Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Little Touch in the Sun.

Mary had been lying in the garden for a while, stretched out on her soft blanket on the ground. It was a very hot day as the sun beat down upon her glistening naked body. She had set up the sprinkler to mist the grass over the other side of the garden, and every few minutes she got up and leisurely strolled over through the mist, shuddering with pleasure as she felt the cool spray upon her tired body, the water suddenly invigorating her as the splash of the coolness made her start with surprise. She loved to watch as the droplets of water landed on her rounded breasts, those mounds of passion that she was so proud of, and that her lover worshipped! The droplets would land there and as they met each other, she delighted in the game of guessing which would run down to her large nipples first and drip off! It excited her in a way that she could not explain to feel the rush as the drops hit her expectant flesh.

This had been going on for the whole afternoon, as she read her magazine she was watching the droplets dry on her skin in anticipation of being able to play her game again. It was only after she got up that time that she became aware that there was someone in the bushes at the side of the garden. They were thick rhododendron bushes that were almost impenetrable, but as she walked along back towards the mists of her excitement she saw the branches move almost imperceptibly. She knew that there was someone there, and she knew that she ought to be frightened, but somehow it excited her further. She had always fantasised about the idea of exhibiting herself, but had never had the chance. Here was a chance that she might never have again, so despite a slight hesitance borne of her mother’s voice in the back of her mind stressing those Victorian morals that had se restricted her sexual awakening she resolved to try it.

All of a sudden she panicked, she knew that she had fantasised about it, but now that she had the chance to make full expression of her desire she did not know what to do. She walked forward into the mist and decided to linger there, as the droplets descended onto her she luxuriated in the sensation, drinking in the waves of pleasure as the cold water splashed upon her. She felt the water dripping of her nipples and decided to enjoy it more by massaging it over her body. She felt the water resting upon her breasts and could feel the ache as the nipples swelled in anticipation, she brushed her hand over the nipple and was almost overwhelmed by the strength of the shudder as it took hold of her. "My God" she thought, “I never realised that I was this exhilarated". Her hands stroked over her breasts waves of electricity, with a power and intensity that she had only read about in books exploded through her, gripping her legs and almost making her lose her balance. She stood there for what seemed an eternity very gently massaging her breasts, building a sensation she did not recognise. All the time looking in sly little glances to her left where she could see the beginnings of an outline of a person. There appeared to be some activity in the bush but she could not tell who it was or what they were doing, save that she could feel the steely gave fixed upon her.

Longer and deeper came her strokes as she sought to heighten the sensation further, suddenly there came from deep within her a silent roar that screamed inside her, so loud and so powerfully that she started to pull herself up only to drop to her knees as her whole body shook in a spasm of such power that it frightened her but also excited her beyond words, her whole body moved on the ground in a paroxysm of delight again and again she shuddered as the wave upon wave overwhelmed her until she lay quite silent and still in the glow of the sun, oblivious to the fact that the water was now running freely over her body!

For a long while she simply lay there totally drained of any desire to do anything but savour the moment, so this is what an orgasm must feel like. She realised that the little jerks that she had felt when George "made love" to her, were just that, suddenly she giggled at the thought of George's erect penis and the expression "little jerk" had oh so much more significance!

After lying there a while she drifted into the sleep of a woman drained of every last drop of energy after experiencing an orgasm like it ought to be! She was not aware of how long she was asleep for, when she was woken, she realised that there was someone nearby, for a moment she started to become scared as she was exposed in her nakedness. She felt vulnerable as she had had all the energy drained out of her, laying there with a sense of the unknown pervading her body, she could feel the body getting closer to her, it was getting unbearable, but she vowed to keep her eyes closed. Whether it was something she had learned in Guides about not fighting back, or a sense of impending sexual exhilaration she did not know.

As she lay there she felt a hand gently touch her leg and it started to stroke her leg and she felt herself relax into the flow of the hand as it moved up her thigh, it searched out the hair around the outer lips or her vagina and started to play with it, she felt her body tighten as the fingers sought out her inner pleasure, she could not believe how sexually excited she was becoming she was so wet and oh so ready, but for what, she still was so unsure as to what was going to happen. As she lay there the hands sought her out and moved her legs apart a little more. She felt hot breath upon her groin as a mouth slowly approached he, she could feel the fingers open the lips as they sought top expose her totally, she now felt completely submissive and so sexually charged. She felt a presence enter her very gently and then it started to go deeper into her, she could feel that it was exploring her so deep as it sought out every soft and sensitive part of her. She was aware this time that her body was again building to a crescendo of sensual pleasure. She lay there and the mouth continued to explore and to lick in a way that she had never experienced before, over and over it sought her out and bought her to a peak and down again. She cried out in pleasure as the mouth bought to her peak after peak of orgasmic spasm and made her shudder so violently that she almost lost control.

It went on for what felt like an age, orgasm after orgasm making her ache in areas that she never even knew could ache, she felt hands and the mouth over her whole body, she could not clearly work out what was happening as the orgasms were making reality merge one into another. Finally there came from deep within her another explosion and it became so powerful and overwhelming that she lost all control of her body, she screamed out in a outflow of emotion that she had never ever experienced before and her body spasmed up as her back arched uncontrollably and finally lowered down to the ground again. As she lay there she found herself floating in her mind, she felt the gentlest kiss upon her neck and then the presence was gone. Devoid of all energy and with a feeling of total relief she went to sleep with the memory of the most passionate but gentle kiss that she had ever experienced!

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