Monday, June 22, 2009

No More Santa?

Waking up this morning to that text message (thank you to whomever sent it...) was not exactly the best start to the morning.

There are a million and one things I would like to say, I'd tell everyone what a total gent you were. Or how you always could make me blush whenever you told anyone that would listen how nice I was!

I'd tell them how you could always be counted upon, and how you had so many stories to tell. I will never forget the one about the snake bite and the first aider... only glad that wasn't me!

What will the town do for a Santa now? M&S will be lost without you, so will the Cobblers! Every match will be empty now, no cheerful greeting at the top of the stairs for me to look forward to.

What will Thomas do for his Fat Controller now? I would have loved to take my little God daughter to see you, she would have had a blast... you too I am sure.

If I had one last chance to say goodbye, I'd make it last forever. If I had the chance to see you at the top of the stairs at the Cobblers, I'd hug you forever. I would make ever second count, knowing that those moments would have to last me forever.

I am glad I got to give you your birthday card and gift, I am thankful I got to speak to you before you left us.

With regret, the proudest day of my life will never be the same again; purely because you will not be there to celebrate with me. On Wed 24th of this month I shall be in St. Peter's Church to receive my long service medal with St. John, it will be the day I have looked forward to since I first joined St. John. My heart will be breaking as I am presented with it, I know you will be looking down on me with pride; but it still won't change the fact I wish you were there with me.

Thank you for always being there, for being the perfect gent and for being my Knight in shining armour. My town has just lost one of its legends...

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