Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Kingdom for a Squaround Mug!

Squaround Mug ~ it’s not round, it’s not square; it is magic FM’s giveaway item!

And I want one, more than I have wanted many things in my life!!

I want one more than I want children, marriage, a job, money, food and even drink!!!

What do I need to do to get myself one of these mugs? I have tried everything, I have done the competitions; I have tried to be the fastest person to get my call or text message in ~ is it because I am from Northampton? 

I know I am not from London or living there; but my Nan lives there ~ in Abbey Wood… and my Dad was born there! 

As Mike Posner says, if I could write you a song to make you fall in love; I’d do it to get a mug! Though I cannot sing, so that might not work. Is it because you are Cooler Than Me?

Well, I can write; a little bit anyways. So I would like to write you a poem if I may, just for you; maybe you will feel that this warrants a Squaround mug?

I could start by saying how much I want one
How much I need one
But I am sure you have heard it all before…
I could tell you how great your station is
I could tell you this is the only radio station I listen to
And while it is true, it has all been said before…
As has, I never listen to anything else
Though this also is true…
To find the right words to impress
To find the right route
Maybe I need to return to the old fashioned road of begging?

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