Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finding Their Feet.

Disclaimer: Waking the Dead is copyright BBC. This fan fiction is copyright to the author, Nicky D Sarti 2008. All rights reserved. All regular characters belong to the BBC and the show’s writers, whereas others are fictional and belong to me. This is just for entertainment purposes only, i.e. it is just a fun way to enjoy the show.

“What did you just say?” Stella said, just audibly enough for Eve to have heard. The silence hardly broken, the lab seemed eerily quiet as Stella sat; dumbstruck where she had been twenty minutes.

“I said, your voice makes me want to cum...” Eve said, clearing her throat praying that she hadn’t just got it all wrong. There was no doubt in Eve’s mind the more she thought about it, Stella was always going to be the one for her. Now all she had to do was make sure Stella felt the same way, and this Eve knew; could be easier said than done.

“Oh... Right. Ok...” Was all Stella could say for the moment, her mind and body numb; unable to think of anything other than Eve’s words. All that Stella was thinking was why she wasn’t running for the hills as per normal, truth was that had it been any other woman who had said that to her she would have run a mile. But not this time, this was different.

“Are you ok Stell, say something will you?” Eve said as she came and stood in front of Stella, standing as close as she felt possible Eve involuntary reached out as if to take Stella into her arms. And quickly pulled back when she realised what she was about to do, folding her arms against her chest; trying to hold in her feelings.

“So, erm... where does that leave us?” Was all Stella could say after a long time of silence, not ready to look up into Eve’s eyes but aware she was stood within inches of her.

“Don’t know, depends on where you want it to I guess...” Eve replied, trying not to let her slight smirk turn into a beaming great grin.

“I’ve never... you know... before.” Stella said, shyly. Finally looking up into Eve’s eyes, for a moment not sure what she would feel. Within an instant Stella know she had feelings for Eve, something just seemed to feel right between them.

“Me either you know... I just feel safe and comfortable with you.” Eve began with a smile, realising those loud drums were in actual fact the sound of Eve’s heartbeat in her ears!

“Feeling mutual... I can be 100 per cent me with you.” Stella said as she boldly edged forward slightly, suddenly feeling the urge to reach out and touch Eve. Immediately Eve senses a change in the air and reaches out at the same time as Stella, their two hands reaching for the others; their fingers interlocking with each other.

Both seemed to know what the other was thinking, but neither could explain how it happened. One moment there was space between them and the next they were in a passionate embrace, their bodies pressed firmly against one another. Their foreheads touching, their noses doing something that resembled an Eskimo kiss. Eve’s body was aching with every breath they took, Stella’s too if she was honest with herself. Both wanted to make the next move, but neither had the confidence yet. As if both knew what the other was thinking, within moments they had moved closer; their lips now within taking range. Seconds later Eve boldly moved in, laying a soft long tender kiss upon Stella’s lips. Within moments the pair was acting on their passions, kissing with a fury that both had long since stopped believing they had within them. Pushing Stella gently backwards against the steel examination table, Eve’s hands were all over Stella’s willing body. Slowly Eve began to create tiny electrons of pleasure underneath Stella’s skin, causing her to moan deeply.

“Mmmm, oh Eve...” Stella just managed to breathlessly moan, as Eve nibbled her way down Stella’s soft neck.

“Don’t stop...” Was the only other thing Stella was able to hoarsely whisper softly into Eve’s ear, her sexy French accent causing Eve’s body to tremble against Stella’s own wanton body.

Straitening her lab coat, Eve pulled Stella into her arms and resumed their previous position before their passions had got the better of them. Again the silence was back, but this time it was a comfortable silence. Neither wanting to or needing to move or say anything, both just languished in the other’s warm embrace.

“I love you Stell, you know that don’t you?” Eve sighed softly, gently caressing Stella’s back.

“I love you too, God this feels so right.” Stella silently replied, breathlessly trying to recapture her composure as she came down. They had been caressing each other like this for a long time, both in silence; sighing every now and then, enjoying the feelings the other was creating within the other.

“Marry me...” Stella said, seemingly from out of nowhere. For a moment the silence worried Stella while Eve tried her best to get her head round what she had seemingly just heard.

“Sorry? Did you just say what I think you just said?” Eve managed to say, after Stella broke away from their embrace. Opening and closing her mouth a few times, Stella tried her best to speak but found she couldn’t. Nodding was all she could do, the shock and surprise clearly evident upon Eve’s face.

“Are you well aware of what you just asked?” Eve said, as Stella nodded again.

“I mean it’s a big step, you know...” Eve continued, as Stell finally found her voice.

“If you love someone you just know... “ She began, before swallowing deeply before continuing.

“And besides, if you love me like I love you there is nothing to think about is there?” Eve was just about to reply where they both heard the doors opening, watching Spence walk in; followed by Grace and Boyd.

“What’s to think about?” Spence said, looking from one girl to the other; totally unaware of what had just happened. Looking a little flushed Stella left it to Eve to answer as she went and stood by Grace, playfully sticking her tongue out at Eve while she tried to answer Spence’s question.

“Just that sometimes nothing is what it seems, none of us can guarantee anything.” Trying to slow her heartbeat which had, up until this moment had been going ten to the dozen ever since Stella had got the upper hand on their moment together. Smiling to herself, Eve already knew the answer she would give Stella; but then of course she wasn’t about to make it easy on her either!

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