Saturday, June 30, 2012

Political Dealings (slightly erotic fiction)

I had done this trip many times before today, but each of those times felt different. Maybe because this was the day I came to bury my last living relative, well; that was the plan anyways! It had been the start of the month when we got the terrible news, nearly killed my folks to hear it. I knew that I should have been there for my folks, but I just could not bring myself to deal with it; after everything I had been through I just needed to be alone. So with the acceptance of my parents, I headed off to the big City; trying to get my thoughts clear. I had no real idea where I was headed, just that I was heading somewhere; heading towards the boat ticket offices as I got dropped off at the Cutty Sark.
Thirty minutes later I was heading up the ramp from the river to the Embankment, not remembering any of the journey I had just taken. As soon as I hit the road I could not take my eyes from the beautiful building, reaching Boudica's statue I cannot wait to get over there and spend time getting lost in the moment. Slowly I walk from the nearside of the clock tower, which is always mistaken for Big Ben; it is actually St. Stephens Tower I snort to myself, laughing internally as I think of all the people I had annoyed with my accuracy. Walking towards the entrance for the public, I nearly didn’t see him heading the other way; it took me two double takes to realise it was him. Marcus Evans, Northampton North’s MP.

“Marky!” I shouted after him, rushing towards him; giving him little chance to see who had called after him. He was almost over the road, heading towards Westminster Bridge when he turned around; hearing his nickname being called. Without thinking I rushed over to him, grinning like an idiot; within moments I was launching myself into his arms greeting him with a hug I was famed for. It must have took him a few moments before he let go and realised who I was, relieved that it was someone he actually liked that had rushed to him.
“Don’t you ever go home Marcus? I am always seeing you on the Parliament channel…” I said to him jokingly, smiling genuinely at the smart man who still looked at little taken back.

As his eyes register who I am, his grin became wider regretting letting me go so quickly.
“Alexandra, always a pleasure…” His genuine warm greeting obvious, moving closer to me as some people walk past us.
“How are you, what are you doing in my neck of the woods?” He asked smiling warmly, leaning in a little more.
“We are visiting Nan, but I needed some ‘me’ time; how are you Marcus?” I replied, trying not to make him aware I was taken aback by the scent wafting from his neck; woody and sweet and totally suited to him.
“Getting there, I was just off to grab a drink; would you like to join me?” He asked, quickly passing over the question of if he was alright. Nodding, we headed across the road towards this pub that looked like a usual haunt for him.

As the gentleman I knew he was, Marcus opened the door for me and softly steered me towards the bar; not taking his hand from the small of my back.
“Nice to be greeted so energetically, I must say…” He whispered into my ear, leaning as close as he dare under the pretence that the room was too noisy.
“Sorry about that Marcus, I just was so happy to see someone I know…” I began to say, shivering slightly at his close proximity. 

“It’s alright Alexandra; I was just teasing you…” Marcus softly replied, enjoying the soft subtle scent coming from my neck allowing his mind to wander slightly.
His day had started much like every one over these past few weeks now, miserably. Ever since Jenny had told him she was leaving him, everyday had been hell for him. He’d taken his marriage vows seriously, promising faithfully to love; honour and obey always... it was just a shame that his wife had not taken them as seriously! He could still hear her words, as she told him of her decision to leave; she had chosen the most important day of his political career to tell him she wanted out. All the things he thought she could live with, told him she could deal with; were apparently all the things wrong with their marriage.

“Penny for them young man?” I softly asked, as we headed to a small booth out the way of the crowd.
“Sorry beautiful, work and stuff on my mind...” He replied without thinking, wanting to say more but not quite ready yet. I heard something about work and stuff, but his compliment was what struck me most. I wasn’t ugly by any means, but I had never classed myself as beautiful either. His compliment made me blush, something I was sure he noticed. We continued to make small polite chit chat, talking about nothing and everything in particular. Neither of us were in any great rush to end this evening, both of us slowly drank our drinks; talking more than drinking.

“Do you have to rush off anywhere Alexandra?” Marcus asked, hopeful I would say no and this evening could continue. Shaking my head, I said no and asked why; looking forward to the prospects of spending more time with him. 
“Great, do you fancy dinner in the House?” He enquired, smiling genuinely at the thought we would be spending more time together.
“So long as you don’t have to rush off home, I’d love that Marcus...” I replied honestly, excited at the thought I would be having dinner in the House of Commons.
”Nope, I am yours all night honey...” He said, smiling at how dorkey that must have come out. We finished our drinks and headed back over the road to the House, heading in through the private members entrance; another first for me.

“I shall give you the grand tour after dinner if you like?” Marcus offered, aware I was overcome by the moment and my surroundings.
“I shall hold you to that if you are not careful Marcus...” I replied, smiling at the thought of a tour by our local MP. Gently he led me into one of the Houses many restaurants, trying not to allow the moment to overtake me. Of course that was easier said than done when you had famous MP’s also in the same room, it was hard not to let the moment overtake me. There was Dennis Skinner in one corner, John Major and Edwina Currie in another; and I swear Gordon Brown and his wife in the other!

Slowly we ate and talked, he began telling me about his day; how it had been hellish for him. He listened intently to my troubles, kindly offering help and advice where he could. The more time we spent together the more I wanted to know about him, and I was sure that he felt the same way; neither of us wanting this moment or indeed evening to end. By the time we had finished the meal, both of us were about ready to burst; the food was excellent but the company was what made it amazing.
“Ready for the grand tour?” Marcus asked softly, steering me gently towards the main entrance hall where most of the tours began. Nodding, we walked slowly and talked much over the following hour.


As we finished our tour, Marcus could tell I was speechless; but his next actions blew everything else out of the water.
“So, what did you think Alexandra?” He asked, as we headed back to where we had started over an hour ago.
“Wow Marcus, it was…” I began to say as we came to rest by the famous statue of Winston Churchill, my smile as genuine as my awe filled silence.
“There’s somewhere else I wish to show you…” Marcus started, gesturing for me to follow him towards a small door off to the side of where we stood. Nodding, I silently followed him; glad I could spend more time with him.
“This way beautiful, follow me…” Marcus softly asked as we headed through the door and along this beautiful corridor, it was obvious that this was not somewhere most people saw.
“Where are we headed now Marcus?” My question more out of curiousness than any fear of where we were going, I knew that no matter what I would always be safe with Marcus.

“You trust me don’t you?” He answered back, his trademark soft smile evident.
“Of course… I’m just curious Marcus; that’s all.” I replied, instinctively taking his hand gently; enjoying the fact he didn’t pull away.
“Up the clock tower…” He said, giving my hand a gently squeeze; letting me know that he did not want me to let go either. It felt like miles, each step taking us one further to something I could just tell would be special.
“We shall have to stop here for a moment…” Marcus’s words came seemingly out of the blue, showing me into the small platform room.

“Oh, why?” I asked, wondering just why we could not continue on our journey; moments later I found out just why. The famous chimes and bongs of Big Ben struck nine, sending shivers down my spine.
“That’s why sweetheart, I knew we’d not miss them…” Marcus smiled, showing me the way to continue. Following his lead, I continued heading up the long winding stone steps. It really did feel like we were walking forever, up further and further the great tower that housed Big Ben.
“We’re nearly there Ali…” Marcus said, calling me by my nickname for the first time. A further ten or so steps brought us to what can only be described as a small door and tiny box room, there was a brighter than bright light in the centre of the room; which took me a little while to adjust to.

“Here we go, have a look at that...” Marcus offered, gesturing that I should take a look outside the windows; that went all the way round this tiny room. Nodding, I moved slightly closer to the windows; within seconds I knew why he had brought me to this room.
“Oh Marcus …” I managed to gasp softly, any other form of words being stopped from forming by what confronted me; the most stunning view over the City skyline. For the longest time all I could do was just stare out into the night, dumbfounded by what I saw.
“Its stunning isn’t it beautiful?” Marcus softly said, noting all I could do was nod gently.
“It is the perfect place to bring someone you care about don’t you think?” He added I knew he meant something by it; I just was not sure what as of yet.

Without knowing or even being sure, Marcus made his next move; gently moving slightly forward. Softly and slowly his hands tenderly brushed up my arms causing a shiver to run my and down my spine, I can feel his soft breath upon my neck. My heart screamed at me to bend my neck slightly, allow him better access; my head yelling at me to be cautious.
“Wow. Stunningly beautiful...” I just about managed to whisper, my voice a hushed whisper; his mouth so close to my ear as my body involuntarily adjusting to his close proximity.
“And the view isn’t too bad either baby...” Marcus added, laying a quick but tender peck in the crook of my neck causing me to shudder once more. Tilting my head slightly more to allow him better access, I tried to quell my thoughts; screaming at me to stop.

Taking the fact that I never stopped him as a sure sign he should continue, Marcus moved his hands to my hips; softly beginning to caress them. His desire quickly and easily showing as he began to slowly rock against me, my own desire quickly matching his own. For the longest time I felt as though I could forget about my problems and just simply enjoy the feelings Marcus was creating within me, it was as if he had stirred something in my soul; something I did not want to control. Maybe a little too quietly and a little too late, our concisions’ came to their senses. The fact he was still married hit him hard in more ways than he’d of liked, the thoughts of his marriage and my inability to be the woman I wished to be running through my mind.

“God, I am so sorry Alexandra…” Marcus began to say, reluctantly pulling away from me.
“I’m sorry Marcus …” I cut in, not wanting to hear the ‘I’m married’ speech I felt was about to come; the last thing I needed or indeed wanted was to hear that he was married ~ I knew that he was married, and I knew that the last thing I could do was ‘go there’ as it were!
“Truth is I am nowhere near ‘woman enough’ for this…” I said; the anger obvious in my voice.
“What do you mean?” Marcus asked, sensing that I had meant something by my words. Without thinking, he pulled me closer; putting his arms back around me.
“It’s a long story…” I softly mumbled, wanting to be honest with him; but sure it was the last thing I could do.

“Tell me. Please…” Marcus continued, leading me to a small futon type bed lying upon the floor. As we sat down I sighed deeply, knowing there would be no avoiding this conversation. It was one thing to explain to any man the problems I was having in the ‘down there’ department, never easy as most men had a squeamish factor when it came to women and their problems. But add to that the fact I had to tell a man that I had been close to being intimate with little than ten minutes ago, then you have an almost impossible situation to deal with. I was torn but after taking a deep breath I began to explain to Marcus, figuring that things could not get any worse for me right now.

“I guess that’s why I feel like anything but the woman I want to be…” I finished with, looking up to Marcus who was; to be fair just sat there listening to all that I told him. At first the only thing that gave away he had been listening, was the fact he had sighed deeply. 
“I didn’t pull back because I don’t want you Ali…” Marcus softly spoke, pulling me into his arms without thinking.
“I just don’t want to hurt you…” He went on, continuing to tell me about his wife and how she had chosen to leave him. I can’t explain what it felt like, hearing him tell me of his own troubles. Of course there was understanding, and emotions too; but it was more than that. It was like I was seeing hope, but still aware that I was not working the way I should.

“So all in all; I guess we’re having a bit of a crap few weeks’ right?” Marcus smiled, hopeful that his attempt at making light of the moment would work; and to some extent it did. Quickly we relaxed once more, comfortable with each other; chatting and just enjoying the moment we were sharing. Shifting slightly in our comfortable reclined position, the chimes of Big Ben came again; alerting us to the fact it was now ten o’clock.
“I should get you home…” Marcus’s sadness obvious to us both, sighing deeply as he got up and held his hand out for me to take.
“Unless of course you’d like to stay, I’ve a place over the bridge…” He added, partly with hope in his voice; but also genuinely meant. Heading down the tower and back into the main hall, gave me more than enough time to think. Of course the pull of spending more time with him was on my mind, yet the things stopping us still fresh in my forethoughts.

“You lead and I shall follow Marcus…” I said firmly, as I took my phone out and fired off a text to my folks to not worry and that I was okay. Without another word Marcus headed off toward Westminster Bridge again, this time with me in tow. It took us ten minutes to get back to his, his flat overlooking the River Themes and the Houses of Parliament. Silently I took in the sight before me, there was no denying the fact that this view was equally as stunning as the previous view.
“Just as stunning?” Marcus offered as he noticed my silence, coming to stand close behind me as he handing over the glass of water I had asked for as we had entered his flat. Nodding, I thanked him and took my first sip of the cool liquid; almost soothing the heat I was feeling.

His close proximity and the questions were still in the air, both of us could tell that the atmosphere would not be settled without confronting it. But neither of us wish to spoil things, we each could tell the other was enjoying these moments. We talked little, light chat to try ignore the obvious passion in the room; it was like the elephant in the room that no-one spoke of. His desire had not really abated, in truth neither had my own; it was still very much there. We must have been stood like this for ages before either of us tried to broach the subject, taking a deep breath Marcus softly spoke.
“You do trust me Ali, don’t you?” It was a leading question, of course I knew that; but it was one I would answer regardless.
“Of course Marcus...” I replied, not giving too much away; but hopefully giving the answer he desired.
“Enough to let me take you to bed?” He softly ventured, knowing that this could make or break things. 

“Marcus...” I began to say, knowing what I wanted to say and what I felt; yet neither of them were the same thing.
“I know what you said, but I just want to know you trust me before I get on to that...” He went on, trying to explain; yet himself not wanting to give everything away either.
“There is other ways to make love to a young lady you know...” He added, turning me around so I was looking into his eyes; seeing the honesty in them. I saw his honesty, in my eyes he saw questioning and confusion; not something he was used to.

“You don’t know that?” Marcus gently asked, not sure what I was silently saying. Truth was that all I was used to feeling was abused and taken advantage of, right now the last thing I wanted to admit was my failings. Shaking my head softly told Marcus  all he needed to know, without another word he had gently taken me into his arms and began to tenderly explain.
“Love isn’t about somewhere wet and warm to stick your dick Ali...” Marcus began, softly kissing the top of my head.
“It isn’t that physical act either; love is about how you feel and make someone feel...” He went on, pulling away slightly; the question on his lips again. 

“Will you let me show you?” He asked once more, making a small but obvious gesture towards his room. I was torn between what I wanted and what I felt, deep inside; and for the longest time I had longed for a man to show me they are not all the same... was this guy the one to do that?
Slowly I nodded, taking his hand as he nodded back and led me towards his bedroom. His room was nothing like I imagined, it felt small but roomy. The bed was bigger than a double, but not too big and the sheets were white with jade green touches; very much his type of style. He could tell I was filled with nerves as he came to my side, gently pulling me into his arms. 

“Trust me okay? I won’t hurt you!” He said softly, kissing my cheek tenderly as he began to unbutton my top and undress me. I was near naked by the time he stopped, he sensed my now heightened nerves were not holding up as he undressed himself and came and stood in front of me.
“Just relax and trust me...” Marcus softly whispered, gently lifting my head with his finger under my chin as he laid his first tender kiss upon my lips.

As soon as Marcus had kissed me I did just that, relaxed and began to enjoy the feelings he was creating deep within me. It was true I had not been kissed as passionately as this in a long while; it was also true that it had been far too long since I had felt intimacy with a man. Pulling away for a moment, he could feel the slightly whimper I gave as our lips parted; a small smile crept over his face. Gesturing that we should move over to the bed, left me in no doubt that this was about to get even more intimate. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, lord only knows how long it had been; but I wanted to be sure that it was not about to go down that road. Last thing I wanted was to halt him in his tracks, or worse still get hurt; my body had this nasty habit of not playing nicely!

“Okay?” Marcus gently asked, noting how I nodded but still had that look in my eyes. Laying down together his tender assault of kisses and caresses came thick and fast, every part of my body was being loved; kissed and caressed. Slowly, gently and softly Marcus  was creating small static charges within me; each time I thought I could take no more he would stop for a while and then continue. He did this for what seemed like forever, always stopping just before I was ready to beg him to do... what exactly was it I was about to beg him to do to me anyways? As if he could read my mind, Marcus swiftly but gently moved to between my thighs; both of us as naked as we could be. There I was lying naked bar my panties, with a very naked Marcus between my legs; his longing very obvious.

“Marcus...” I whispered into the air, arching my back against him as I did so.
“My love...” He softly replied, gently rubbing himself against my own longing.
“Please...” I begged, not actually sure what I was saying please for.
“Soon my darling, soon...” He answered, tenderly kissing me again; his hardness gently pressing against my desire. As we kissed his hard longing twitched against me, easily alerting me to the fact he too was nearly ‘there’ ~ wherever ‘there’ was! 

“There is far more to love than just slipping ones rock hard cock into the best available sexy young lady...” Marcus softly whispered, rubbing himself against the wetness he was creating within me. Showing me without another word, in no uncertain terms what he meant by softly slipping a finger underneath my panties; taking me by surprise.

Gasping aloud as his fingertip brushed over my clit, calling out into the night his name as I felt the involuntary shudder it had given me. Before I had the chance to speak, Marcus was claiming my lips once more in a tender loving assault. Within seconds I was feeling my contractions and muscles begin to tense up, it was like I had imagined but never felt before.
“Marcus...” I gasp, pulling away and softly clawing at his naked back.
“Let go and relax my baby...” He softly moans into my ear, gently nibbling at the soft skin of my neck. Within seconds of his words and actions I was shuddering to my peak, lightly digging my nails into Marcus’s back. This act causing his own desire to further its own peak. As my moment came and went, I began to recover not really sure what I had experienced; just that it was all I wanted and more.

Feeling me relax into his embrace told Marcus he had been correct, slowly he removed his finger; tenderly continuing to kiss me into submission.
“You okay?” He softly asked hoarsely, his throat so dry; but his desire not to move overriding his need for liquid refreshment. Nodding was the only thing I felt I could do, that and try stop the overwhelming urge to cry. I wasn’t unhappy, far from it; I just needed to cry.
“It’s okay... let it out honey.” Marcus said softly, somehow knowing what I wanted far better than I did. Laying there with Marcus still between my thighs, I cried; and he held me as I did so. Whispering soft reassurances into my ear, as he held onto me for the longest time; I knew this was something I would never regret.

And again as if he knew what I was thinking, he spoke; assuring me that I was not about to be his ‘bit on the side...’
“Ali, this; what just happened...” He began, softly choosing his words with the care he was famed for.
“It isn’t a fling or anything like that you know...” Marcus went on, knowing that I had been treated badly in the past.
“I want us... want to see you again.” His soft words lulling me into security, and security that I needed.
“Marcus ...” I tried to begin; I wanted to tell him how much I wanted to go further.
“Let me finish sweetheart... I know you feel something for me, I felt it.” He went on, softly kissing my forehead making me feel cherished.
“But I won’t hurt you... and I certainly do not want an affair either!” Marcus added, determined that I knew the truth right from the start.

“What are you saying?” I slowly asked, sure he meant something by his gently words.
“That I don’t want you to be just ‘some girl,’ that I don’t want a bit on the side or an affair...” He started to say, hoping I was not about to take his next words as negative.
“I want the divorce to be finalised before we take this; ‘us’ to that next level...” His words hung in the room for an age, his heart felt like it had been the wrong thing to say; I could feel his heart almost sag as I never answered. While the truth was all I could think about was his words, and the sincerity of them. It had been far too long since a man had meant words like that to me, and I so needed them to be true. 

“I promise to tenderly romance you every single day until we can truly be together...” Marcus softly said, his eyes looking; searching mine. The only thing left for me to do was nod and sink into his warm and tender loving arms, kissing him softly before falling into a gentle sleep. 

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