Friday, May 11, 2012

Bobby & Yvette... An Exercise for my Writing Class...

The task was laid out for us, take the story cubes and the two characters and write a short story based upon them... so the four of us (my friends on the table I sit at) did just that... for your enjoyment and entertainment... 

Taking their bows the actors head back to their dressing rooms while the audience take their leave, the last to leave the stage were Bobby and Yvette. The pair had only been members for two weeks, and yet here they were staring as leads in the company’s very first show; a humorous little take on Harry Potter. Although both belonged to the same Am-Dram group, both had very different reasons for being there.

“It was a good opening night...” Bobby said, as much to the room as anyone.
“Yeah... best fun ever!” Yvette answered, not really sure why she felt so much like a teenage school girl with a silly crush. With Bobby silence came a reason, he just wanted to learn and keep his head down; he had a plan and reason for being there. But Yvette never really took the hint, far too energetic for her own good.
“So what about you Bobby, why are you here?” Yvette asked softly, her timid demeanour obvious; her nerves showing through.

“What?” Bobby snapped far too cold than he actually mean, causing Yvette to jump. It wasn’t that he hated her, in truth he had no feelings for her; neither good nor bad ~ he felt detached from it all.
“I asked why you joined, like our tutor; Helen asked...” She quietly squeaked, not looking up.
“Because I wanted to learn how to act...” He replied, sighing slightly as he did so.
“I wanted to find love...” Yvette cooed, her eyelashes fluttering. Rolling his eyes was all Bobby could do before he groaned, trying not to get into anymore ‘deep’ conversations; he had somewhere to be.

Suddenly there was a loud click, like a key in a lock being turned. Both jumped, silent for a second while they trying to work out what had happened.
“Was that the door?” Bobby asked, the fear almost showing through.
“I dunno...” Yvette answered, heading to the door to check; the idea of being stuck in a room with a nice man in her forethoughts.
“Yep, we’re locked in!” Yvette said, checking the doorknob; she tired to hide the smile.
“Ahhh shi... crap!” Bobby exhaled, aware that there was a lady present with him.

“What’s wrong, don’t you like small spaces?” Yvette asked softly, wanting to know more; maybe even comfort Bobby.
“No, I hate heights you silly cow!” Bobby snaps back again, not really able to believe that he was stuck in a room with someone so dumb.
“We’re only on the second floor!” She replies, not taking the hint that Bobby was being sarcastic with her.
“You really are dumb you know!” Bobby muttered, not wanting to continue with this pointless conversation; just wanting to get home.

“Look the window is open; we can get out that way!” Yvette offered, trying not to think about what he had just said.
“We are two floors up you silly woman, how are we going to get down?” Bobby retorted, pointing to the open window and shaking his head.
“And there’s a tree right outside!” Yvette confirms, point to the big tall swaying form of a tree.
“You’re a diamond love!” Bobby gleefully says, patronising her all the time. Of course he didn’t mean it, he couldn’t care less about her; just getting to where he needed to be.

“Right, come on then; let’s go...” Bobby said, heading towards the window and tree of life. Bobby was already out and half way down the tree when he realised Yvette was not with him, his first thought was to continue; but his rationale telling him he’d have to wait for her. Sighing deeply, Bobby headed back up to the window.
“What’s the matter?” He asked, not really caring; just wanting to get her down.
“I’m scared, I can’t see anything...” Yvette timidly whispered, hopeful this would get him to be the gentleman she wanted him to be.
“Don’t be stupid, just come on!” Bobby grew tired of her whining ways, all he wanted to do was get gone; but he knew if she was found alone all manner of questions would be asked.

“Just step out and take it slow...” He tried to sound like he was being caring, but even he wasn’t that good at faking emotion. But whatever Bobby said, it must have worked; slowly and surely Yvette began to climb down the tree.
“There ya go!” Bobby said encouragingly, already on the ground before he bothered to look up again.
“Arrrggghhh...” Her scream could be heard for miles, the fear in her eyes seen easily even though it was almost pitch black outside.
“Shush...” Bobby ordered, not that it did much good mind you. Yvette was hanging from the tree, skirt round her neck; panicking like a lunatic.
“Stop screaming you daft cow...” Bobby shouted, making Yvette’s screams even louder.

But it was no good, Yvette was scared. Hanging upside down was one thing, showing her Bridget Jones knickers to all and sundry was another; but then from out of nowhere the heavens opened. Within seconds the pair of them were soaked through to the skin, moments later as the thunder rolled and the lightning struck Bobby was hightailing it out of there; running as fast as his little legs would carry him away from the situation. But now Yvette was soaked; scared, upside down and showing her knickers! She hated moments like this, horrid weather and total embarrassment.

“Miss, are you alright?” The flashlight shone over what appeared to be a bottom stuck in the tree, the security guard tried to hide his chuckles.
“Get me down from here!” Yvette squealed, not looking to the voice offering her assistance. Somehow she managed to get herself into a position that the security guard could help, if he could stop smiling and sniggering that is!
“Stop laughing!” Yvette demanded, finally looking up at the man who was trying to help.
“Sorry Miss, here let me help...” He finally managed to say, holding his arms out for her to take. As she got herself closer to the edge, Yvette was ready to get out of the tree; but something was stopping her... her skirt had got caught on part of the trees branch.

“Leap forward...” The security guard offered, holding his arms out more. And she did, and he caught her. Though neither could deny hearing the rip of her skirt, but neither would mention or care about it tomorrow morning; she had found her hero! 

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