Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fantasy of You.

You are lying in bed one night and the door of your cottage downstairs opens, as you sit upright in bed, you hear footsteps crossing the lounge and then climbing the stairs. The bedroom door opens and I walk in, dressed in a long fur coat, which I open and let fall to the floor. Underneath I am wearing black underwear, suspender belt, silky panties, sheer seamed stockings and lace bra. My mouth shimmers wet with glossy lipstick and I smell exquisitely sensual.

Without a word I cross to the bed, pull back the duvet, to reveal your naked body and semi-erect manhood, which I immediately go down on, taking it in my mouth, sliding my shiny lips down the shaft and teasing the head with quickening flicks of my tongue. I take a spare pair of stockings from my pocket, and use them to tie your arms to the headboard, before kissing you all over your body, and following a velvet trace with the tip of my tongue.

Your shaft is now rock hard and erect, so I slide my thong panties aside, and climb on top of you, riding you powerfully such that my body heaves and rises, my breasts bouncing as I take you really hard, squeezing your cock with my muscles, occasionally leaning forward so that my breasts are right into your face. So you can lick and suck at my nipples as they swing toward you. I continue until we both climax, and then I climb off you, untie you, wrap my coat back around myself, and leave without a word.

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