Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Half Cocked. (Waking the Dead Fan Fic)

“Boyd, why don’t you just tell us this stuff? It’s so infuriating, because half the time I think you’re running around half-cocked, when actually you’ve got some ulterior motive…”
Mel managed to emphasize her point perfectly with the slamming of his office door.
‘Ah. But then I wouldn’t get to see you angry.’
‘And that would be bad because…?’
‘I like seeing you angry…..’
Oh God that lazy smile of his was begging to be slapped! Like seeing me angry, you’re not going to like it very much when I really loose my temper she thought. Audibly she settled for a disgruntled ‘Why?’
‘According to anti-discrimination laws, I’m not permitted to say…’

He looks at her from under his eyebrows..
‘If I were to tell you that I thought you are even more beautiful when you’re angry, that could be construed as sexual harassment.’
It took Mel some time to process the fact that Boyd, - irritating, condescending, petulant Boyd, - her boss, was telling her she was beautiful and admitting that it was sexual harassment. Holy Shhhhhh…. Realizing she was staring at him slack jawed and that such behaviour was not conducive to maintaining the credibility she had worked so hard to establish in their relationship, she swiftly clipped off a response
‘Yes it could. Or it could just be down to the speaker playing peacock.’
Too late. He had risen from his perch on the edge of the desk and was standing so close she could distinguish the stitching on his shirt collar. She could feel his breath across her brow and her eyelids fluttered closed at the prospect of his touch. She felt his smile as the lightest of kisses brushed her forehead, a strong hand lifted her chin and his eyes bore into hers before those same lips delivered a completely different kiss to her own mouth.

She came to, only to realise that not only was she on tiptoes, leaning against her boss with one hand clinging to his collar and the other systematically groping his chest, but that their noses seemed to be touching in an Eskimo echo of what had just passed. She swallowed hard and forced herself to leave his embrace.
Taking a step back she finally broke eye contact. Overriding all the sensible thoughts she knew were there, was an extremely blue fuzz. With small nodding ‘okay, right, fine’s she found her way to the door and managed to successfully locate the handle without a visible tremble.
‘Mmm-hmmm?’ She only dared half turn her head…
‘I never do anything half-cocked’.

The Club.

Steve had been on the road all day. The rain had followed him all the way up the Motorway and now seemed intent on waiting outside this seedy little bar for him to leave. The only thing more depressing than the weather had to be the monotony of this job. After 5 years of top-level management for an international company, he was made redundant after a hostile take over. This rep job was the only thing available to keep the mortgage paid at the time and now it was dragging him down and further away from the very home he was financing. That said, there was not much to stay home for these days. Mandy had left him after the job loss and the kids had all left for gap years abroad or University placements.

So, this was how Steve Collins had come to be in a downtown bar in a strange town at 2 am. It did not however explain why she was here though.

Steve guessed that she was no more than 35 years old, maybe a good deal less but life had been a trial. The smoke, curling from the cigarette between her slender fingers, was making a soft focus haze around her, softening her sharp features. The other hand nursed a glass that, for short periods, held a drink and her gaze. Her dress carefully concealed the sagging parts of her tired body and displayed the desirable parts so that any eyes that fell upon her only saw what they were looking for and not what they were running away from. Physically, she could have been any bored middle-aged housewife under that dress but then any housewife would not be in that dress, or this bar.

The bar was not completely empty other than these two, but the other customers seemed to inhabit their own exclusive planets within the confines of their souls. Couples each huddled in little enclaves set back in the walls of the room, kissing, searching and touching as far as what passed for decency in this hovel would allow. Solitary men drowning themselves in cheap poor quality imported spirits before dragging themselves back to their homes and families for another weekend of arguments and cold meals left to go dry in long forgotten ovens. Tonight, Steve only saw her. Her long slender back, firm sleek thighs and her mane of auburn curls. Fortunately, she too had noticed him. Their eyes had met on a number of occasions as he ordered successive drinks. The bar was deserted apart from this pool hall goddess but Steve had been sure to stand almost rudely close to her when fetching his bourbon. Even against the stale dank air of the nightclub, her perfume was intoxicating. This time though, he took a chance and asked her if he could buy her a drink. His suggestion had been casual and relaxed on the surface although underneath he was shaking with nervous anticipation.

“Sure, bourbon and coke. Thanks.” Her voice was a surprise, smooth as expected but softer and much lighter than her image had implied. Steve was taken aback by the tenderness in her voice. Almost vulnerable. Her eyes caught his and time stopped for what seemed an eternity. ”So, is this place usually this lively or has the morgue been left open again?” He joked.

She struggled to conceal a smile, afraid to show any sign of a very real interest in this handsome stranger, for fear of the standard one night of frankly disappointing sex followed by total abandonment. The regular fare of the travelling salesmen that always frequented these places, drawn like seedy moths to a tainted flame. Typical salesmen, she always thought after the inevitable departure, promise you gold and deliver guilt. But this mysterious benefactor had something different about him. Something that tugged at her curiosity. Her head was screaming no but her natural inquisitiveness was winning. The smile broke free and lit up her face.

“I imagine it’s not the atmosphere that brings them here.” She replied, glancing at the depressing surrounds.

“So, to coin a crap phrase, what brings you here? “ He said, trying not to sound like a letch.

“Oh, the usual. The dazzling array of classical artwork, the world famous selection of out of date liqueurs. Of course the d├ęcor is in a league of its own. Far superior to Indian take away yet not quite Burger King”

She laughed a laugh that seemed to revel in its final long awaited escape.

The evening progressed encouragingly; his humour was black but found its truth in her recent past. The alcohol warmed them against a cold and unwelcoming night when she noticed him glance at his wristwatch.

“Do you have to go or are you counting the minutes down to dawn?” she inquired.

“Well, I’m certainly not in any rush to get back to that fleapit they call the executive suite, “he replied, looking solemn.

“Then don’t. Stay with me.” She surprised even herself with the boldness of the statement. A look at her face told Steve she did not mean stay at the bar.

“You don’t like being there and I like your company. The expenses account has already paid for the room, so they will not worry if you do not use it. Besides, we both know that at sometime we were going to end up in one bed or another.” She broke into a grin as she finished the statement, revealing what they both really did knew inside.

He smiled and picked up his coat from the adjacent seat as she rose with him and they headed for the door, his arm falling to encircle his waist and pull her closer. The joint admission relaxed them both and the taxi driver assumed they were a just another couple returning from a night out and grunted for a destination as they settled in the rear seat.

As the vehicle glided almost silently through the riddle of back streets and by roads to her home, they kissed and fumbled like a young pair of school leavers on a first date, pawing and probing with fingers and tongues, oblivious to the bumps and swerves from the road. Neither of them caring about the rest of the world for a moment, wrapped physically and mentally in each other entirely. Steve’s searching hands finding her smooth, warm flesh beneath the tight covering of her satin dress. Her lips yielding to his probing tongue and relishing his touch on her tired body. The roughness of his day old stubble against her neck, the softness of her porcelain skin under his fingertips as he discovered and teased her stiffening nipples, easing them from the confines of her underwear. He noticed with some surprise and much pleasure that the bra was unpadded, with no fleshy fillings other than her own to add depth or form to these wonderful globes. So many women of all ages these days took to ‘enhancing’ the natural form of their breasts that it was a lucky dip as to what you found beneath the sheets. As a sigh broke from her lips, Steve dipped his head to meet her rising chest as she arched her back in a combination of the received and anticipated sensations. Taking a long look, he then clamped his lips firmly around the reddening orb.

A long deep moan broke from her mouth as he sucked hungrily on her swelling button, her hands softly resting on the back of his head. His free hand searched below for her thighs, finding and stroking on her long slim limbs. The feel of a woman’s flesh under his fingers was arousing him rapidly, pressing his manhood hard against his trouser fly. He released her glistening nipple, shining in the streetlight, looking up to her flaming eyes rolling in ecstasy he parted her silken thighs and softly pressed a single digit against her moistening crotch. Feeling her give way, he pushed aside the thin layer of polyester and slid a finger just inside. Easing back, she lay along the length of the old rough leather seat and put one leg up along the top of the seat and over his shoulder as he knelt on the floor of the cab, her other leg resting a spiked heel on the seat where he had sat. His lips were now kissing and licking the route to her aromatic haven, her cleft clearly moist and glinting as each street lamp passed the window behind him. She braced herself against the bumps and jars of the journey with one hand against the dividing screen as the other fondled and teased her ripening buds, now free from their restraints and bobbing up and down with the undulations of the road. Neither of them had noticed the car stop as they gave in to the burning desires pent up inside.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the cabbie, a tall well-built and youthful man in his early thirties, watching them with intent. His head above the seat back, one hand resting on the headrest, the other unseen, possibly causing the rocking frantic motion he seemed to be making. She realized he was masturbating as they contorted in ecstasy in front of him, a free peep show as his tip for the ride. She motioned to her ardent partner and he looked over his shoulder, briefly stopping his hungry lapping. He just grinned and pushed the car door open, pulled her down to lie prone along the leather and lifted her legs around his hips as he started to drive deep into her gushing slit. She heard a click as the door above her head now opened and there stood the driver, his faded jeans open around his knees and a rigid member waving slightly as it neared her open lips. The emotions running wildly inside her now charged headlong towards total abandonment as she writhed in delirious bliss, her achingly stretched mouth sucking hard on a stranger’s swollen length and her hungry wet pussy being pounded to oblivion by her new lover’s own equally ardent cock. Time seemed to be irrelevant as they fucked and sucked away until fatigue drew them all apart and into an exhausted sleep, tucked away inside the taxi, parked far from prying eyes in a dark side street.

She awoke to the smell of sexual secretions and stale smoke, the throbbing but wickedly delicious ache inside of her causing her to stir. The driver and their surprise third wheel, was stood outside the vehicle, leaning on the bonnet and smoking a cigarette. As she rose and began to dress herself, he awoke beside her. They exchanged inappropriately coy grins of acknowledgement and remained silent as they settled back for the continuation of the journey home. The driver said nothing, barely exchanging a glance until they arrived at her apartment. He just smiled, a soft boyish smile, refused the fare they offered and drove away, an obviously happier man for the experience. The two lovers exchanged a few pleasantries, made loose promises to meet again, if they were ever close enough to do so and parted. Each of them feeling that the night would never be repeated, the chance was one in a million and their lives weren’t that lucky, but secretly longing to be proven wrong.

Steve couldn’t concentrate on very much else as the afternoon dragged by, every passing female triggering a reaction as the scent of them alerted his senses. He worked like a marionette, his mind far from the task in hand. Every so often a face in a crowd looked like hers fleetingly then disappeared. The bus became his alternative transport as taxicabs were now a no go zone and his increasing drinking meant he couldn’t risk driving. He lay awake each night reliving the moment, wondering if she was still thinking the same thoughts, still sitting on that stool and still not attracting the right man. It seemed there was little he could do now but accept his life had peaked and look forward to a future of grudging dreary survival, as survival it was. This wasn’t what he would call living anyway.

She was still there, as he thought. Still drinking in the same bar. This was a pretty good thing as the drive had been a costly one and pursuing her would have been difficult without a name or even a number (he had washed away her number from his arm, shortly after falling into his flat drunk, the night after she had given it to him.). And costly also because, his supervisors had refused him any more leave, resulting in his hasty resignation. He suddenly felt nervous, seeing her there, long slender smooth skinned back to him. He felt so foolish coming here now; she was obviously not missing him, not needing him as he needed her. She was out drinking in the same bar as though he had never existed. Then she turned, her eyes fixing him like a magnet, his knees actually went weak, much to his surprise and mild amusement.

As she caught his gaze, she rose from the barstool, simultaneously moving towards him. She faltered a millisecond, recognized his smile creeping back to his face, and broke into a run leaping the last few steps into his open, waiting arms. The tears running down her face mingled with the ones he was pouring out as he kissed her neck and squeezed her so tight he thought she would break. They tumbled kissing and mumbling ‘love you’s’ from the dank little cavern and blinked at the lights from the street, then ran laughing towards the nearest available doorway, kissing more and making plans.

Tonight was going to be a beginning not an end. A beginning to what they could not say, but it was not going to be boring.

A Little Touch in the Sun.

Mary had been lying in the garden for a while, stretched out on her soft blanket on the ground. It was a very hot day as the sun beat down upon her glistening naked body. She had set up the sprinkler to mist the grass over the other side of the garden, and every few minutes she got up and leisurely strolled over through the mist, shuddering with pleasure as she felt the cool spray upon her tired body, the water suddenly invigorating her as the splash of the coolness made her start with surprise. She loved to watch as the droplets of water landed on her rounded breasts, those mounds of passion that she was so proud of, and that her lover worshipped! The droplets would land there and as they met each other, she delighted in the game of guessing which would run down to her large nipples first and drip off! It excited her in a way that she could not explain to feel the rush as the drops hit her expectant flesh.

This had been going on for the whole afternoon, as she read her magazine she was watching the droplets dry on her skin in anticipation of being able to play her game again. It was only after she got up that time that she became aware that there was someone in the bushes at the side of the garden. They were thick rhododendron bushes that were almost impenetrable, but as she walked along back towards the mists of her excitement she saw the branches move almost imperceptibly. She knew that there was someone there, and she knew that she ought to be frightened, but somehow it excited her further. She had always fantasised about the idea of exhibiting herself, but had never had the chance. Here was a chance that she might never have again, so despite a slight hesitance borne of her mother’s voice in the back of her mind stressing those Victorian morals that had se restricted her sexual awakening she resolved to try it.

All of a sudden she panicked, she knew that she had fantasised about it, but now that she had the chance to make full expression of her desire she did not know what to do. She walked forward into the mist and decided to linger there, as the droplets descended onto her she luxuriated in the sensation, drinking in the waves of pleasure as the cold water splashed upon her. She felt the water dripping of her nipples and decided to enjoy it more by massaging it over her body. She felt the water resting upon her breasts and could feel the ache as the nipples swelled in anticipation, she brushed her hand over the nipple and was almost overwhelmed by the strength of the shudder as it took hold of her. "My God" she thought, “I never realised that I was this exhilarated". Her hands stroked over her breasts waves of electricity, with a power and intensity that she had only read about in books exploded through her, gripping her legs and almost making her lose her balance. She stood there for what seemed an eternity very gently massaging her breasts, building a sensation she did not recognise. All the time looking in sly little glances to her left where she could see the beginnings of an outline of a person. There appeared to be some activity in the bush but she could not tell who it was or what they were doing, save that she could feel the steely gave fixed upon her.

Longer and deeper came her strokes as she sought to heighten the sensation further, suddenly there came from deep within her a silent roar that screamed inside her, so loud and so powerfully that she started to pull herself up only to drop to her knees as her whole body shook in a spasm of such power that it frightened her but also excited her beyond words, her whole body moved on the ground in a paroxysm of delight again and again she shuddered as the wave upon wave overwhelmed her until she lay quite silent and still in the glow of the sun, oblivious to the fact that the water was now running freely over her body!

For a long while she simply lay there totally drained of any desire to do anything but savour the moment, so this is what an orgasm must feel like. She realised that the little jerks that she had felt when George "made love" to her, were just that, suddenly she giggled at the thought of George's erect penis and the expression "little jerk" had oh so much more significance!

After lying there a while she drifted into the sleep of a woman drained of every last drop of energy after experiencing an orgasm like it ought to be! She was not aware of how long she was asleep for, when she was woken, she realised that there was someone nearby, for a moment she started to become scared as she was exposed in her nakedness. She felt vulnerable as she had had all the energy drained out of her, laying there with a sense of the unknown pervading her body, she could feel the body getting closer to her, it was getting unbearable, but she vowed to keep her eyes closed. Whether it was something she had learned in Guides about not fighting back, or a sense of impending sexual exhilaration she did not know.

As she lay there she felt a hand gently touch her leg and it started to stroke her leg and she felt herself relax into the flow of the hand as it moved up her thigh, it searched out the hair around the outer lips or her vagina and started to play with it, she felt her body tighten as the fingers sought out her inner pleasure, she could not believe how sexually excited she was becoming she was so wet and oh so ready, but for what, she still was so unsure as to what was going to happen. As she lay there the hands sought her out and moved her legs apart a little more. She felt hot breath upon her groin as a mouth slowly approached he, she could feel the fingers open the lips as they sought top expose her totally, she now felt completely submissive and so sexually charged. She felt a presence enter her very gently and then it started to go deeper into her, she could feel that it was exploring her so deep as it sought out every soft and sensitive part of her. She was aware this time that her body was again building to a crescendo of sensual pleasure. She lay there and the mouth continued to explore and to lick in a way that she had never experienced before, over and over it sought her out and bought her to a peak and down again. She cried out in pleasure as the mouth bought to her peak after peak of orgasmic spasm and made her shudder so violently that she almost lost control.

It went on for what felt like an age, orgasm after orgasm making her ache in areas that she never even knew could ache, she felt hands and the mouth over her whole body, she could not clearly work out what was happening as the orgasms were making reality merge one into another. Finally there came from deep within her another explosion and it became so powerful and overwhelming that she lost all control of her body, she screamed out in a outflow of emotion that she had never ever experienced before and her body spasmed up as her back arched uncontrollably and finally lowered down to the ground again. As she lay there she found herself floating in her mind, she felt the gentlest kiss upon her neck and then the presence was gone. Devoid of all energy and with a feeling of total relief she went to sleep with the memory of the most passionate but gentle kiss that she had ever experienced!

A Dream of You.

I dream of you. You excite my imagination and stimulate my mind. My body warms, yearning for the meaning of your words. You live in my mind, bringing joy and yet also an unfulfilled longing.

There you stand before me, as radiant and glowing as I imagined. Your beauty stuns me, the twinkling in your eyes lights your face. Your mouth curves delicately in an inviting smile. Words are now unnecessary; the looks that pass between us convey all our needs. Our bodies lean towards each other with a subconscious expression of desire. At this moment, I want you more strongly and passionately then I can ever remember wanting anyone before.

My hand reaches out almost involuntarily to touch your cheek. I brush your hair tenderly, caressing the side of your head and behind your delicate ear. I lean towards you, my lips lightly caressing your forehead, placing slow gentle kisses on your cheeks. I temporarily extinguish the gleam in your eyes as I brush my lips against your eyelids, but as they reopen, the gleam flares back into life with an added hunger. My kisses skirt around your lips with my tongue leaving trails of moisture behind as a calling card - and the promise of a return. My tongue massages your neck, moving more quickly as I hear your breathing accelerate.

I take a long stare into the depths of your eyes, communicating with your soul. I know how much I want you - but I do not want to have sex with you. I want to make love to you. Making love transcends pure sex, when the pleasure of giving is much greater and important than the pleasure of receiving. I know all I want is to hear you groan, to feel you writhe in prolonged and repeated ecstasy. Nothing else is important - I want to make your body sing, I want to make love to your mind. My pleasure is in experiencing yours. I take mental pictures of every moment so that I can relive and enjoy them again. All my senses record the experience. Even now at the start, my senses are becoming overwhelmed - the sound of your short, rapid breathing, the feel of your hair between my fingers, the smell of your natural perfume, the taste of your skin, the sight of the hunger in your exquisite features.

I pull you against me, my lips touching yours for the first time as we enter the embrace. First delicately, softly, building a rhythm of short kisses. Then, as our embrace tightens, the kisses become deeper and longer. My tongue asks permission against your teeth - they part inviting entry. I probe and explore the warm depths of your mouth. Our tongues dance around each other and yours follows mine back to its home. Time becomes immaterial; we combine together in our embrace for an unknowable period until we move simultaneously towards the bed.

Standing by the bed, I gently unbutton your blouse & begin undressing you. As each square inch of skin is uncovered, I cover it with kisses. I do not want to miss a single piece, as I wash your body in a bath of my desire. My tongue moves down from your neck, between the mounds of your breasts, and circles around them while they rise and fall in anticipation. I kiss each breast, gently at first, avoiding your lovely button nipples which protrude proudly in an invitation to a caress and a display of arousal. My kisses become more firm, as I use my hands and face to massage your breasts, feeling your body arch against me. Suddenly I latch onto a nipple with my tongue, and I feel your sharp inhalation of breath. I tease it around and around, then take it between my lips and gently roll it. The nipple becomes the centre of my world, the new focus of my senses. It feels so firm and looks so perfect that I want to spend the rest of my life here. Its taste makes me want to be a newborn baby so that I have a reason to stay here. The smell of your desire and the sound of your pleasure however tell me that it is time to move on. As a parting gift, I suck as much of your breast into my mouth as I can, and flick the nipple from side to side with my tongue. You hold my head in place with your hands in my hair, but I must move on, there is so much more of your body still to explore.

Now we are completely naked & laying on the bed. I cover your belly with saliva caresses, and move down, down towards the jungle of pleasure. Your hips move rhythmically towards my face, but it is not yet time for those delights. I slip around, down your thighs, caressing and massaging them with my hands as well as my mouth. I teasingly brush against your moist, damp curls, blowing gently as a preview of the delights to come. Instead, I move further down, introducing myself to your knees, your calves and then you feet. I feel remiss as to having to explored your back, but know that that can come later when I massage you as you recover from what is to come. I look up from your feet to see you body lain out in its full glory above me. The wet moisture of your pussy gleams invitingly before me, your face displays its unbearable anticipation of what is to come as it is framed perfectly behind the twin hills of your breasts.

Suddenly I dive forward between your open legs, but pause an inch away from your pussy. As I start to gently blow again, you force the issue by arching off the bed, forcing your sex into my face. Its effect on me is unexpected, my control over myself instantly disappears as my senses reach overload. You taste more sweetly than I could imagine, the pungent odour of your wetness is the ultimate aphrodisiac, the feel of your bush in my face is amazing, the sight of your head swept back onto the pillow in a spasm of delight excites me, but it is the long, lingering groan of pleasure which sends me over the edge.

I start licking with as much control as I can muster, first slowly over the lips, then seeking out your clitoris that swells to aid my search. My tongue forays as deeply as it can go, before returning to concentrate upon taking you to the ultimate heights. My kissing and licking become more rapid as my own desire mounts. You ask me to enter you, but I refuse - I just want to stay here to savour your orgasm without being distracted by my own pleasure. I think you have awakened a previously unknown voyeuristic side to me - the pleasure of watching you cum is more important than expelling my own seed into you. I hope that will happen later, but for now you are the focus. Once you realise what is going to happen, you let yourself go fully. You are writhing and moans become more uncontrollable and I find it difficult to keep in contact. Your hips again move rhythmically, the rhythm of their pushes matching that of my head as it gyrates to fulfil your pleasure. I suck your folds inside my mouth, teasing my tongue between then to find its target. I release them, only to suck in again immediately after. Over and over again I do this until I hear your breathing becoming shorter, shallower. Then I concentrate solely upon your clit and its surround. I reach an arm up around your leg and it latches onto your breast, tweaking the nipple between my fingers as the rest of the hand massages your glorious breasts gently while I use my other hand & fingers on your pussy, seeking out your G-spot. This last caress is the final catalyst. Your breathing stops and turns into a long, keening groan as your body jerks spasmodically, but I keep it firmly attached to my mouth. Your orgasm seems to last an eternity, but despite my efforts, the eternity comes to an end and your movements collapse with a glowing exhaustion. The taste of your juices in my mouth coupled with experiencing the intensity of your orgasm almost make me spatter my cum onto the bed - merely experiencing your explosion seems to telepathically bring me to the edge, but I keep it held in. I am frightened that once I expel my desire, the dream will be over, and I want this to continue.

I move up the bed and lay next to you, cradling you in my arms and gently caressing your back. Gently you slip into a light sleep, recuperating your energy for another celebration of our passion. I cannot sleep - I am reliving the experience in my mind, my body still glowing from the unrequited feelings you have aroused in me. I am also frightened to sleep, as you may not be there when I awaken. Sleep may end my dream, and at the moment I never want to sleep again.

I lay there studying your body, revelling in its beauty, waiting for you to awake...

Fantasy of You.

You are lying in bed one night and the door of your cottage downstairs opens, as you sit upright in bed, you hear footsteps crossing the lounge and then climbing the stairs. The bedroom door opens and I walk in, dressed in a long fur coat, which I open and let fall to the floor. Underneath I am wearing black underwear, suspender belt, silky panties, sheer seamed stockings and lace bra. My mouth shimmers wet with glossy lipstick and I smell exquisitely sensual.

Without a word I cross to the bed, pull back the duvet, to reveal your naked body and semi-erect manhood, which I immediately go down on, taking it in my mouth, sliding my shiny lips down the shaft and teasing the head with quickening flicks of my tongue. I take a spare pair of stockings from my pocket, and use them to tie your arms to the headboard, before kissing you all over your body, and following a velvet trace with the tip of my tongue.

Your shaft is now rock hard and erect, so I slide my thong panties aside, and climb on top of you, riding you powerfully such that my body heaves and rises, my breasts bouncing as I take you really hard, squeezing your cock with my muscles, occasionally leaning forward so that my breasts are right into your face. So you can lick and suck at my nipples as they swing toward you. I continue until we both climax, and then I climb off you, untie you, wrap my coat back around myself, and leave without a word.