Monday, August 24, 2009

Mr. Clarke & Mr. Dickie... a reply gentlemen!!!

Anyways, my point seems to have been lost. Yes Mr. Woods has broken the rules, yes he made an “error of judgement” etc. And as such that should and I am sure will be dealt with in the correct manner.

Yes he probably should have said sorry sooner, and maybe he should have just said he did not get round to sorting it out or whatever. He did not and shall have to live with it and deal with it in the best way that he can, that is the cross he shall have to bear.

My point is that everyone seems to be more interested in turning it into a political witch-hunt, with a lot of attention based upon back stabbing and focusing on the fact that he comes across as arrogant etc. (I’ll point your attention Tony to the conversation we had a few months back where you said, “Socially me & Tony Woods get on alright...”)

I agree that sometimes he can seem arrogant, hard to approach, cold and hard to talk too. Again, this is something he has to deal with; he will have to live with this when it matters most. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with being “different” to everyone else; what kind of world would it be if we were?

If I had believed what others say about yourselves and other council members, then this conversation would not be taking place! Life is about making your own path, choices and decisions. Had I not done this I would have lost out on a good friend in you Tony, having seen you as a stubborn bully and (in some cases) nothing more than a mindless thug...

Had I believed what others said about you John, I would have missed out on someone I could spend hours talking to and someone I could learn a lot from; having only seen you as some scruffy useless muppet. (You know I mean that with affection right? Lol...) the point is, I made my own decision about you both; I chose to come talk to you both and am glad I did so.

I am glad that I have been able to make my own mind up as to where I want to be politically, it has not always been an easy choice to make; in truth, I still am not sure 100% if it has been the right one yet... I will have to live with that though; I am told that is what being an adult is all about... (Wait, I am an adult? When did that happen and how do I make it stop?)

While Mr. Woods may have made an “error of judgement” and that he should have sorted it out sooner etc. I cannot understand why there really does seem this need to assassinate his character as a human being, why does it have to have something to do with this matter?

Is that not making the matter something of a political hand grenade? If so, have you not just proved his point that the matter is politically motivated? Did you both not feel “victimised” when all that “stuff” with the Labour party kicked off? Surely you must know what it is like to be “witch hunted” by your political rivals?

Why does it always seem to be that one party needs to “score points” off the other? And as an independent Tony, would you not want to be the “better man” in all this and be different? I can understand it in national politics, I can even understand it in the council chamber to some extent... (And for the record, I stuck up for you when Woods had a go at you that meeting about being a 5th rate councillor!) But does it always have to be about a man’s (or woman for that matter) character? Whatever happened to if they could do the job or not?

These are, however just my non-political views for what they are worth; (not much I am sure) hope no offense was caused. In my own humble opinion, while he has done wrong and will be punished for it; his character as a man is something only he can (and someday) will have to deal with. Like all of us really, only we can chose to be who we are and who we want to be!

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