Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Trevor Eve Appreciation Party... My Manifesto.

(for my wonderful Trevor Eve/Waking the Dead fans; and maybe a little gentle friendly dig at my political friends too...)

We here at the Trevor Eve Appreciation Party believe in free Trevor for all, we want to change the rising trend of younger actors being drooled over; while allowing the older (better in most cases) actors passed over “just because.

Our members and supporters believe that true talent comes from age and experience, taking nothing away from the younger actors; but youth and good looks count for little when you are talented AND hot as hell.

Trevor Eve is without doubt one of the best actors around, at over 50 years old; he is also one of the hottest around. Should we be elected, our party would implement the follow...

• Free DVD’s of Trevor’s past shows. Up to and including Children... Naked Trevor is good Trevor! (Well, nearly naked anyways)

• Waking the Dead as a weekly episodic programme. We believe this is ~ without doubt ~ one of his best works, if elected WtD would run and run. If scripts became a problem the shows producers would tap into the great world of “fan fiction” out there, allowing people to “write” their own scripts.

• A group of cinemas specially dedicated to showing all of Trevor’s work.

• Trevor Eve Appreciation Day. A day dedicated to Trevor and everything about him, held on his birthday; where people could celebrate all things Trevor. The highlight of which would be a huge party in the park type of event, with the man himself as the main guest of honour.

• On education, children of school age would be taught Trevor Lessons. Ranging from showing his previous works to helping out youngsters learn from the master himself.

• On National Health, we here at the TEA Party believe that a little bit of hotness will help you to recover and get better. We would make all doctors look as hot as Trevor and make his works available to patients, visits by the man himself would be a given.

• On the economy, we believe that the more Trevor you have the more money will be generated into this Country.

• On Defence & Crime... we believe that the characters (especially DSI Peter Boyd) that Trevor plays are good strong characters, and our Policemen/women should be more like those he plays. Tough and strong but honest and fair. With regard to Defence, our armed forces shall be given acting lessons and will be reformed into lean mean Trevor Eve machines.

So, in short; a vote for the TEA Party is a vote for more Trevor Eve!!!

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