Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday 24th June 2009

The proudest night of my life, but I still wish you had been there! I know you were in sprit, but in truth it still does not make things any easier! My one saving grace, (or should that be my one of many?) is that so many friends were there. My first of many thank you’s must go to my parents and Phil, cannot begin to tell you how much it meant to me to have you all there.

My second thank you must go to Michael and Margret Hill; the Mayor and Mayoress of Northampton, thank you not just for being there but also spending all that time keeping me company. Although he seemingly only popped in, thank you to John Dickie for the hug. Sorry that you could not have stayed to see me receive my service medal, and that I didn’t get to say thank you for your column in Wednesday’s Chron… it made me smile on a day when I really needed it.

Thank you must also go to Merrick Baker-Bates for giving me the reason to stay and continue what has sometimes become a “love~hate” relationship! I am glad that I made the right choice, and I have you to thank for that. Thank you to my friends and colleagues also, those of you who have always stood by me and been there for me have no idea how much it meant (or means) to me.

Finally, I want to make a special mention to all those who thought I could not do it; all those who have belittled me and put me down/turned me down and generally not thought that much of me… my service medal is testament to the fact that I am better than you will EVER think I am or can be. THANK YOU, for making me stronger and for giving me the biggest reason to NOT give up!

On a final note, I dedicate the rest of my life with St. John to my dear friends who are no longer with us; in particular John Gardner. Thank you to all who made me who I am today, and thanks especially to Peter Tate; for making me look alright in the picture!

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Kathy Smith said...

Hi, sorry to take so long to get back to you, my e-mail is and yes we should be able to help with the face painting on August 1st. E-mail me at the above address and we'll sort something out. We enjoy doing it but would be grateful if we could be allowed to say that we are from the Labour Party, tho' we would be quite happy to do it anyway.
Thanks for getting in touch,
Love and Peace, Kathy