Monday, July 21, 2008

Forbidden Passions. (Part Two)

It had been almost a month since I had bumped into Tony that day in the mall, and although I was almost pretty much back to normal; it was always still in the back of my mind. But today I had no real time to reminisce about things as I was late, to be honest I was overly late! First, it all started with my alarm failing to go off, making me somewhat late to my exam at college. Then as I am trying to get ready, I find that the water has been switched off due to workers doing stuff outside my home, when I had finally managed to get myself ready I was now really pushing it. So when the bus I was meant to catch did not turn up I was already under the impression that today was not going to be my day! By the time I actually got to town there was little point in me attending college, as I was a little over an hour late; so after calling in to apologise I headed off to the labour exchange to sign on. I was already in a bad mood so walking into a place that always; without fail made me feel 100 times worse, was probably not going to be good for my stress levels. And as if right on cue my advisor decided that today would be as good a time as any to lay into about something they claimed I hadn’t done, making my blood pressure hit boiling point. While I did try my best to keep calm, I knew that eventually I would have to stand up for myself, so having stood about as much as I could I finally snapped. Causing my advisor to quickly remember that I did not need to do anything and that she would see me in two weeks! Now normally I would come out of the labour exchange and meet up with my best friends, but for the past two weeks they had been constantly cancelling at the last minute; and to be honest it was pissing me off slightly… today being no different.

So after feeling totally let down and annoyed wishing that I had just stayed in bed that morning, I was about ready to either snap or go do something outrageous; either way I needed to do something different. I had no idea why but I suddenly had the urge to go get myself a tattoo, but as the coward I am I needed to get myself some Dutch courage and headed off to the nearest bar. However, even this would cause me trouble as while I was heading to the bar I was almost knocked to the ground by some young kid; who did not seem bothered in the slightest and showed no remorse. I had finally taken about as much as I could and just lost it and snapped, turning quickly on my heels and shouting the odds at him.

“Oi, you little shit…” I say without thinking, anger deep within me making itself present.

“Have some fucking manners and fucking apologise!” I continue, now seething with anger. The dangers of the situation never occurred to me, all I saw was a red mist that I could not control.

“What’s your problem bitch?” He replied with a sneer that; had I been thinking straight I would have known meant trouble.

“I’ll tell you my fucking problem, little shits like you pissing me off…” I wanted to say more but as he raised his hand to hit out at me I shut up quickly, even though I was scared I still had fight in me. I was still ready to fight as he grabbed hold of me, gripping hold of my shirt so I could not get away.

“Wanna say that again bitch?” He said menacingly towards me, a look in his eye that I had never experienced before; but had heard much about. Before he had the chance to lay into me we both heard a deep powerful voice calling out, one that I was very familiar with.

“Hey, leave her alone!” He shouted, causing this boy to turn round quickly but still keep hold of me. Before either this lad or myself knew, my hero was landing a firm punch square in the mouth of the lad who immediately let got of me and basically run off.

“Are you ok Nicky?” His voice filled with concern and compassion, nodding I took his outstretched hand and boldly kissed his cheek.

“Thank you Tony, you’re my hero.” I reply as I linger for as long as I can, smiling at how he seemed to do the same. Quickly we both mentally went through almost the same checklist, making sure that I really was all right. Apart from being a little shaken I was still “buzzing” from the adrenaline that was surging through my veins, and it was more than a little obvious to Tony that I was still seeing red. As he verbally checked if I was sure I was ok he steered me towards the bar that I was heading for, noticing that much like my dream he kept his hand softly placed in the small of my back.

“You sure you are ok?” He asked, his eyes showing a genuine concern for me. Nodding I smile slightly as I touch the back of his hand, causing little sparks to fly; ones I would later find out he too felt.

“I’ve just had like the worst day ever and I really need to let off some steam!” I say honestly, not taking my hand from his and enjoying the fact he made no show to remove it.

“What did you have in mind?” He asks, smiling at how that almost sounded like a come on. Sighing deeply I think for a moment before answering, wondering if he will be shocked or take it in his stride.

“I dunno something outrageous…” I begin, making a play of thinking about it. Truth was I wanted a tattoo; I wanted to be a rebel and have something that said fuck to the world… trouble was I was a coward and had no idea what to have! Feeling slightly saucy and bold I told him of my plans, looking in his eyes constantly to see if it had the shock factor.

“I want to get drunk, have a tattoo that could get me arrested and then get shagged senseless by some big stud…” For a moment his eyes looked as though they were about to question me, the next they looked as though they understood. After a long deep breath, Tony inhaled deeply and spoke; making sure I had no doubt in my mind just what he was saying.

“So, what kind of tattoo are you gonna get?” For a moment their was a look in his eyes that I was sure meant something was on his mind, it was as if he was challenging me to be a rebel and do something outrageous with him.

“I’m not sure, any ideas?” I reply as I take another sip of my drink, enjoying the feeling of the liquid as it burns the back of my throat; making me all too well aware that getting pissed was going to be the easiest of my statements to achieve!

(The next parts are mainly Tony’s dreams and thoughts, mainly in bold etc…)

Did she just say what I think she said? Tony thought, his mind still trying to get around the fact that the first thing through his mind was not what he had expected. Had he been thinking straight he would have made sure she was ok, tried to calm her down and then head off home… not try egging her on and thinking about being the guy she fucked senseless! Internally he shook himself too and tried to focus on what she had just said, hoping she could not read his mind and what he really thought. But then that was the problem wasn’t it, just what did he really think? It wasn’t something he was sure of; having these kinds of thoughts about a girl he hardly knew; was not part of his original plan!

“So what do you think I should get?” Nicky asked, looking shyly up into his eyes.

“Well, I have this…” He says, as he rolls up his sleeve and shows her his arm. Touching his arm she studies it intently, running her fingers lightly across the skin causing him to shudder.

“What does it mean?” She asks, looking up into his eyes almost daring him to cross that line. If he didn’t know any better he would have said that she know what she was doing and that she was the one leading him on, but had he been thinking straight he would have seen that he was just as much to blame.

“It’s something from my past, when I was a bit of a tearaway.” He replied honestly, sighing deeply at the touch of her fingers that still had not left his arm.

“Are you ashamed you have it, I mean now that you are older and what have you?” She asked, gently stroking further up his arm; enjoying the fact that he made no show to stop her. Moving herself closer to him she was now so close to him that her body was lightly touching his, something that Tony was all too aware of. He could feel the heat from her body radiating towards him, she was so close that he could smell her scent; almost teasing his hardness.

“I’m not ashamed; just wish I hadn’t rushed into it. That’s the only thing I would say to you is make sure you want one.” He replied, trying not to act on his ever-increasing yearning desire. God, she smells amazing, I wish I could slip inside her. The minute he thought it was the minute he knew that he had lost the fight to resist her, she had him and she knew it.

“Will you come with me when I get it Tony?” She asked causing him to look up and blush, making his lust obvious to her. All he could do was nod as she took a sneaky look at the ever-tightening fabric of his trousers.

Maybe she did it without thinking, maybe she wasn’t planning anything; but whatever it was he was aching with a desire that he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a longing desire that surprised him, the things he was feeling for an almost stranger made he feel very unsure about himself. As they finished their drinks they headed off to the local tattoo parlour, his heartbeat skipping a beat as she instinctively slipped her arm through his. As they walked he could feel her against him, each move they made her breasts would come into contact with his elbow. Each time causing the stiffness in his trousers to grow a little more, by the time they were at the parlour he was ready to burst and as Nicky stood there trying to work up courage all Tony could do was try not to want her. Maybe it was because she was unsure, maybe he loved her nervousness or maybe it was just that he was incredibly horny; but whatever the reason he wanted her. Without thinking he acted upon his desires realising that he was unable to go back, as she turned to head into the parlour he reached out and stopped her; taking hold of her arm gently.

“You know you don’t have to get a tattoo to be rebellious…” He began without thinking what he was saying; looking at him with a cheeky grin she challenged him.

“Oh really, so what did you have in mind?” She asked as she pulled him closer to her, avoiding the person passing behind him.

“There are other things you can do to let off steam…” Tony began, moving closer still to Nicky as she leant up against the side wall of the tattoo parlour. There bodies almost touching, their hands upon each other’s sides as the silence grew between them. By this time even Nicky was aware what Tony wanted and truth be told, she wanted it too. She too wanted to feel him against her body, the way she softly caressed his sides told him as much. Taking a deep silent sigh, Tony lent forward and whispered his plans to her; making sure that his hands never stopped softly stroking her.

“Well for a start we could head somewhere a little quieter and slowly get drunk…” He began; making sure his beard softly stroked her cheek.

“And what about the fact that I need a damn good seeing too?” She boldly said, causing Tony to almost cum on the spot.

“Well…” he began, pulling back for a moment to look into her eyes with his own wicked smile; that left both in no doubt what he wanted.

Without another word Tony’s hand went to her breast, softly caressing her; never taking his eyes from her own. There was no denying that she was just as turned on as he was, as she let out a soft moan both knew they could no longer deny their deep desires. Before she had any chance to think about it his lips were upon her own, softly creating a passion she had been lacking for a long time. As she open her mouth, willingly allowing his probing tongue access to her own she could feel a desire rise within her that would pretty soon match his own. Softly she stroked his back, caressing the contours of his muscles through his shirt. Softly he ran his fingers over her almost quivering body, enjoying the feeling of her shuddering against his own highly aroused body. Pulling apart slightly but still keeping their closeness, he was more than a little turned on to see that she was just as breathless as he was.

“I want you...” Nicky just about managed to breathlessly moan, her wanton desire more than a little obvious. Nodding Tony understood exactly what she wanted and as if he had planned his next move, he led Nicky to his car, which was conveniently close by.

Once inside as they kissed passionately again Tony’s hand instinctively found its way to Nicky’s thigh, quickly searching higher and further to continue her arousal. Although she was unaware of it happening Tony’s fingers were already within inches of her pussy, she only became fully aware when his fingers brushed lightly over her clit. Inhaling deeply she let out a muffled moan; alerting Tony to the fact he was within moments of causing her to explode, but he wanted Nicky to enjoy this; he wanted the moment to last forever. Softly and slowly, Tony’s finger slipped inside her causing Nicky to inhale sharply and let out a deep yearning moan.

“Oh God, Tony...” Smiling against her lips, Tony pulled back and turned back to the wheel. Although she whimpered at the loss of his touched, Nicky understood what his look meant and silently nodded as he drove off. As Tony drove both their minds were filled with desire and uncertainty, almost out of habit she put her hand on his thigh. Squeezing slightly each time Tony turned a corner or put his foot down, both all too aware they needed each other.

Twenty minutes later he was pulling into the underground car park of the block of high rise apartments, they hadn’t been up long and Tony could tell Nicky had questions in her mind.

“Carol doesn’t know about this place...” Tony said, as they left the car and headed to the elevator. Nodding but still staying silent Tony realised Nicky could be having second thoughts, but as soon as they were inside the elevator his mind was put at rest. Within seconds she had pulled him against her and was kissing him passionately, causing his hardness to twitch even more. Moments later she had effortlessly slipped her hand inside his boxers, and easily had her hand around his manhood; slowly stroking him and causing his prick to almost throb with desire.

“God I can’t wait to go down on you...” She said, causing Tony to almost cum on the spot. Had he always wanted her to say these things to him? Had he missed the signs, was this what she had always wanted? Was all that went through his mind as she continued to stroke him, but before he had the chance to do what he wanted the doors had opened leading out into the hallway.

“God how I’d like to slip inside her from behind...” Tony thought, as he watched Nicky walk in front of him; her beautiful ass looking like a drug that called to him. His heart was pounding in his chest as they reached his door, gently he took her arm to pull her back to his door. They walked inside in silence, and both stood in the doorway; silently trying to take it all in. They both wanted each other, their desire still rampant within them. But now that they were actually here neither were sure of their next moves, his mind was throwing a million and one questions at him. Truth be told he had no idea how to answer any of them, one thing was for certain though; what happened next would either break or make them. Taking a deep breath, Tony decided to speak and say what was on his mind.

“I want to take you to bed and fuck you...” He said, clearing his throat as he did so. For a moment there was nothing but silence between them, then slowly as Nicky turned to face him; he got his answer. Having already unbuttoned her blouse, it was already on the floor as she spoke.

“Take me to bed and fuck me so hard that I beg you to stop...”

Walking towards him with a look in her eyes that could not be mistaken, Nicky slowly and softly made sure Tony understood her; making sure she made her feelings clear.

“I want you to make me cum in a way I will never forget, make me call out your name.” She said, as she stepped out of her unzipped trousers. Within seconds Tony had her body almost pinned up against the wall, while passionately kissing her his hands almost ripping his own clothes off. Now naked they continued to kiss as their fingers began to explore each other’s lust filled bodies, both seemingly matching the other’s animalistic desires.

“Oh God yes, touch me there...” She calls out, as his fingers brush over her clit once more. Wanting to feel her cum it doesn’t take Tony long before he is on his knees with his tongue poised to slip inside her pussy, his fingers gently pulling the lips apart; allowing him full access to her inner core.

“Mmmm, oh God yes...” She moans as he slips his tongue inside her wanton pussy, moments later as he rubs his thumb over her swollen clit; he begins to feel her shudder to orgasm.

(Back to my thoughts and the main story etc.)

“So what do you think Tony?” I ask, wondering if he heard me the first time. Looking at me like he was totally out of it, he blinked a couple of times and was obviously trying to find some kind of words to string together. It was at that moment that I realised he too had just had something like the same kind of dream I had almost a month ago, smiling I open my mouth to say something but his phone rings.

“I’m sorry, I have to get this...” He says, as he answers almost looking dejected as he does. I silently watch him for a moment, thinking about the feelings that day almost a month ago left me with. Before that day I had never looked twice at Tony, he was always just someone I knew. But now he was more than that to me, it was like having an itch I could not scratch; I wanted him but could never tell him that.

“Yeah, ok. I’ll be there as soon as I can, and thanks for letting me know.” Tony said as he put the phone down, for a moment he was still silent; I assumed it was from earlier.

“Everything ok Tony?” I ask, watching how he looked up to me and smiled.

“I’m ok, I just have to get back to the club...” He began, softly squeezing the back of my hand before continuing.

“I’m only sorry that I couldn’t stay with you, I will only worry about you all day! Promise me that you won’t go do anything too hasty? Think about it before going and getting a tattoo...” He eyes seemed to be looking through me and into the distance, it would take a squeeze of my hand to make me aware that he was with it. As we said our goodbyes, I watched him leave again; wondering what had been going through his mind. Knowing that if it was anything like mine it would be a while before he truly got over it, but then I can’t say that I was truly over it even now; even now I still had a forbidden passion that I couldn’t shift.

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