Monday, July 21, 2008

Forbidden Passions. (Part One)

Walking back from the strangely covered walls along the side of the shopping mall I spotted Tony walking towards me, dressed in his smart black suit and clean white shirt. I cannot explain why but I instantly broke out into a broad smile, which soon turned into a huge grin as I spoke.

“Hey Tony, how are you young man?” I said, noticing how he too grinned as he noticed me.

“Hey there Nicky, how are you?” He says, gently taking hold of my hand as I held it out to him; revelling in the warm feelings radiating from it. We must have stood talking about nothing in particular for a good ten minutes, neither of us really wanting this meeting to end; both wanting to linger for as long as possible. As we continued to talk and pass the time of day with each other, I found myself starting to feel a stirring inside that I was not expecting. I tried hard to put these feelings behind me, for various reasons; not just that I was unsure if he had these same feelings for me.

“So what are you doing today?” Tony asks, standing closer slightly to me; gently pulling me closer towards him as someone walked past me. Moving closer to him I can feel his hand lingering on my arm, causing a passion I never knew I had to rise even more.

“I was just about to go for a coffee; would you like to join me Tony?” Before I thought about it, the words had come out of my mouth. To be honest I was sure he would say no, he looked as though he had a day full of meetings to keep him busy.

“Sure, I would love to grab a coffee with you Nicky.” He replied, taking the lead by gently steering me out of the shopping centre; his hand tenderly placed softly on my lower back. We headed to a nearby bar and after getting our drinks we sat close together in a quiet corner seat, for a split second as we talked I wondered what it would be like to kiss Tony. In all the time I had known Tony I had never sexually noticed him before, and the fact I was now was something of a shocking surprise to me.

The longer we sat talking the more attracted to Tony I seemed to become, finding that my mind often wandered off; thinking of the two of us together and truth was I could feel myself falling for him. I was not sure if he knew what I was thinking or indeed going through my mind, but the way he was behaving suggested to me that he felt the same things. As we talked Tony would slowly inch his way closer and closer to me and no matter what we talked about the intense passion in his eyes and voice were enough to cause little butterflies inside of me, couple this with our subtle but obvious flirting neither of us would be able to deny our emotions should this go any further.

“Of course the new signing should be fit by the start of the season, and this new guy we have our eye on looks amazing...” Tony had been talking about the football clubs latest signing and although I was interested I soon realised my mind was not focused enough, that was until he said his next words.

“A lot like you...” The silence in that moment was deafening, there was no mistaking what he had said. I sat there, very shocked for a good few minutes before I was able to reply.

But to be honest it wasn’t much of a reply, what could I say really anyway? It wasn’t as if I could cry out ‘take me now!’ or anything, so I did what I always did when confronted with someone complimenting me. I sniggered and laughed it off, blushing and smiling; hoping that this would be enough to close the matter. Tony had other ideas of course, and proceeded to tell me just what he liked about me; making sure I was well aware of his flirting.

“It’s true Nicky...” He began, lowering his voice slightly and moving a little closer to me.

“You look stunning. You are one amazing young lady you know?” His eyes looked right into mine and I could swear he was trying to read into my soul, and if I was being honest he wasn’t doing too bad a job of it either.

“You have a wonderful personality, and are so kind...” He continued, gently touching my arm; unaware that with each touch I was becoming more and more aroused. Looking up into his eyes I could tell he meant what he said, and while I was flattered he felt this way; I was unsure of just where this conversation could be headed.

For some reason I was unable to focus on his following words, I knew he was talking to me but I just couldn’t shift this deep aching yearning I seemed to have deep inside of me. All that was in my mind was what it would feel like being in his arms, touching him, kissing him; even being made love to by him. As a picture of the pair of us in bed together flashed into my mind, I knew I was feeling things I shouldn’t; either that or I was incredibly horny! Clearing my throat slightly louder than I had intended, I tried to find my voice. I wanted to say that I needed some fresh air but nothing came out, instead I just sat and listened to him telling me who wonderful he thought I was.

“You have no ulterior motives, you are genuine and honest; people feel safe with you.” He continues, surely thinking he is just flattering my ego and boosting my confidence; not realising he is pouring fuel to the flames of my desire.

“I feel safe with you...” Tony said softly as his fingers gently stroked my arm, causing not only my arousal to grow but also the skin to become hyper sensitive. Suddenly I shiver, making him all too well aware of his affect on my already over sensitive body.

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable Nicky?” He asks with a sly smile, looking up into his eyes I feel them piercing into my soul. Realising that I was putty in his hands, Tony moved closer to me; softly whispering in my ear.

“I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable with me; it is something I love about you Nicky...” I can feel him move his hand from arm to softly caressing my stomach with the backs of his fingers, as I shiver again I also inhale sharply.

“I feel so at ease with you Nicky, it is as if I could tell you anything and you would accept me.” Tony continued, his soft beard gently tickling my cheek; his breath hot next to my ear. Every part of our bodies seem to be touching, we can feel each other’s chest rising and falling; I needed to stop this, but found I was powerless to resist it.

Although I knew I was extremely turned on and that had he touched my body I would cum, I also knew that we could not cross that line; the moment we did, neither of us could go back to being friends once more. As his fingers brushed over the top of my pubic mound I exhaled deeply, mixing it with a deep moan I didn’t know I felt.

“Tony...” Was all I could manage to whisper quietly, as I instinctively reached out; catching his free hand.

“Are you ok Nicky?” He asked, placing my hand upon his thigh. All I could do was nod as I felt the warmth radiating from beneath his trousers, aiding my rising passions. My heart was beating so loud I swear he would be able to see it, it was deafened my thinking and clouding my judgement. Making me think and feel things I was not prepared to feel or think, moving his hand from my stomach I whimper at the loss of his touch. But then, as he softly touches my cheek I let out a more audible moan.

“My God, Nicky you are so beautiful...” He says, as he turns my face towards his own; our lips are inches from each other’s.

Without realising it we find that we are facing each other, our bodies and lips so close. The strain of our passions did not escape either of us, and as he placed his other hand gently upon my other cheek I felt a passion I was not used to. At that moment we both knew what the other wanted, and that our emotions would not be able to hold out much longer. We stood teetering on the edge of friendship and lustful passion, both filled with desire and also fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of our emotions and a fear that we would never be able to be the same again. Gently he stroked my cheeks with his thumbs, softly touching my lips with one of his thumbs making me all too aware that he felt what I felt. We must have sat like this for ages before our lustful desire was broken by my cell phone ringing; wishing the other person would go the hell away I knew I had to answer and breaking away I did so, silently cursing the other person. Taking the opportunity handing to him Tony went to get us some more drinks and I suspect some air, as I listened to my friend on the end of the phone I watched Tony at the bar.

I began to study him, thinking about his soft hands and how they made my skin tingle; even now just by thinking about them touching me. I thought of how I desperately wanted him to touch me again, and how I would love to feel his lips upon my own. As I put the phone down finally Tony was back with the drinks, this time sitting next to me with a little distance between us.

“Look Nicky, I am sorry about just now...” Tony began to say before I stopped him, putting my hand upon his; as I noticed the straining fabric of his trousers. Taking a deep breath, I said what had been on my mind for the past hour.

“Tony, please... shut up and kiss me!” For a moment the silence surrounding us worried me, but as I saw his lips curve I knew I wasn’t wrong. Nodding was all I needed as he moved himself closer to me, softly pulling my face to within inches of his face.

“Nicky, are you sure?” He asked softly, gently stroking my cheek once more. All it took was for me to nod for Tony to swiftly but gently moved forward and softly press his lips to my own, slowly our passion grew as did the kisses.

“Mmmm, Nicky...” Tony moaned softly against my lips as we broke, still within inches of each other; our noses doing some kind of Eskimo kiss. Without another word and within seconds we had finished our drinks and were heading off to his car, once inside we began to kiss again; with a furious passion that neither of us realised we had inside of us. His hands seemed to be touching me everywhere at once, caressing my face; arms; stomach; legs; everywhere. My own hands, passionately caressed his face and chest. Breaking away momentarily I struggle to catch my breath and was more than a little relieved to find that he was having just as much trouble as I was, panting I tried to speak.

“Tony... please, be sure about this... we can’t go back.” I just about manage to say, his hands still caressing my thighs.

“I want to... but just not here ok?” He breathlessly said, his hand seemed to shake; maybe though nerves but certainly through passion. Nodding, I smile as he turns and starts his car; driving off towards a hotel somewhere in the next county.

We must have driven for about 45 minutes before we turned into some country hotel somewhere, during the drive we had talked a little but mainly stayed silent; neither of us sure where exactly this would end up. My hand hadn’t left his thigh, the warmth continuing to grow with each passing moment. We sat in silence for a few moments as Tony brought the car to a standstill outside the hotel, neither of us sure or confident enough to make the first move. Slowly and almost without thinking my hand begun to softly caress his thigh, stroking further and further up towards his groin and the ever tightening fabric. Within inches of his erection straining for my touch I can feel my hand begin to shake, I can hear him inhale deeply.

“Nicky...” Tony just managed to say, the words he needed failed him at that moment. However, I knew what he meant; I knew he wanted my touch as much as I wanted his. Leaning forward I take the bold step and softly kiss him, softly I can feel him moan against my lips; almost begging me to continue. Slowly I move my hand towards his erection, touching him tenderly for the first time; trying not to gasp at his enormous size.

Slowly I rub his massive erection, feeling how it began to grow further in size as I continued to stroke him. Taking his hand Tony softly caressed my sides, moving closer towards my breasts; stopping short as we continued to tenderly kiss, our tongues entwining with each lust filled second. Pulling away breathlessly Tony gives me a look that I could not misunderstand, nodding we exit his car and head for the hotel. After we had booked our Tony wanted to head for the room, while I needed to take a moment; making sure this was what we both wanted. As I led him to the bar he stopped dead in his tracks, looking at me with eyes that seemed to say all he felt. Taking my hand in his was all I needed to be sure this was what we both wanted, allowing him to lead me to the room. At the door I spoke once more, getting his with nerves.

“Are you sure Tony?”

“Are you Nicky?” He replied, opening the door.

Nodding I walk in first, dropping my coat and bag in the hallway. Within seconds Tony was behind me, his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him; gently kissing my neck and allowing his soft beard to tenderly rub against the nape of my neck. Leaning back into his arms I sigh deeply as I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of Tony’s breath on my neck and his soft hands caressing my body. Softly he stroked my hips and sides, moving to my stomach and then breasts. I wanted his touch, needed his touch against my naked skin. He must have known what I was thinking as he softly undid my blouse, gently removing it and inhaling deeply as his hands ran all over my naked chest and stomach. I felt him remove his own shirt and pull me closer to him, his lips laying light soft kisses all over the nape of my neck. For a moment his hands are still, I can feel them begin to move slowly closer towards my aching desire. Softly his fingers brush over my thighs and move towards my ever swelling desire, letting out a small moan of desire I place my hands gently over his; spurring him onwards.

Quickly Tony understands what I need and begins to stroke me, close but not close enough to my yearning and longing desire. Moaning slightly louder I try to speak; overwhelmed by my own desire, hoping this moment would not end.

“Please Tony...” I manage to say, biting my lower lips in anticipation of what was to come. As he pulled back I whimper at the loss of his touch, smiling he gently kisses my forehead and leads me over to the bed. I quickly realise that this was not about to be a quick fumble and that I was in for a long day, sitting me on the edge of the bed I watch as he kneels in front of me. Instinctively I reach out and take him into my arms, softly he caresses my back as he tenderly kisses my chest.

“Oh Nicky, you are so beautiful.” I hear him say as I stroke his back softly, looking up at me with his big brown eyes I know I could fall if I wasn’t careful. Gently touching his cheek I kiss him tenderly as I lean down and shakily begin to unbutton his trousers, noting how he moved his hips; helping me to slip them off.

Pulling me closer to him he swiftly undid my own trousers, deftly slipping the off from my waist and letting them fall to the floor as his soft hands touched my soft skin for the first time. I can feel the goose bumps all over my body as I shiver with his every touch, as he kisses his way lower I can feel my desire grow tenfold; inhaling sharply I brace myself for his tender lips. Although it was over my panties, the moment I felt his lips upon my pussy I had to reach out for him; taking hold of his shoulder firmly. Softly he began to kiss my pussy, causing me to grow more damp and aroused as the time passed us by. Softly he would kiss and stroke my thighs and pussy, each time creating more passion and desire than the last; building me up to what I could tell would be an almighty crescendo of emotions. I felt his fingers gently pull my panties to one side as he softly slipped the back of his finger across my wetness, both of us inhaled sharply; his own desire becoming more and more evident. Making us both aware that we were both close to the edge, and needed only the slightest of touches for either of us to be sent over that edge.

Pulling his face to my own I search his eyes for something, anything that will quell my fear that we will end up regretting whatever may happen. Standing Tony steps out of his trousers and holds his hand out for me to take, taking it I stand and allow my own trousers to fall; stepping out of them and closer into his arms.

“Nicky, I want you... I want to be with you tonight, yes I am sure.” Tony says before I had the chance to voice my fears, without another word I kissed him softly; stroking his near naked body. Softly Tony strokes my body, causing me to shiver. Swiftly Tony unhooks my white lacy bra, inhaling sharply as he takes in their beauty. Almost involuntarily he reaches out, but then pulls his hands back; looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. Smiling softly, I reach for his hands and place them gently to my breasts; tenderly Tony caresses then, seemingly transfixed by them. I softly stroke his cheek, watching as he blushes and pulls me closer for a passionate kiss; our tongues entwining which a passion neither of us had felt before.

As the kissing begins to heat up, so does the passion we are both feeling. I feel an urge deep within for things to move on quickly, as if he could sense what I was thinking Tony boldly slips my white lace panties down; pulling me closer and placing his hands on my lovely round ass.

“So are you a butt or breast man?” I ask, smiling as I can feel Tony shyly blush. His hands caressing my body as he looked me over, normally I would have tried to cover up what God gave me; feeling way too self conscious for my own good. But this time was different, it was like I couldn’t get enough of Tony looking at me.

“In general I love a nice butt, but if I am honest I just love all of you...” He finally replies, letting his eyes linger over every part of my now naked body. Slowly Tony let his fingers softly glide over every inch of me, taking an extra long time when he reached my hips. By now Tony’s erection was straining at the stripped cotton fabric of his boxers, I knew he wanted to remove them; I guess he just hadn’t for fear of seeming too forward.

So I deftly removed them for him, as they dropped to the floor his manhood sprang to life; pressing up against my own naked desire. Neither of use could go back, truth is that neither of us wanted to; so as we kissed I made the bold step of moving things on. Moving my hand slowly and trying to control the shake I was sure to have, I softly took hold of Tony’s manhood; gently I begin to stroke him causing him to let out a soft low audible moan.

“Oh God Nicky...” Tony began to say, unable to continue as I touched the just under the tip. Again he moaned out, snuggling his lips into the nape of my neck. I wanted to continue but was soon feeling that tell tale twitch beginning, pulling my hand away I hear him whimper much as I had done when his hands left my skin. But soon he realises why I pulled away; I move back over to the bed as Tony follows and lies down beside me. Lying close together we start to caress each others naked bodies, I am almost transfixed by his body and in particular the forearm on one of his arms. I notice his chest isn’t anything like I imagined it to be, and of course the first thing I noticed was his tattoo. Certainly not something I had imagined a former MP and councillor to have, but then I guess we all have a past.

“What does it mean?” I finally ask, as he notes I seem to be transfixed by the tattoo. Touching it softly I can tell it is something he was not sure about sharing, his eyes looking deep within my own.

“It is something from my past...” He said, pointing to the one I had just been admiring.

“... It’s from my time in a gang. When I was younger I belonged to a gang, we used to be rebels and caused some trouble.” I stared at the tattoo; it resembled something like a cross with flames coming out of it and a skull on top. Tony noticed the unasked question in my eyes and spoke, telling just what it really meant.

“The cross is for my past, the flames and skull my rebellious side...” Looking up into his eyes I realise I never really knew the man I was about to have sex with, the sadness in my eyes told him more than I ever could.

“It wouldn’t be right if we slept together, I want us to and I know you do too; but now is not the right time.” Nodding I understood totally what he was saying, and totally agreed with him.

As we held each other close, our hearts still beating I felt strangely calm and almost at ease with myself. Maybe all I really needed was to escape from my boring humdrum of a life for a few moments, or maybe I needed the kick start; whatever it was I was grateful for that moment.

“So what are you doing today?” Tony asked me, as we stood in the shopping mall. For a moment or two I was silent, trying desperately to get my head around what had just happened. Did I really just imagine all that? I thought to myself, quickly my mind tried to find its voice and figure out what had just happened. I tried to explain I was off to the job centre but had no idea what actually came out of my mouth, I was still dumbstruck as to just how I could have dreamt what had just transpired between us. Before I knew what had happened we had said our goodbyes and I was left alone once again, as I walked away my mind couldn’t stop thinking about Tony or our meeting; resigned to the fact that it would always be forbidden passions I felt for Tony.

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