Friday, January 14, 2011

What I Did Tonight....

As I am on a bit of a writing roll, I thought I would begin by telling you all what I did tonight… now don’t worry it is nothing like that, certainly not when my folks will be reading anyways!

Tonight (Thursday 13th January 2011) I went out on duty with my St. John colleague Erica, mainly because I was robbed of my duty last night; but that’s another story!

It was a tribute to Karen Carpenter called Voice of the Heart.

While I love music and do like some of the Carpenter’s music, I would not call myself a fan of their stuff; so I went into this duty without any preconceptions and no idea what I was going to find.

Having only heard some of their songs on the radio and only know the basics of her story, I had no idea what I would think, feel or if I would like it.

How glad am I that I went? Not often has something moved me so much that I end up crying my eyes out openly ~ yes I am a softy and yes I can cry at the drop of a hat; but never normally in view of anyone!

First off, the lady singing; Carole Gordon ~ was amazing! She had the most perfect voice and certainly sounded like Karen; the musicians were live and were also amazing. I can safely say that all did the Carpenter name justice with their performance, and if any of you ever get the chance; go!

It has not only made me want to learn more about the Carpenter’s, but also made me want to hear more of her music.

And now here is the point (well, other than to sing the praises of tonight’s duty) to this post… when something, anything touches your life; for better or worse ~ then you remember it forever. And the point of writing about it; is that you share it. With everyone. Your family, your friends, your colleagues, your enemies and even strangers.

Which is what I am doing, and why I like doing it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe's if you got yourself a real job and stopped leaching on society you might actually feel better

thestjohnlady1 said...

Anonymous: (Tony Clarke is right, it is annoying when you don't know who you are addressing)

Anyways, might I ask if it is ALL St. John people you have a thing against or is it just me you don't like?

Also, without people like me and my St. John colleagues; many of the events that take place could not happen... in as much as a lot of events & venues NEED by law to have first aid facilities (sorry about spelling ~ never my strong point) there for an event to take place.

And one final point, if you wish to tell me who you really are; you could always give me a job so I don't "leach on society..."

What do you say?