Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Forbidden Passions (The Phone Call)

Although we had arranged to meet the next day, Tony called me early in the morning to explain that due to a last minute business trip; partly for the club and partly for the council he had to go away for the week.

“I know it is a pain in the arse Nicky, but you know I have no choice in the matter...” Tony said, sighing deeply, wishing he did not have to go to this damn meeting; realising that the aching in his groin will have to wait for a week. As I yawn and tried to wake up, I can feel his soothing tones making me become wet; almost without thinking, I slip my hand under the covers and softly run my fingers over my wetness.

“It’s okay Tony; I know how it goes...” I begin to say, enjoying the wetness of my desire.

“You could always talk to me for a while you know...” I continued to say, knowing that he could almost see the smile on my face.

“Oh? And just what should we talk about sweetheart...” Tony said, more than a little aware of where he wanted this conversation to go. I had two choices as I saw it, I could be the shy girl I normal was; or I could be the bold confident young woman that had just bedded him less than ten hours ago.

“Anything you like Tony, I’m happy just to hear your voice...” I begin to say, smiling as I do so.

“We could talk about work, politics, the club; or the fact that I am still so damn horny from last night...” For a split second the silence was obvious, I could tell he was by now as hard as iron. I could sense he wanted to talk about that, but I chose to wait for him to start. By now my fingers were happily stroking away at my soaking wet pussy, I needed to play more. Slipping my index finger softly and slowly inside I could not help but moan aloud softly, alerting Tony to the fact I was seriously aroused. With his mind firmly upon last nights events Tony could not help but get hard, his firmness pressing against the tight cotton material of his white boxers; reaching down he cannot resist rubbing the hardness of his desire.

“You’re still horny hey? Guess I’ll have to work on that then won’t I...” Tony said, smiling; knowing that I was challenging him.

“Oh, and what did you have in mind Tony?” I asked innocently, playing along with this game.

“Well, next time I see you I am going to make love to you all night long for a start...” Tony says softly, releasing his stiff cock from its tight confines.

“Sounds like a plan to me...” I replied as I insert my finger deeper inside my sopping wet pussy, enjoying the feeling my wetness was having on my already over aroused body.

“You like that idea?” Tony says, slowly stroking the full length of his throbbing member.

“I can’t wait to have your head between my thighs again to be honest Tony...” I reply, slowly pulling my finger out of my pussy and then letting it seek out my now highly sensitive clit. I can hear him moan aloud as what I had said sinks in, truth was he was the best at oral sex I have ever had; so of course I wanted his tongue to work wonders on me again.

“God I am going to lick you until you scream out for me to stop...” Tony said as he continued to stroke his erection, his movements growing in rhythm but not speed.

“I want to cum on your tongue...” I say, beginning to find my own rhythm as I stroked my clit; wishing he was there to see me. I could tell by Tony’s breathing and deep moan that he liked that idea, reaching over into my ‘toy’ draw; I pull out my big blue bunny. I know it has been a while since I was this turned on, but I just had to play with myself like this; I wanted this to be something I remembered forever.

“I love the taste of you Nicky, I can’t wait to feel your juices flowing into my mouth...” Tony said as he breathlessly tried not to cum too quickly, the picture in his mind of him between my thighs was proving amazing fuel to his desires. My blue bunny was a good size in length and width, but with my arousal it slipped easily and fully inside me; causing a deep and audible gasp to escape from my lips. With a raised eyebrow, Tony understood exactly what it meant beginning to stroke his cock quicker.

“But the first thing I am going to do to you is slip my finger inside of you, I wanted to do that to you in the car when I took you home after the match...” Tony continued to say, closing his eyes as he pictured his finger slipping inside of my wet pussy.

“Oh God Tony, I wish you had; I would have cum so damned quickly...” I breathlessly moaned as I began to slide my vibrator in and out of my throbbing pussy, knowing damn well had he been there with me I would have cum by now.

“But I want to make it last, I want to take forever with you; I want you to remember it forever...” Tony said honestly, gripping his cock a little tighter as he jerked himself off.

“Oh Tony...” I moan, as I close my eyes and begin to rub my clit with my other hand.

“As I am moving my finger in and out of you, I’m going to begin kissing your beautiful clit...” Tony continues to say, picturing me lying naked on the bed; with my fingers deep inside my pussy.

“I can’t wait to lick it, to nibble it, oh to be sucking your hot little clit into my mouth right now...” Tony continues to say, panting as he tries not to cum; he wants this to last.

“Mmmm Tony, I know my little clit would like that... God it’s so sensitive right now.” I managed to say, having to stop rubbing my clit for a moment as I concentrate on fucking my pussy with my vibrator.

“Really Nicky?” Tony says, knowing that we were doing the same thing; that thought alone making him nearly cum on the spot.

“God I wish I was there right now, I’d slip my tongue deep inside you if I was...” He continued, slowly picking up the speed as he jerked himself off.

“Mmmm Tony, I wish I could have you inside me again...” I said as I pulled the vibe almost all the way out of me, before slamming it back deep inside me. Turning the vibe on I knew that it would not take me long to get off this way, and that was just what I needed; I needed to cum. I could tell by his breathing that Tony was near to cumming too; his laboured breathe an obvious sign that we were both very close.

“Oh Nicky, it felt so damn good you know; you are so damn tight...” Tony managed to say, trying not to blow his load too soon; gripping the tip for a moment.

“You are so damned big Tony; I have never felt so turned on in my life...” I said honestly, I have been with some big guys in my time; but nothing could prepare me for Tony. For a man his size, he was very deceptive in that department. I can clearly remember seeing him naked for the first time and almost dropping to my knees instantly, and not just to pray to the heavens either!

“God I could not wait to get you in my mouth Tony...” I said as I pictured in my mind sucking him off, how I enjoyed the feel of him twitching inside my warm and willing mouth.

“Shit Nicky, I nearly came on the spot when you did that...” Tony said, feeling that tell tail twitch in his balls. He knew he was close to cumming, especially as he pictured my sweet tender lips around his throbbing member.

“Oh sweet Jesus Nicky, I’m gonna cum...” Tony just about managed to say as he pictured himself cumming into to mouth, thinking of how I willing swallowed all he gave to me. It was enough to tip him over the edge as he began to cum, spurting all over his naked chest. These thoughts and sounds enough to tip me over the edge, but as he called out my name I could no longer hold my own climax at bay.

“Oh Tony, fuck me; make me scream...” Was all I could manage to say, as thoughts of his throbbing cock cumming deep inside me filled my mind. Moments later I felt my body tense up as I turned the vibe to full power and rubbed my over sensitive clit faster, quickly I exploded with a furious passion I had not felt in this way before. The only time I had felt this aroused was with Tony, never had I came like this alone. Panting was the only thing that told Tony I was still okay as I came down from this high I had experienced, I could tell Tony was smiling at the other end of the line.

“Can I call you back later?” He softly said, both of us aware this was something new and fun for us to experience.

“Of course Tony, next time though; bring the cam hey!” I said, slightly laughing as I said my goodbyes and hung up the phone; heading off to have a shower and try wake myself up... not that I wanted to wake up mind you!

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