Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Poem

Nicky Sarti                           

Born in 1977, on the 22nd day of May,
Then pronounced and named a Miss Nicola Sarti.
Out of the womb at a quarter past one,
Into Barrat Ward in the General Hospital of Northampton.

Since then so much change, and you are now Nicky.
Time to forget those days when things were more tricky!
Though you were hurt when young, you’re confidence shattered,
Just think to them, it never really mattered!

So hold your head up high, and be the strong woman you are,
As the things you are doing are what make you a star!
To volunteer and to help those in need,
Takes courage, confidence and the skills to succeed!

Forget the time you found your ex had a wife,
As it is quite clear you have moved on with your life!
Since meeting Tina in January of 2007,
It has been your turn to grab that small piece of heaven!

Focus on that you like doing in your spare time,
Like The Cobblers, watching wrestling and dramas with crime!
You are clearly a wonderful person, that’s no mystery,
Now it’s time to travel, write about the lands and discover their history!!!

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