Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Things To Say....

Something that made me happy in the last 24 hours:~

Colin. A member of St. John in Kent, though he is working with LINKs while he studies with our Uni. Oh my life he had me and my colleague in absolute stitches, I don’t know when I have met someone as funny or easy to talk to. From his genuinely interesting life, to his ability to do a fair few impressions of peoples accents; he is a genuine funny and nice guy ~ but never in my life will I look at oral sex in the same way again!!!

Sharing a Bit of Knowledge!

This is a little gem for anyone, who like me loves to send her mobile/cell phone for a swim! Yes we have all been there, not always on purpose; but we that have done this learn that phones and water do not mix!! So here’s a little tip; if your phone has been for a swim… turn it off and find an airtight container. And some rice. Now it does not matter what type or colour; just that it is dry stuff. Place phone in airtight container, fill with the dry rice and seal the container. Leave it for, ideally 48 or 72 hours; though 24 should do the trick. You should now have a fully working phone again!!!

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