Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Dream of You.

I dream of you. You excite my imagination and stimulate my mind. My body warms, yearning for the meaning of your words. You live in my mind, bringing joy and yet also an unfulfilled longing.

There you stand before me, as radiant and glowing as I imagined. Your beauty stuns me, the twinkling in your eyes lights your face. Your mouth curves delicately in an inviting smile. Words are now unnecessary; the looks that pass between us convey all our needs. Our bodies lean towards each other with a subconscious expression of desire. At this moment, I want you more strongly and passionately then I can ever remember wanting anyone before.

My hand reaches out almost involuntarily to touch your cheek. I brush your hair tenderly, caressing the side of your head and behind your delicate ear. I lean towards you, my lips lightly caressing your forehead, placing slow gentle kisses on your cheeks. I temporarily extinguish the gleam in your eyes as I brush my lips against your eyelids, but as they reopen, the gleam flares back into life with an added hunger. My kisses skirt around your lips with my tongue leaving trails of moisture behind as a calling card - and the promise of a return. My tongue massages your neck, moving more quickly as I hear your breathing accelerate.

I take a long stare into the depths of your eyes, communicating with your soul. I know how much I want you - but I do not want to have sex with you. I want to make love to you. Making love transcends pure sex, when the pleasure of giving is much greater and important than the pleasure of receiving. I know all I want is to hear you groan, to feel you writhe in prolonged and repeated ecstasy. Nothing else is important - I want to make your body sing, I want to make love to your mind. My pleasure is in experiencing yours. I take mental pictures of every moment so that I can relive and enjoy them again. All my senses record the experience. Even now at the start, my senses are becoming overwhelmed - the sound of your short, rapid breathing, the feel of your hair between my fingers, the smell of your natural perfume, the taste of your skin, the sight of the hunger in your exquisite features.

I pull you against me, my lips touching yours for the first time as we enter the embrace. First delicately, softly, building a rhythm of short kisses. Then, as our embrace tightens, the kisses become deeper and longer. My tongue asks permission against your teeth - they part inviting entry. I probe and explore the warm depths of your mouth. Our tongues dance around each other and yours follows mine back to its home. Time becomes immaterial; we combine together in our embrace for an unknowable period until we move simultaneously towards the bed.

Standing by the bed, I gently unbutton your blouse & begin undressing you. As each square inch of skin is uncovered, I cover it with kisses. I do not want to miss a single piece, as I wash your body in a bath of my desire. My tongue moves down from your neck, between the mounds of your breasts, and circles around them while they rise and fall in anticipation. I kiss each breast, gently at first, avoiding your lovely button nipples which protrude proudly in an invitation to a caress and a display of arousal. My kisses become more firm, as I use my hands and face to massage your breasts, feeling your body arch against me. Suddenly I latch onto a nipple with my tongue, and I feel your sharp inhalation of breath. I tease it around and around, then take it between my lips and gently roll it. The nipple becomes the centre of my world, the new focus of my senses. It feels so firm and looks so perfect that I want to spend the rest of my life here. Its taste makes me want to be a newborn baby so that I have a reason to stay here. The smell of your desire and the sound of your pleasure however tell me that it is time to move on. As a parting gift, I suck as much of your breast into my mouth as I can, and flick the nipple from side to side with my tongue. You hold my head in place with your hands in my hair, but I must move on, there is so much more of your body still to explore.

Now we are completely naked & laying on the bed. I cover your belly with saliva caresses, and move down, down towards the jungle of pleasure. Your hips move rhythmically towards my face, but it is not yet time for those delights. I slip around, down your thighs, caressing and massaging them with my hands as well as my mouth. I teasingly brush against your moist, damp curls, blowing gently as a preview of the delights to come. Instead, I move further down, introducing myself to your knees, your calves and then you feet. I feel remiss as to having to explored your back, but know that that can come later when I massage you as you recover from what is to come. I look up from your feet to see you body lain out in its full glory above me. The wet moisture of your pussy gleams invitingly before me, your face displays its unbearable anticipation of what is to come as it is framed perfectly behind the twin hills of your breasts.

Suddenly I dive forward between your open legs, but pause an inch away from your pussy. As I start to gently blow again, you force the issue by arching off the bed, forcing your sex into my face. Its effect on me is unexpected, my control over myself instantly disappears as my senses reach overload. You taste more sweetly than I could imagine, the pungent odour of your wetness is the ultimate aphrodisiac, the feel of your bush in my face is amazing, the sight of your head swept back onto the pillow in a spasm of delight excites me, but it is the long, lingering groan of pleasure which sends me over the edge.

I start licking with as much control as I can muster, first slowly over the lips, then seeking out your clitoris that swells to aid my search. My tongue forays as deeply as it can go, before returning to concentrate upon taking you to the ultimate heights. My kissing and licking become more rapid as my own desire mounts. You ask me to enter you, but I refuse - I just want to stay here to savour your orgasm without being distracted by my own pleasure. I think you have awakened a previously unknown voyeuristic side to me - the pleasure of watching you cum is more important than expelling my own seed into you. I hope that will happen later, but for now you are the focus. Once you realise what is going to happen, you let yourself go fully. You are writhing and moans become more uncontrollable and I find it difficult to keep in contact. Your hips again move rhythmically, the rhythm of their pushes matching that of my head as it gyrates to fulfil your pleasure. I suck your folds inside my mouth, teasing my tongue between then to find its target. I release them, only to suck in again immediately after. Over and over again I do this until I hear your breathing becoming shorter, shallower. Then I concentrate solely upon your clit and its surround. I reach an arm up around your leg and it latches onto your breast, tweaking the nipple between my fingers as the rest of the hand massages your glorious breasts gently while I use my other hand & fingers on your pussy, seeking out your G-spot. This last caress is the final catalyst. Your breathing stops and turns into a long, keening groan as your body jerks spasmodically, but I keep it firmly attached to my mouth. Your orgasm seems to last an eternity, but despite my efforts, the eternity comes to an end and your movements collapse with a glowing exhaustion. The taste of your juices in my mouth coupled with experiencing the intensity of your orgasm almost make me spatter my cum onto the bed - merely experiencing your explosion seems to telepathically bring me to the edge, but I keep it held in. I am frightened that once I expel my desire, the dream will be over, and I want this to continue.

I move up the bed and lay next to you, cradling you in my arms and gently caressing your back. Gently you slip into a light sleep, recuperating your energy for another celebration of our passion. I cannot sleep - I am reliving the experience in my mind, my body still glowing from the unrequited feelings you have aroused in me. I am also frightened to sleep, as you may not be there when I awaken. Sleep may end my dream, and at the moment I never want to sleep again.

I lay there studying your body, revelling in its beauty, waiting for you to awake...

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