Thursday, November 20, 2008

Story Time... WtD Style.

Boyd flicked on the light

"Do exactly as I tell you," he said as he very carefully unbuttoned her red dress.

"What are you saying?" Mel asked irritably from the doorway of Boyd's office, and rolled her eyes. She snatched the file for the Gold case out of Boyd's hand and sighed dramatically.
"At least you finally turned the lights on," she continued, further taking Boyd out of his reverie.

As Mel strode out of the office, Boyd murmured, "Where are my leather gloves when I need them?"
"Frankie used them for one of her tests," Grace remarked, as she leaned into the room. "She's always slicing and dicing... things. I saw a fantastic silk tie yesterday. It would be perfect for you. Black, tone on tone. Go wonderfully with that black linen shirt you wore the other day."
"Oh yes, dress totally in black. I'd be confused with the grim reaper," Boyd replied, peering at her over his glasses.
"Don't be ridiculous. Everyone knows he doesn't work cold cases." Grace dodged a paper ball by closing the door and walked down the hall laughing.
Smiling to himself, he switched off the light and tossed his glasses onto the desk. He sighed and slumped comfortably in his chair. "Now where was I? Ahhh, yes.."

The smile grew broader and broader on his face as he continued to dream of what he only hoped could be. Was this really the 18 year old Gold girl he was dreaming of or SOMEONE ELSE???
Now who could this be. Grace stepped back into his office and upon doing so, heard him murmur the name Suzie. Was this the same Suzie who's case they had worked on some time ago?
Boyd suddenly woke up and startled at realizing he was not alone, sat up quickly in his seat, grabbing a file as he did so. "You can't get her out of your mind, can you?" questioned Grace, with a soft smile on her face. "Who on earth are you talking about?" asked Boyd with a serious frown on his face, embarrassed that not only had he been caught daydreaming, but the name of the person of whom he day dreaming, slipped out and just may have been overheard.
"Suzie Jones," replied Grace with a most definite tone in her voice. "Oh come on Boyd, you know you miss her. Admit it" But this time she spoke with a very concerned tone. "I, don't know...." stammered Boyd. "Oh yes, you do Boyd. Why don't you give her a call." "She's a very special lady and now the case is over, she may just reconsider the possibility of a relationship with you."

Boyd mulled this over, for the next two weeks. This would not be easy. It had been a horrendous case...for everyone. He could still remember the pain in those violet eyes. Perhaps she had moved on, he hoped so, for her sake, but how would he know for sure? The truth at all cost might cost too much.
"Grace! Where is that woman?" Boyd's glare swept the room. Then he froze. Was he seeing things? Was that really Suzie? He had to be seeing things.
"What is it Boyd? Can't a person get a cup of coffee without you ...Oh, she's early." Grace swept past him and opened the door to let the tall woman into the room.
Boyd felt as if someone had cut off his air supply. He swallowed, finally pushing air past the rock in his throat, and felt a smile flicker upon his lips. To his wonder, she smile back. Imagine that.
"It's been a while," she murmured, as she crossed the room with Grace.
"Too long."
She smiled an answer. This was hard, but not as hard as she'd expected.
Boyd gave Grace a sidelong glance. She smiled that Mona Lisa smile that often drove him to near-murder. "We met sat a sale."
"A sale?" He gave them a blank look.
"Antiques and the like," Suzie offered, and nervously brushed a strand of mink brown hair from her cheek. Why couldn't her hair behave, just once? No matter how many pins she used, that mass of curls insisted on escaping, if only to remind her that it could. She smiled at Grace. "I thought I was seeing things, but no, there she was. Trying to buy this lovely composition doll from the vendor, while her date was protesting loudly about it's lack of collectable value."

Boyd gave Grace a glance. She smiled. "I do have them." She laughed and remarked to Suzie. "He was intent on educating me on everything from A to Z. Dreadful man."
"Did he ring up again?"
"Of course. But I told him it wouldn't work out."
Suzie grinned at Boyd. "She actually told him to shut up. He was stunned. Then he gazed at her as if she were the sun and the moon." This wasn't so bad. They just needed something to talk around for a bit. It might work out.
"What was it you were shouting about?" Grace suddenly demanded.
He gave her a blank look, then his brain kicked in. "I need that profile on Ted Morgan." He was glad the rest of the team had scattered like quail. He had to admit, he was more demanding as of late. He didn't need them shooting thoughtful glances at each other.
"It's just finished. I'll get it," Grace declared, as she charged towards her office.

There was a loud silence. Then, Boyd said, "I'm glad to see you."
"Me too." Her smile wobbled a bit, then firmed up.
"Would you care to have a drink later?"
"Oh. Tonight? Grace and I.."
"It's all right." God this was awful.
"Friday would be better, if you can make it." There was that smile that made her knees weak. It really happened, not just in books.
"Friday would be great."
"Here, now go away. We have lunch to do." Grace shoved a handful of papers at him and glanced at her watch. "I'm taking a long lunch. I've got one due, big time."
"I know, I owe you."
With a grin, Grace swept Suzie away, leaving Boyd standing in the middle of an empty room. For the first time in a long time, it felt empty.
Friday. Smiling, he turned and headed for his office.

Friday could not come soon enough for Boyd and the thought of seeing Suzie again. What was it about this woman that had such a hold on Boyd? As hard as he had tried, he could not get her out of his mind. Originally she was a witness to a crime, then a suspect and then after being cleared of all suspicion ended being a very helpful source to a Cold Case that Boyd could not resolve, until she stepped into his life.
At the time he had tried not to show how much she meant to him, they fought like cat and dog, but the chemistry was amazing between them. He had shown some tenderness to her when she was attacked, but quickly he resorted back to being the cold person everyone had come to know. They had parted on friendly terms but only Grace knew and understood the pain Boyd was going through. Although he tried to get on with his life, he never could get her out of his mind. Now she is back in his life. What happens now?

"It was a dark and stormy night," Boyd muttered sarcastically, as he glowered up at the hiss of lightning that snaked across the boiling black clouds, illuminating their insides with pink light. "God, any moment I expect to see a damn spaceship roll out of that mess."

Just what he needed. Friday had arrived in not too bad condition, but had lost its grip quickly. Heavy smoky grey clouds had grown darker as the day went on, until it resembled a rolling cauldron of pitch. A nice quiet dinner with Suzie would now include a sprint along the sidewalk and near drowning. Like he needed anything else to think about.
A reluctant smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. He was as skiddish as some green lad. But then, no one in recent memory had affected him the way she did. A deep breath calmed him and he headed towards his car.
A near drowning may just give them the subject to work around until they both felt steadier about conversation. The past would be hard to put behind. Just seeing her had brought so much back. Flashbacks, hell-of-a-thing. And, his part was nowhere near her emotional involvement. Yes, maybe this storm was a blessing in disguise.
As he slid behind the wheel of his car, he glanced at his watch. Plenty of time. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? His nerves could play up quite a bit with so much time.
The engine fired and the car swept away from the curb. A smile spread across his lips. It was Friday, finally.

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