Saturday, January 28, 2012

And She's Off On A Rant Again!!!

A few things that have been on my mind of late

It's been a while since I wrote anything blog like, so I thought I would get my finger out and start again… The Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday… the devil reincarnated or a good honest read; that says what people really think? I know what I think, but please discuss!!!

Why is it that when something hurts, everything else wants to join it too? When my left leg wants to hurt, my right heel wants to join in the party… then my women’s troubles wants to come along and start causing havoc, and if that wasn’t enough my head wants to pound me into submission… on top of which I manage to get caught by the mother of all colds!!! Including the full blown, blocked nose, sort throat and dry tickly cough too!! Jeez, doesn’t my body know I have a life I need to be getting on with!

Having just watched the news about youth unemployment rising, I wanted to make the point a friend made; what about dropping the youth part for those of us older than 24 years old? It should be just about the unemployment aspect, rather than just being about the yoof of today! I can understand better than most just how it feels being unemployed, that doesn’t change because you are young or old; if anything it is worse for those nearer to retirement age than youngers just out of school.

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