning back into his arms I sigh deeply as I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of Tony’s breath on my neck and his soft hands caressing my body. Softly he stroked my hips and sides, moving to my stomach and then breasts. I wanted his touch, needed his touch against my naked skin. He must have known what I was thinking as he softly undid my blouse, gently removing it and inhaling deeply as his hands ran all over my naked chest and stomach. I felt him remove his own shirt and pull me closer to him, his lips laying light soft kisses all over the nape of my neck. For a moment his hands are still, I can feel them begin to move slowly closer towards my aching desire. Softly his fingers brush over my thighs and move towards my ever swelling desire, letting out a small moan of desire I place my hands gently over his; spurring him onwards.

Quickly Tony understands what I need and begins to stroke me, close but not close enough to my yearning and longing desire. Moaning slightly louder I try to speak; overwhelmed by my own desire, hoping this moment would not end.

“Please Tony...” I manage to say, biting my lower lips in anticipation of what was to come. As he pulled back I whimper at the loss of his touch, smiling he gently kisses my forehead and leads me over to the bed. I quickly realise that this was not about to be a quick fumble and that I was in for a long day, sitting me on the edge of the bed I watch as he kneels in front of me. Instinctively I reach out and take him into my arms, softly he caresses my back as he tenderly kisses my chest.

“Oh Nicky, you are so beautiful.” I hear him say as I stroke his back softly, looking up at me with his big brown eyes I know I could fall if I wasn’t careful. Gently touching his cheek I kiss him tenderly as I lean down and shakily begin to unbutton his trousers, noting how he moved his hips; helping me to slip them off.

Pulling me closer to him he swiftly undid my own trousers, deftly slipping the off from my waist and letting them fall to the floor as his soft hands touched my soft skin for the first time. I can feel the goose bumps all over my body as I shiver with his every touch, as he kisses his way lower I can feel my desire grow tenfold; inhaling sharply I brace myself for his tender lips. Although it was over my panties, the moment I felt his lips upon my pussy I had to reach out for him; taking hold of his shoulder firmly. Softly he began to kiss my pussy, causing me to grow more damp and aroused as the time passed us by. Softly he would kiss and stroke my thighs and pussy, each time creating more passion and desire than the last; building me up to what I could tell would be an almighty crescendo of emotions. I felt his fingers gently pull my panties to one side as he softly slipped the back of his finger across my wetness, both of us inhaled sharply; his own desire becoming more and more evident. Making us both aware that we were both close to the edge, and needed only the slightest of touches for either of us to be sent over that edge.

Pulling his face to my own I search his eyes for something, anything that will quell my fear that we will end up regretting whatever may happen. Standing Tony steps out of his trousers and holds his hand out for me to take, taking it I stand and allow my own trousers to fall; stepping out of them and closer into his arms.

“Nicky, I want you... I want to be with you tonight, yes I am sure.” Tony says before I had the chance to voice my fears, without another word I kissed him softly; stroking his near naked body. Softly Tony strokes my body, causing me to shiver. Swiftly Tony unhooks my white lacy bra, inhaling sharply as he takes in their beauty. Almost involuntarily he reaches out, but then pulls his hands back; looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. Smiling softly, I reach for his hands and place them gently to my breasts; tenderly Tony caresses then, seemingly transfixed by them. I softly stroke his cheek, watching as he blushes and pulls me closer for a passionate kiss; our tongues entwining which a passion neither of us had felt before.

As the kissing begins to heat up, so does the passion we are both feeling. I feel an urge deep within for things to move on quickly, as if he could sense what I was thinking Tony boldly slips my white lace panties down; pulling me closer and placing his hands on my lovely round ass.

“So are you a butt or breast man?” I ask, smiling as I can feel Tony shyly blush. His hands caressing my body as he looked me over, normally I would have tried to cover up what God gave me; feeling way too self conscious for my own good. But this time was different, it was like I couldn’t get enough of Tony looking at me.

“In general I love a nice butt, but if I am honest I just love all of you...” He finally replies, letting his eyes linger over every part of my now naked body. Slowly Tony let his fingers softly glide over every inch of me, taking an extra long time when he reached my hips. By now Tony’s erection was straining at the stripped cotton fabric of his boxers, I knew he wanted to remove them; I guess he just hadn’t for fear of seeming too forward.

So I deftly removed them for him, as they dropped to the floor his manhood sprang to life; pressing up against my own naked desire. Neither of use could go back, truth is that neither of us wanted to; so as we kissed I made the bold step of moving things on. Moving my hand slowly and trying to control the shake I was sure to have, I softly took hold of Tony’s manhood; gently I begin to stroke him causing him to let out a soft low audible moan.

“Oh God Nicky...” Tony began to say, unable to continue as I touched the just under the tip. Again he moaned out, snuggling his lips into the nape of my neck. I wanted to continue but was soon feeling that tell tale twitch beginning, pulling my hand away I hear him whimper much as I had done when his hands left my skin. But soon he realises why I pulled away; I move back over to the bed as Tony follows and lies down beside me. Lying close together we start to caress each others naked bodies, I am almost transfixed by his body and in particular the forearm on one of his arms. I notice his chest isn’t anything like I imagined it to be, and of course the first thing I noticed was his tattoo. Certainly not something I had imagined a former MP and councillor to have, but then I guess we all have a past.

“What does it mean?” I finally ask, as he notes I seem to be transfixed by the tattoo. Touching it softly I can tell it is something he was not sure about sharing, his eyes looking deep within my own.

“It is something from my past...” He said, pointing to the one I had just been admiring.

“... It’s from my time in a gang. When I was younger I belonged to a gang, we used to be rebels and caused some trouble.” I stared at the tattoo; it resembled something like a cross with flames coming out of it and a skull on top. Tony noticed the unasked question in my eyes and spoke, telling just what it really meant.

“The cross is for my past, the flames and skull my rebellious side...” Looking up into his eyes I realise I never really knew the man I was about to have sex with, the sadness in my eyes told him more than I ever could.

“It wouldn’t be right if we slept together, I want us to and I know you do too; but now is not the right time.” Nodding I understood totally what he was saying, and totally agreed with him.

As we held each other close, our hearts still beating I felt strangely calm and almost at ease with myself. Maybe all I really needed was to escape from my boring humdrum of a life for a few moments, or maybe I needed the kick start; whatever it was I was grateful for that moment.

“So what are you doing today?” Tony asked me, as we stood in the shopping mall. For a moment or two I was silent, trying desperately to get my head around what had just happened. Did I really just imagine all that? I thought to myself, quickly my mind tried to find its voice and figure out what had just happened. I tried to explain I was off to the job centre but had no idea what actually came out of my mouth, I was still dumbstruck as to just how I could have dreamt what had just transpired between us. Before I knew what had happened we had said our goodbyes and I was left alone once again, as I walked away my mind couldn’t stop thinking about Tony or our meeting; resigned to the fact that it would always be forbidden passions I felt for Tony.