Friday, October 8, 2010

Blindfolds at the Ready...

Hard to say what I feel as I slip the blindfold on and await instruction, my mind is always racing; filled with everything from Mr. Sparkles to my complicated life. “Write what comes to mind...” is the first instruction, we are also given the choice to either just go for what came into our heads or using an object Jade gave us... I of course chose the object.

I can tell you though I felt silly sitting in a room full of people with a blindfold on, even though everyone (but the tutor) had one on too! The blindfold usually being reserved for “those” meetings!! However, the less said about them the better!!!

It smells musty and old, like it has been around forever. It feels cold and wooden, sturdy but also at the same time brittle. It feels about twelve inches long, by touch alone I could tell what it was; a fan of course.

However, without my eyes; I cannot see the colour of the actual fan or indeed the picture adorned upon its wafer thin paper. I can only imagine what it shows, is it like my own with the Spanish theme; or is it something oriental?

I imagine it has something pretty on the front, a scene or animals; all highly coloured and detailed. In my eyes the fan is an item you use for the memories it brings you, not to actually keep cool. Maybe that is the idea with many of the things (or “junk” as my folks like to call it) I keep; they are reminders of my past; what was and what could have been?

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