Friday, September 18, 2009

A ‘Johnies’ Guide To. My Views...

Following on from my last two posts about relationships and how to make your way through the mind field that is love, I thought I would add my views and experiences... (Brace yourselves; this could be interesting to say the least.)

In my experience, I have made some huge mistakes. Ranging from things like not having the confidence to ask a guy I like out, right through to being the “other woman.” In some form or another all these things have shaped me, and in many ways it has given me a more rounded view of life. But by the same token in some respects it has shown me how naive I can still be too, teaching me that I still have much to learn about life and relationships.

Some of my experiences have been for the better, I mean the things I can do with my tongue and 6 ping pong balls are out of this world... just kidding if you are reading Mum!

Some have been for the worst; I still cannot stand the smell of baby oil and am never allowed in Superdrug or Boots anymore! Almost kidding there if you are reading Mum, it was only Body Care!

I have found things out about myself that I never thought I would, not all of them are good mind you! Though like I have always said, don’t knock it ‘til you try it ~ with only a couple of exceptions; everything should be tried at least once in your life! My advice, for what it is worth; is as follows: ~

  • Go into every relationship as if it is your first time. In other words, everyone is going to be different; like different things; and want something different... act accordingly.
  • Do not rush into anything. Take your time in everything you do and every choice you make.
  • Be safe. And be sure... try not to fall for the married ones!
  • Be confident but not cocky.
  • Be comfortable with yourself and in your own skin. YOU are beautiful as you are!!!
  • Never be afraid to dance to the beat of your own drum!
  • Dare to be different... challenge the world to change the way it thinks and not the way you see it.

I have learnt that life is way too short and because we only get one chance at it, we should enjoy every single moment of it and life every day to its fullest. These are my very humble and honest view of life, love and the Rules of Relationships! Please feel free to comment and share your views with the world too...

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