Saturday, January 28, 2012

Women & Men ~ Take Note.....

I wrote the following after seeing a link on Facebook a friend commented on, I did not know all the "other bits" to the link and will not be commenting on all the other stuff here. I am not sure I understand enough about all the facts to make a true opinion about the matter, I wrote this originally to say that the main basis of the "bill~that~was~not" was that I agreed with the idea of "just say no" being a viable option when it came to sex... I do not think that it should be all down to women, guys you have to take an equal amount of the thing here; after all ~ you have a part to play too! I also believe, as I will hopefully show in the below piece; that sometimes "no" is an option! It should not be about "having" to preform to feel like a woman (or man for that matter) ~ it should be about what "YOU" want, not what you "SHOULD" be doing!!! 

Having just seen a link on facebook posted by a friend regarding a female MP and her bill, I thought that I would add my own views; which may not be liked by everyone ~ but again, it’s just my views!

Nadine Dorries is MP for Mid Bedfordshire and as I can understand it put forward a bill about extra sex education lessons for young girls between 13 & 16 years old; which would include advice on "the benefits of abstinence".

Now it seems that she has withdrawn the bill, apparently causing a million and one feminists, humanists and pro-choice activists to cheer madly and wildly. I have no idea why Ms. Dorries removed the bill, which won support first time around; I also have no idea why other woman are so against this bill either. Surely the whole point of years of struggling to get equality means that we women do nothave to follow the crowd or do what people tell us to do? I don’t normally look to myself for an example; but let me put forward my view of this…

I hate sex. I have never liked it, and I doubt I ever will. Despite what people may think, despite my flirty nature and past misdemeanours, it has never been of interest to me. Now much of this I am sure is down to my hormones and constant bleeding/women troubles, but it is partly due to choice too!
What I need is other women that understand, not to feel unnatural and about as sensual as a pencil. What I need is to find one guy who doesn’t think with his dick and will be understanding, not continued pressure from all and sundry to be more of a woman.
It would be heaven to not feel like a freak just because I am not being banged every single night, or because I don’t want to be screwed by every man to walk god’s green earth!!

You know what, I actually agree with Nadine to some extent. It would be great if girls were taught that you don’t need to have sex, until you are ready. And while I am at it, why not teach young girls more about what can go wrong with their bodies; rather than just what happens when they get their man (or men) into bed… no one ever told me what happens when your bits go wrong. No one has ever said, this is normal or this is not normal. And when I have only my mother to turn to for advice, it can get very hard to not only find my voice when something goes wrong; but also understand my body and life. So instead of making the women you are fighting to gain equality for, feel like freaks; why not start supporting a full and complete sex education for women!!!

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