Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amazing Grace.

Disclaimer: Waking the Dead is copyright BBC. This fan fiction is copyright to the author, Nicky D Sarti 2008. All rights reserved. All regular characters belong to the BBC and the show’s writers, whereas others are fictional and belong to me. This is just for entertainment purposes only, i.e. it is just a fun way to enjoy the show.

They had been sitting in the park, quietly eating lunch for the past 30 minutes. Eve knew Stella wanted to say something but wasn’t about to push her into saying anything, Stella would speak when she was good and ready. The summer breeze always surprised Eve; it never failed to make her shiver in a good way. Another thing that made Eve shiver in a good way was Stella’s soft touch, looking over to her girlfriend; Eve became transfixed with the woman she loved.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Stella replied, not needing to look back. Eve sighed.

They had finished there lunches and had already started to walk back to the CCU, they walked in silence both leaving each other to their own thoughts. Although Eve loved the silence that she and Stella often shared, she knew that this silence was something different. It couldn’t have been the case they had just been through, or the one they would undoubtedly get landed with; but it was something.

“What is it beautiful?” Eve finally asked when they were within site of the CCU. Sighing deeply Stella had the words on the tip of her tongue, but couldn’t find the words she needed.

“Nothing.” Stella replied after what seemed like an age of silence. Truth was something was bothering Stella, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to tell Eve about it yet. Walking back into the bullpen in silence Stella caught sight of Boyd watching them both intently, causing Stella to shiver slightly.

“Good of you girls to join us…” His voice boomed across the room, leaving both Stella and Eve all too aware that he was pissed off.

“When you have a minute we have a new case that needs some attention!” Boyd continued, annoyed but not sure why.

Rolling their eyes to each other, Stella gave Eve an ‘I’ll see you later’ and went over to her desk; picking up the file Boyd had thrown on her desk. Sighing deeply, Stella turned the pages of the file and tried to make some sense of the information in front of her. With Eve back in the safe confines of the lab she was left thinking about Stella and the look Boyd gave her, it wasn’t like Stella to be so distant; well not with her anyway. Back in the bullpen Stella and Spence were quietly working on their desks, leaving Grace thinking. Heading to Boyd’s office, Grace felt that she could no longer keep quiet.

“So what was that out there Boyd?” Grace finally said after she had been watching him trying to look for a file on his desk, stopping for a moment but not looking up Boyd replied.

“What was what? I hate it when people are late...” He wanted to add more but couldn’t find the words; actually truth was that he didn’t want to tell Grace what he really felt.

“You are ok with it when I am late, or when Spence is late...” Replied Grace, knowing full well what the problem was.

“It’s just...” Began Boyd, before sighing deeply and biting his tongue.


“Don’t give me that Peter, it’s something alright. Now what is it?” Grace demanded, moving into his office and shutting the door behind her. Outside Stella and Spence looked up for a moment, before shrugging their shoulders and getting back on with their work. Back in Boyd’s office, Boyd had given his famous; “I don’t want to talk about this” face while Grace gave him her famous; “I don’t care” face. Neither one willing to back down, both wanting the other to stop. Finally, after seeing that she wasn’t going away Boyd sighed deeply; knowing he was going to have to be honest.

“It’s just, they are seeing each other and it will ruin the team...” He was about to go on when Grace stopped him, putting her hand up. And putting on her stern voice.

“No, she turned you down and you can’t stand the fact it was for another woman...” Grace wasn’t sure what angered her more, Boyd’s reaction to Eve and Stella; the fact he had made a pass at Stella or the fact that she obviously meant so little to him. Three weeks ago when their friendship seem poised to be turning into more than just friends, Grace had been on a high. She had always loved Boyd and knew deep down he could make her happy, but now after this; she was no longer sure.

Silence surrounded them for a few moments, Grace was angry; even Boyd with his bad sense in the female species could tell that. Taking a deep breath, Boyd got ready to be honest with Grace.

“I never made a pass at Stella...” He began quietly, not taking his eyes from Grace’s steely blue ones.

“I told her how I felt about you, that is what we were talking about...” He went on, watching how Grace seemed to be lost for words.

“I told her I was in love with you and wanted to marry you...” With those last soft words Grace’s eyes looked as if they were out on stalks.

“You what...” Grace began to say, trying to find the right words... no actually scrap that, trying to find words; any words! The shock and uncertainty obvious in her eyes, this just threw everything up into the air.

“So what the hell was all that out there Peter?” She finally managed to say, realising she was turning a dark shade of pink with each moment that passed. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Boyd never needed to answer as Grace realised she had been set up.

“So...” Grace purred as she walked towards Boyd, her own smile growing with each mischievous thought in her own mind.

“Where do that leave us Peter Boyd?” Thinking for a moment, he gave a sly smile and answered.

“Same place as Eve and Stella I guess...”

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