Friday, April 11, 2008

So Good They Named It Twice.

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I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it - New York, New York
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it - New York, New York…

Right from the strains of the first few opening bars everyone knew the song, and everyone knew who sung it… or rather who made it famous. It was hard not to know the man they often called The Voice and it was hard not to succumb to the sound of his dulcet tones and soft voice; especially when you were such a fan of music as I am. Of course I knew who he was; he was Ol’ Blue Eyes, but of course he died in mid 1998 and sad to say I never got the chance to see him perform… that was of course until that fateful night when my life and indeed world was turned upside down.

I am by most people’s standards a normal kid with a normal life and a very normal upbringing; I guess that is why when what happened actually happened it made things even more amazing. Firstly let me tell you a little about myself; my name’s Gabby and I was born in England on the 22nd May 1977; when Ol’ Blue Eyes was coming to the latter part of his legendry career. I had a normal, if a little boring at times childhood and wonderful parents who loved me and would have given me the world had I asked them to. Both mine and his lives were always going to be so different, not only were we almost a generation apart but we also lived in very different worlds.

On the one hand he lived in the lap of luxury with everything he ever wanted right there on tap for him 24/7, while I had parents who strived for everything they had; and believe me when I say that was not much! He had such an amazing talent and friends the likes of which read like a who’s who of famous folk, while I had some good friends none of them were famous and I certainly had no talent. He was used to having the company of many a fine woman, many of whom had looks one could only dream about; while I had a rather plain look about me. Not that I could not or did not scrub up well, it was more that I would never be able to walk in the same shadow as a man such as Frank Sinatra…

However much to my surprise that day was one I would never forget for as long as I lived.

Although I can still see everything that happened clearly that day, how it happened is a little hazier to me. I can remember that I; along with my parents had taken a well-earned holiday to the Big Apple, my parents second time and my first. I can remember it being exactly like I imagined and nothing like I imagined all at the same time, and I can clearly remember saying “Wow…” and “I’m in New York!” a heck of a lot. It was two or three days into our holiday when we headed to Tiffany’s, it was somewhere Mum had always dreamt about going and somewhere she desperately wanted to buy something from. I must admit that when it came to jewellery and that sort of thing I never really saw the attraction, but then I had never been to anywhere like Tiffany’s before! I can remember being struck by not only the sheer beauty of the items for sale but also by the sheer class and elegance of the actual building, I remember travelling to the top floor and being blown away by the brilliance of the diamonds that were in ever cabinet I came to.

And that’s when things get a little hazy for me, I think it was a combinations of me not looking where I was going; not having anything to eat since the previous night and the fact I was rushing to try get round and view it all. But one minute I was fine and standing up straight the next I was feeling faint and falling to the ground, I can almost remember falling at the feet of one of the shop assistants there, and I think I could hear them asking if I was alright. But as I blacked out the one thing that stuck in my mind most was the song playing in the background, New York Now York by Frank Sinatra…

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps

To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap

These little town blues

Are melting away

I'll make a brand new start of it

In old New York

If I can make it there

I'll make it anywhere

It's up to you, New York, New York.

I must have been out cold and for some time because when I came round I found myself in a dark place and seemingly alone, but strangely enough there was still soft music playing in the background; and if I wasn’t mistaken it was the last straining bars of New York New York. As I tried to adjust to my surroundings I heard a soft sound coming from what sounded like the other side of the room, it sounded much like the sound of a man clearing his throat. As I tried to focus on the sound and my surroundings I heard the man coughed once more only slightly louder this time, in my head I knew I should feel fear but in my heart none of that came through.

“Are you ok my dear?” I heard a voice say softly, in my mind I was trying to understand what was happening so much so that I never recognised his voice first time. I had already answered him saying that I felt ok just a little weak before his voice came into my mind, it sounds just like… I thought to myself as I listened hard in the silence for any clues. But then as he lit his cigarette and I saw his face in the soft orange glow of the lighter the shock finally set in, it can’t be? He died ten years ago! Without thinking I blurted out what was on my mind, quickly realising that I would probably sound like a nut job.

“You’re Frank Sinatra! You’re meant to be dead…” He could tell by my silence that I wish I hadn’t said what I had, and I could tell by his sly smile that he thought I was a nut. I wanted and felt like I should explain, but before I had the chance into the room walked Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin; leaving me even more confused by what was happening to me. Before I had the chance to speak or even think about speaking, Frank spoke chuckling slightly as he did so.

“Hey guys, you’ll never guess what this broad thinks…” My blushes being saved only by Dean telling Frank that they had to go, with the worst confusion I had ever felt in my whole life I tried to get my head around everything that was happening.

“Where do you guys have to go?” I asked, trying to and wanting to explain what I was feeling.

“I wanted to explain to you that I’m not a nut job, I’m just a little… confused.” I continued, still trying if I was honest to understand let alone explain or find the right words.

“We are off to do our show, why don’t you come with us?” Frank said, I’m not sure if it was out of pity; interest or some kind of twisted pleasure that he invited me but I accepted nevertheless and headed off with the “Rat Pack” to the stage area where they were playing. Sitting in the front row watching them sing their songs that were still legendry in 2008 being sung as if they were being sung for the first time, I remember feeling it was all very surreal and that this was going to take some explaining; especially when I had no real idea what was happening! As I sat studying my surroundings I noticed how unlike the New York I had just been in it was, and then it happened I became acutely aware that I was not in New York anymore and that indeed I was no longer in 2008!!! I can also remember feeling like I had been hit by a ten-ton truck when it finally sunk in, so much so that I missed pretty much of the whole show thinking about what in the heck was happening.

“Are you sure you’re ok my dear?” I heard Frank ask once more, placing a hand gently upon my shoulder as the three guys sat down at the table. Looking up from my seemingly distant thoughts I looked around to see that we were the only ones left in the room, as I tried to smile the words I had been searching for all night seemed to get stuck in the back of my throat as I desperately tried to explain.

“Ok, I have to be honest with you guys; I have no idea what in the blue hell is happening here…” I began, taking a deep breath.

“All I know is that about three hours ago I was stood in Tiffany’s looking at the diamonds in 2008 and then less than 30 minutes later I find I am in the middle of God only knows where, with a man that died in 1998…” Looking up to Frank I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, and maybe that was a good thing but I knew I needed to not only find out what was happening but also why it was happening! We had all been sat in silence for a few moments before Sammy said what I guess they all were thinking, causing my mind to continue to race.

“So, let me get this straight… what year is this and where are you?” I could tell by the look on both Frank and Dean’s faces that it was meant as some kind of joke, and if I was honest I could totally understand where they were coming from. Sighing deeply I had no idea what to say or even if they would believe me, so taking out my mobile I look at the screen and show Sammy it slowly. Slowly he takes the phone, with all three men looking in awe at this contraption now in Sammy’s hands.

“Look at the screen, it will tell you the date…” I say as Sammy looks at the screen, as the shock hits him he shows it to both Frank and Dean who also take a look and become filled with the same shock.

“What year is this and where am I? If it isn’t New York and 2008…” I say as I look from one to the other, still trying to understand what has just happened to me. I could tell that the guys were still in shock so I had to repeat myself a few times before I got an answer, and to be honest it wasn’t really one I was expecting.

“You, well we are in Las Vegas and the year is 1962…” Frank said, as he looked curiously at my mobile phone. I could tell that he was fascinated by what had become almost part of our way of life; it is true that along with computers, mobile phones had become a way of life for most people in the 21st century. I wanted to tell them all that had happened over the years since they had passed away, but I also wanted to learn about why I was where I was and what was happening. I could also tell that both Sammy and Dean were finding this really hard to take in, not that I can’t say I blame them for wanting out. But as they left me sat alone in the room with Frank I knew they probably had a point, it isn’t every day you come face to face with someone telling you that your friend had died. But Frank seemed to be fascinated by it all; he seemed to have so many questions for me and as we sat in silence both of our minds was obviously filled with thoughts and questions.

“So, this…” Frank began as he pointed to my mobile phone, trying to obviously find the right words for his questions.

“Mobile phone…” I replied, as I waited for his question. In my heart of heart’s I knew there would be a million and one questions I would not only be asked but would also ask, and many of which I would not be able to answer or get the answers I wanted.

“It’s kinda like a diary then?” Frank asked as he played with the buttons, pressing one causing the phone to light up and make Frank drop it onto the table. I smiled slightly at his blue eyes with a shock in them I have to admit I found kinda cute, as he picked it up again I answered his questions.

“It’s a little more than that, but it has a calendar on it as one of its functions…” As I continued to explain and tell him what a mobile phone was I could tell he was almost hooked on my every word, as we sat alone in the room we talked about so much and would have stayed there if it wasn’t for my stomach telling me it was hungry.

“Would you like to grab a bite to eat?” Frank asked, as he motioned to the door. Nodding I follow Frank to the door and we head to the front of the hotel and the world famous Strip, all the while we talk constantly about how things have changed and the new world that has seemingly fascinated Frank.

“So what happens to Sammy and Dean, do I go before them?” Frank asked silently, as we sat in this small out of the way diner making small talk over the food as we talked. I could tell it was a question that had been on his mind since I first blurted out that he had passed away in 1998, I wanted to tell him the truth but I also felt a pang of guilt too; I had the answers that could either make or back this great man in my hands. I felt not only guilt but also a huge weight upon my shoulders, it was such a strain and responsibility that I wasn’t sure I wanted; let alone what to say to him.

“They both leave you first; I can’t tell you how hard this is for me…” I begin, realising that he too can’t be finding it easy. Pausing for a moment, I look up from my coffee and can see by the look in his eyes that he needs answers I was trying to avoid. Taking a deep breath I continue, hoping and praying that I was doing the right thing.

“Sammy did in 1990 due to complications from throat cancer…” I began softly, trying to find the correct words to say.

“Dean died of respiratory failure in 1995 as a result of lung cancer…” I could see Frank’s face; he looked as though he wanted to cry as the shock set in. I knew that if he changed his lifestyle and the other’s changed theirs; then this would all change so I tried to explain.

“I know it is hard and a lot to take in, I have the same feelings…” I began, pausing to try find the right words.

“I am still trying to get my head around the fact that I have seemingly travelled back in time; I just hope I can get back… My folks will kill me if I don’t make it; I’ve got work next week!” Trying a little humour, I was thankful it worked as Frank smiled and let out a slight laugh. Looking to me I became captivated for a moment by the blueness of his eyes, feeling like we were the only people in the world.

“So why do you think you are here?” Frank asked, as I tried to focus on something other than those blue eyes of his.

“I have no idea, I guess it has to have something with me learning something… what else could it be?” I replied as I thought about what had lead me from Tiffany’s one morning to Las Vegas one evening, about 40 years previous. As we sat and continued to talk I noticed how we were holding hands, I wasn’t sure if I had taken his hand or the other way round; but either way we were holding hands. And even though we had both obviously noticed this, neither of us felt as if we needed to let go; neither I nor Frank felt the need to say anything either, we just continued to hold each other’s hand and talk. Hours must have gone by because I can remember beginning to feel rather sleepy, so we headed back to Frank’s hotel room.

“Where are you staying?” He asked me, as we arrived back to the Sands hotel. Shrugging my shoulders I replied that I had no idea, and looking around said I guessed I would try for one of the hotels.

“Well, why not stay here? You are more than welcome…” Frank said as he gestured to his hotel room, nodding I agreed and followed him inside. It wasn’t so much that I was desperately seeking for somewhere to stay, and I did trust him; but in some way I still wanted the night to continue. As we settled inside I propped myself up against the headboard as he lay next to me on the seemingly huge double bed, we continued to talk about what the future was like.

“What happens in the future?” Frank said, as he passed over a glass of cola to me and took hold of his own glass of scotch. Taking a sip from the glass, enjoying the cool liquid as it coated my throat and the fact that by doing this it gave me time to think.

“Well, bear in mind that I was born 15 years after this concert I can’t really remember too much about the era I was born, and what I do remember may not be of interest…” I must admit that I was, at this moment in time stalling. Part of me didn’t want to tell him what was to happen; mainly due to the fact I had no idea what would happen if I did. And if I was honest I was struggling to find things to tell Frank now, but I realised he would not want to give in that easily; so I faced the situation and began to tell him about the future.

“Both JFK and his brother Robert will died way before their time…” I began, thinking it was better to get the shocking stuff out the way first.

“In the future both England and the US will be overrun by foreign nationals seeking asylum, personal computers will become very popular; as will these things…” I show him the mobile phone that he had been toying with earlier, and ask I begin to show him what it does and how it works I become aware that he is hanging on my every word. Which I must admit did feel kinda good, but also very powerful; I mean if I was evil I could make this great entertainer believe anything I wanted to!

“So, changing the subject here a little; what’s your story?” Frank asked, drawing me from my thoughts. I smiled slightly and let out a muffled snigger, sighing deeply I began to tell him about ‘my story.’

“Not really that much to tell if I am honest…” I began, realising how much I still hated talking about myself. Draining the glass I had in my hands I set the empty glass down and began to get myself comfortable next to Frank who was now laying, on his side facing me and propped up on one arm.

“I was born and raised in a small town in England, my folks are still together and even though I am in my early 20’s I still live with them…” I continued as I tried to find something interesting to tell him, truth is that my life was pretty boring in some respects. Nothing really ever happened to me, my life was always the same; boring. Which I guess is why I had such a hard time figuring out why this had happened to me, it wasn’t like all the action and good stuff happened to me. As I continued to struggle with things to tell Frank about myself I could feel a certain emotion I had not felt before, as Frank smiled I began to realise I was beginning to get feelings for him. It was not something I planned or ever imagined would or could happen, but sure enough the more we talked the stronger these feelings became.

“So what exactly were you doing before you passed out?” Frank said as he placed his empty glass down on the sideboard, his blue eyes almost burning into my soul.

“I was looking at the diamonds!” I began, smiling a little at how he smiled. As I told him what happened we both thought about why I had seemingly been transported back to this time and place, I had no links to that era or indeed Frank and his friends. There was no real reason for this to have happened; maybe it was just one of those bizarre things that just happened because.

“So, it can’t have anything to do with that; the reason you find yourself here I mean.” Frank continued, shaking my head I was still trying to think why I was here when it happened. Unexpectedly and for seemingly no real reason, Frank kissed me. Softly and slowly upon the lips, it took me by surprise to say the least but also took me through a wide range of emotions. Firstly of course there was shock, then came passion and desire. As we slowly parted lips we felt a stirring that both of us felt had been missing for a long time, for what seemed like an age we both stayed silent until we were interrupted by the door being knocked. As Frank pulled himself together slightly, I too did the same as he answered the door; it was Dean and Sammy hoping I had not left and wanting to know more about the future.

“So what happens in your lifetime that we don’t see?” Sammy asks, as they both join us on the bed; eager to learn more about my life and the future. If I was honest I still had my doubts about telling them what would happen; but having said that if something was going to happen surely it would have happened by now…

“Well one major change is the Internet and how pc’s have grown and become hugely popular…” I began, wishing I had my laptop with me so I could show them what I meant.

“When I was born pc’s were just starting out and were mainly for business and basic tasks like mathematics on a speedy basis…” I went on, surprised by the fact they all seemed to be hanging on my every word.

“In 2008 they have become so popular and truth be told most people would be lost without one now… There is also the fact that pretty much everything is run with machines and computers now!” As I sat and continued to tell them about life my mind seemed to be filled with the thoughts of what just happened between myself and Frank, and I knew his mind was on it just as much as mine was. I told them about how popular technology had become and how people seemingly could not live without it, I was trying to not only think but also keep clear of the big major events; but knew it would never be able to last. As Sammy asked me what big events would happen I knew I would have to face the situation and tell them the truth, so I started with small stuff like Hurricane Katrina and some of the natural disasters that had happened. I told them with pride how England had finally won an Ashes cricket series and also a rugby world cup too, and some of the important people that passed away; including Princess Diana and Pope John Paul II.

They of course knew I was holding back, and that it was something big; my skirting around the issue and failure to give them their answers was enough to confirm their suspicions.

“It’s can’t be that bad can it?” Dean asked as I made myself another soft drink, with Frank stood inches away I could feel the tension between us and was sure the others could too. But even when Frank touched my hand and made me jump about ten feet in the air neither Sammy or Dean noticed, all they wanted to know was what I was keep back from them. Clearing my throat slightly and trying to get the shock, and indeed passion out of my mind I finally answered them.

“On 11th September 2001 New York City; well all of America really suffers a terrorist attack… the like of which will be spoken about forever…” I began, already I knew that they were in shock; but knowing I could not stop now I continued.

“A terrorist group called al-Qaeda hi-jacked four planes and tried to attack the heart of America, firstly the White House was made a target but the passengers crashed it before it reached the target…” I had to pause, to not only gather my thoughts but also make sure they were keeping up with me.

“Another headed for the Pentagon and made a slight impact… however the biggest impact was made by two airplanes heading to California, both planes crashed into the two Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre…” Their shock was obvious, as I did my best to explain I could tell their hearts felt the same as mine.

“What happened?” Frank said softly as he cleared his throat, sitting down close next to me; causing me to feel a flutter in my heart that I had not felt in a long time. Taking a deep breath I clear my throat and begin to explain what happened that fateful day, acutely aware of Frank’s hand that was almost holding mine.

“Well, all told there were around three thousand poor souls that lost their lives that day. Not to mention the thousands of lives that are still being taken because of the war the American’s and British felt compelled to fight, like I said it is a day that will never be forgotten.” As the silence fell I became aware that Frank had now taken hold of my hand and was softly stroking the back of it. It began the butterflies to stir inside of me again; I began to become almost overwhelmed by not only my emotions but also my thoughts when Frank gently squeezed my hand. I also became aware that Dean, Sammy and Frank were talking; only thing was that my mind just could not focus. My mind was filled with emotions and feelings I had not felt in a long time, if truth be told many of these feelings were new to me. As my mind wandered I managed to catch Frank telling Sammy and Dean what happened when I came to find myself transported back to their time, noting how he still had not released my hand from his gentle grip.

“It’s as if she needs to find her purpose for being here I guess…” Sammy half said and half thought, as Frank nodded looking to me. All I could do was smile and nod, to be honest my heart was still in my mouth from that kiss and the fact Frank still had hold of my hand.

“Well, it seems only fair that we look after the young lady; right Frank?” Dean said, smiling warmly towards me. Smiling back I silently nod my thanks, while Frank tells me where they were headed next.

“We are heading back to New York for a small concert at Carnegie Hall, I am sure the guys would be as honoured as I would be if you would join us?” Frank said, as he gently caressed the back of my hand. Knowing that I could no longer deny my feelings and longing, I gladly excepted as Frank continued to tell us what would happen. Although if I am honest he lost me half way through, as once more his fingers softly manipulated their way into my heart. I had so many things going through my mind that I almost felt like my head would explode if I went through anything else, but of course I knew my luck and I know that this could very well only be the beginning of a very hectic time for me. As the night drew on and dawn began to break both Sammy and Dean had fallen asleep, leaving myself and Frank alone once more. And once more in silence and both wondering what to say, we had both been sat in silence for a while before Frank made the first move; pulling me into his warm embrace and gently holding me there.

Neither of us spoke or even felt the need to speak, just feeling the emotions that were seemingly flowing from us. As we continued to hold each other I remember feeling a wash with tiredness all of a sudden, and as Frank softly caressed my back I closed my eyes. Within moments I felt myself drift off into dreamless sleep, but moments later I was being rudely woken by someone shaking me. To my surprise and slight disappointment when I came to there was no Frank, Sammy or Dean; only the sales assistant that I had fallen to the feet of when I first passed out. As I came to I adjusted to the fact I was back in Tiffany’s and being tended to by some very concerned looking sales assistants, as I tried to think and get my mind straight I was handed a cup of coffee and a bag; inside which was my favourite bagel. Sitting eating the smoked salmon bagel and drinking the hot cup of coffee I tried my best to understand what had just happened to me; admittedly I wasn’t doing too well with it. As I finished my “breakfast at Tiffany’s” and had thanked the staff I headed out onto Fifth Avenue, with my mind still very much with Frank and the others I never saw him heading in the other direction.

The first either of us knew about anything was as I went crashing into his solid chest, almost causing him to fall. As I apologised I had yet to look up fully and never saw his face, but he sure had seen mine; cutting me off before I had the chance to continue he spoke.

“Either you are in a major rush or your mind is on other things?” His deep southern accent well known to me, and as I looked up to him I saw that his face was too. His piercing blue eyes reminded a lot of Frank’s, even down to the fact that at that moment they seemed to be burning a whole into her soul. Realising I had been struck dumb again, I smiled; cleared my throat and said the first thing that came into my mind.

“Oh my God; you’re HBK!” Rolling my eyes into the back of my head the moment I said it and feeling the idiot I must have been didn’t stop him from smiling and trying to make me feel better, checking over his shoulder with a deadpan look then grinning he spoke.

“I know, just don’t tell anyone ok?” Chuckling to himself, he held his hand out and spoke again.

“My real name’s Michael, it’s a pleasure?” As I took his hand I smiled and took a deep breath before introducing myself, and apologising for stating the obvious.

“Hello Michael, my name’s Gabby; it’s a pleasure to meet you… I’m sorry about stating the obvious; I have just had a really bizarre day already!” Tilting his head to one side slightly, Michael gave his legendry cheeky smile and invited me to walk with him. Smiling and accepting, as we walked I tried to explain the best I could that it was a long story, in all honesty I wasn’t sure anyone would believe me if I started to tell them what I had just experience; least of all Shawn Michaels.

“I like long stories, kinda reminds me of my own life!” Michael said as we continued to walk, not really anywhere in particular just walking. Smiling slightly I took a deep breath and went to speak, but then Michael bumped into his best friend Paul; better known as Triple H. Smiling politely and greeting Paul I stayed tight lipped while the two friends talked, hoping I could find a way to not explain why I’d had such a strange day. As the three of us headed into a bar we were just about to pass I felt as though I had gotten away without talking about my day when Michael brought it up again, hardly allowing me to sit down let alone think.

“I dunno if you’d both believe me if I told you?” I said as I sighed deeply, realising that I could no longer avoid the subject.

“Of course we would…” Paul said, as his wife Stephanie came into the bar and introduced herself. After greeting her, Paul filled her in and now I found myself sat in the company of three people just dying to hear about my day. So taking a deep breath I sigh and begin to tell the three of them just what I had been though, realising that the worst that could happen is I’d be laughed at.

“… and then I found myself back here and bumping into Michael. See I told you, crazy and you’ll never believe me!” I finished saying, as the three sat there in silence. I sighed once more, waiting for them to all burst out laughing and wishing I was back in Frank’s warm; safe embrace. When Michael spoke, I was kinda shocked; but pleased he had spoken.

“Wow, you are having a strange day!” I must admit I wasn’t prepared for them to understand so much, so it kinda caught me off guard. As the three friends sat silently for a little while in contemplation as I did my best to keep my mind off the fact that my ears detected the smooth soulful sounds of a sad song sung by Frank in the background.

Where are you

Where have you gone without me

I thought you cared about me

Where are you

Where's my heart

Where is the dream we started

I can't believe we're parted…

As I listened harder I heard the words on the radio and felt a pang of pain deep inside of my chest, unsure what these feelings I was having meant.

Where are you

When we said good-bye love

What had we to gain

When I gave you my love

Was it all in vain

All life through

Must I go on pretending

Where is my happy ending…

Before I knew what was happening I was more interested in the sentimental words flowing from the radio, I never noticed Michael, Paul and Stephanie watching me intently.

Where are you

When we said good-bye love

What had we to gain

When I gave you my love

Was it all in vain

All life through

Must I go on pretending

Where is that happy ending

Where are you

Where are you…

As I became so deeply engrossed in Frank’s song I never noticed I had begun to cry, and as the song came to an end my tears just flood from my weary eyes. But the first I knew about it was Michael asking if I was ok and offering me a tissue, trying to bluff my way out of it I said yes and tried to make like I had something in my eyes. Of course it never worked, I don’t think I ever really believed or thought that it would.

“It’s ok to cry Gabby, man I would too if I was having your crazy day!” Steph said, as she passed me another tissue. Taking the tissues and thanking her I nod, with my mind still in two places I try my best to look like I am still with it. Somehow I managed to get through a good hour in their company before I felt the need to be alone and try to gather my thoughts, so smiling and thanking them for their company I made my excuses and went to leave.

“Hey Gabby…” Michael called after me as he quickly caught up with me outside the bar; smiling to a few fans, he stopped to speak to me.

“I know it may be hard to understand but sometimes we just have to go where our hearts take us…” Michael began; smiling towards me warmly as he gently touched my arm in support.

“God knows what he’s doing, and just keep believing you will find the answers you are looking for.” He continued, as we said our goodbyes. As I head off in the general direction of Central Park, I had no real idea where I was going only that I needed some time alone; with all that had happened today I needed to relax and find some space.

Not even five minutes ago she was laying there in his arms, five minutes ago he had felt contented for the first time in a very long time. But now here he sat alone and feeling very lonely, one of the world’s greatest talents; feeling almost suicidal. In all honesty his heart was breaking and he felt so dejected, he long to feel her in his arms again; to see her smiling face and beautiful eyes again. He now fully understood how she must have been feeling, as he sat trying to not only understand why she had left but also get his head around his own feelings. Dean and Sammy had yet to wake, and if he was honest Frank was not looking forward to all their questions. Dressing and packing his things quickly Frank left a note telling the guys he would meet them at Carnegie Hall and headed off for The Strip, and to try find the answers he longed for. Frank had seemingly been walking for miles when he came to this little road side diner, walking in the only one who turned to face him was the girl behind the counter; certainly a refreshing change thought Frank as he sat himself down at a table out of the way.

“What can I get you honey?” The waitress asked, bring Frank from his thoughts. Without thinking Frank replied, saying what was on his mind.

“The woman of my dreams to come back to me…” Realising quickly what he had said, Frank tried to smooth the moment over and asked for some coffee and a breakfast. Without giving the waitress a chance to answer let alone think, Frank put his head down and continued to try and understand what he had just been through. Reaching into his pocket for his cigarettes Frank pulled them out but also brought with them Gabby’s pendant, she had been playing with it absentmindedly as they talked and held each other. Frank smiled as he remembered how he had be transfixed almost by it and how it caught the light, for something that wasn’t diamonds and to him was so unique Frank couldn’t stop touching it. He remembered how Gabby had taken it off and handed it to Frank, telling him how she had obtained it and the story behind it. As he lightly caressed the pendant he felt a sharp pang in his heart, wishing that he had been allowed more time with her; more time to talk about life and their feelings. As the waitress brought the coffee and food, Frank thanked her and continued to think about the stories Gabby had told him last night.

Playing with the pendant Gabby had just handed to him, Frank studied how it sparkled and shone.

“So what’s the story behind it?” Frank said as he sat holding Gabby, who shifted slightly in his arms before speaking.

“It’s said to hold mystical powers for the owner…” Gabby began, inhaling the scent wafting up from Frank’s chest.

“It is said that a Knight from the Order of St. John of Jerusalem gave it to his sweetheart, but as he journey to her he stopped to help some people who kinda ‘blessed’ the pendant as a thank you.” Frank’s silence told Gabby he wanted to hear more, so she continued.

“It is said that this Knight belong to the Knights Hospitaller/Templar, and that the pendant was especially made for him and his sweetheart.” Gabby began to absentmindedly stroke Frank’s side gently, causing him to feel a passion that he had been missing for a long time.

“It is said that the holder of this pendant will have, compassion, kindness, true love and friendship, good fortune and good luck…” As the silence fell between them, both of their minds were filled with thoughts of the Knight and his sweetheart.

He couldn’t explain it, but Frank suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to cry. Although he loved Nancy, Frank knew that he could never stay completely faithful; especially when he was on the road so much. If he had been thinking straight Frank would have seen that Gabby was just like the other women he’d known, at least that what his brain was trying to tell him. His heart, however was telling him different. Somehow and somewhere Frank just seemed to know that Gabby was the kind of woman you only heard about in dreams and fairytales, but then again maybe she was part of a dream; after all she had gone as quickly as she had come and all out of the blue! How could it all have felt so real Frank thought to himself, not really sure of anything anymore. As Frank finished his breakfast and left he walked back to the hotel, walking along The Strip his mind was still firmly on Gabby. So much so that he never saw her walking towards him, both with their heads firmly down and in their own little worlds. The first either knew about the other was when the pair had collided into each other, both speechless as they looked up to one another; both wishing the other was someone else.

I was not really too sure, where I was headed, all I knew is that I was heading towards Central Park and that I needed to get my head straight. Although with the life I had been having of late, that could be easier said than done, and of course, I was all too well aware of how THAT story ended up! As I wandered through Central Park, my mind was jumping between Frank, the three wrestlers I had just met and thinking of what Michael had said about following my heart. It actually made some sense to me, only trouble was that my heart was telling me to go for it with Frank; of course that would be a little hard with the fact that in my lifetime he was dead and in his I was not even born yet! In addition, of course there was the small matter of just why I had ended up in the 1960’s, and why I had come back so quickly. Finding an out of the way shady area I sat down on the cool grass and closed my eyes while taking a deep breath, I inhaled the beautiful spring scent that surrounded me. As my mind wandered, I began to think about my past and all I had been through, but not matter how hard I tried my mind still kept going back to Frank and that night’s kiss.

“I’m so sorry my dear…” Frank was finally able to say, once he had gotten over the disappointment that she was not Gabby. Blushing slightly, she smiled and silently sighed before replying.

“It’s fine, really. I wasn’t looking where I was going, had my mind on other things.” Holding her hand out timidly, she blushed shyly as she continued.

“My name’s Dana, pleased to meet you…” Frank could tell she was shy and almost afraid of him, for a few seconds he half wished that she had made the same impression that Gabby had when they first met. His mind wasn’t focusing on her if he was honest and although he could see she was clearly talking to him, Frank couldn’t hear a word she was saying. His heart wasn’t really into it and he wasn’t in the mood for company, trying to smile in the right places Frank’s mind was firmly back with Gabby wishing she was still in his arms.

“So what’s your story?” Dana asked, bringing Frank from his daydream. Smiling slightly Frank took a deep breath and thought about what he was about to say, exhaling loudly as he did so.

“It’s a long story… a very long and complicated story.” Frank replied, hoping it would be enough to deflect her questions. Smiling to herself, Dana knew that he wasn’t telling the whole truth and decided to probe further.

“They are the best kinda stories, why not sit down and tell me all about it?” He had to admit that he was dying to get it all off his chest, but realised he may sound like a nut job too most people. Taking another deep breath, he decided to test the water first.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” He tentatively asked, trying to think of his next questions and how he could tell her of that previous nights activity. All Dana did was to nod silently, wondering where this conversation was headed.

“And do you believe that if two people can fall in love that love can also stand the test of time?” If Frank was honest with himself his heart and mind were still else where, his heart was breaking and he wished with all he had that he could be back in her loving arms.

“I do, but what are you trying to tell me Frank?” It was the first time she had called him by his first name, truth be told it was the first time in a long while that a stranger had called him by his first name; most people were scared of him when they first met him.

“Something happened to me last night, something I don’t really understand; but it has left me feeling… empty inside.” Frank said softly, still unsure if she would believe him. Even though the pair had only just met something inside of Frank told him he could tell Dana his fears, and that same something made Dana feel safe and comfortable in Frank’s company. The pair sat down outside by the Sands hotel where Frank had just come from earlier, taking a deep audible breath he spoke.

“Last night a woman’s fearful cry brought me to this young lady and when she fell into my arms I felt like I had to help her…” Frank began, never taking his eyes from the floor in front of him as he continued to tell his story.

“She woke soon after I had taken her up to my room, her first words were; ‘oh my God you’re Frank Sinatra’ and then she told me I was meant to be dead…” Frank went on trying to not sound like a total nut job, hoping he wasn’t failing. Dana silence told him that she was either listening because she believed him, or silent because she couldn’t believe him.

“… and that’s when I kissed her for the first time, I don’t know what came over me or why I felt the urge to kiss her; I just did.” Frank had nearly come to the end of her story and still Dana was silent, Frank wasn’t sure if he should continue.

“Anyway, we had hardly drifted off to sleep when I woke up again; only this time it was to find that she was no longer by my side. Ever since then I have been trying to get my head around it all, told you it was a long story!” Frank finished and tried to let out a little laugh, but truth was he was convinced that Dana thought he was some kinda nut.

Dana had been sitting there, quietly listening to Frank talk with passion about this mysterious woman he had so obviously fallen for almost for an hour and if she was honest with herself she knew exactly how he was feeling. Hearing Frank sighing deeply caused Dana to look over to him, here was one of the worlds most famous singers sat looking totally lost and dejected.

“It’s ok Frank, I know how you are feeling and I totally understand; and no I don’t think you are a nut…” Dana began, smiling and letting out a small laugh before continuing.

“Sometimes love doesn’t make sense, it’s a lot like life… Just smile because it happened, don’t cry because it’s over.” Touching the back of his hand caused Frank to sharply inhale, not because he felt any passion but because he remembered how Gabby had done much the same that previous night. Nodding slightly, Frank didn’t totally understand but had to agree it did make sense to him. The time had gone really fast and pretty soon Frank was well aware that he needed to be back in New York City and fairly soon, and after saying his goodbyes to Dana; was heading off back to NYC.

Back in Central Park, I was still sat in quiet contemplations, when I sensed the change in the air temperature. As I shivered with the chill in the air, I sighed aloud wishing that I could make sense of it all but realising in all honesty that I may never find the truth. Getting to my feet, I began to take a slow walk back to the hotel we were staying at. Like the first time I came to New York, we were staying at the Holiday Inn on West 57th, which was central to all the places I wanted to visit. One of which was Carnegie Hall, but my mind had yet to register that fact. With my mind still firmly with Frank and back in 1962 still I was walking back into the hotel room before I knew it, with my folks asking where I had been all day. It was the second time that day I had been backed up into a corner for answers that I was struggling to give myself, so I did my best to bluff my way through the questions and headed off to shower. As the water rained down upon my body I could feel the strain of my day washing away, but still the thoughts came; and then my mind began to focus on something that I had seemingly forgotten about until now. I had just come out of an abusive relationship and I kept having these reoccurring dreams for a while afterwards, they would start and end in the same way and I would always be left wondering what had happened as well as if I would ever be free from them.

It would start with an attack of some kind; after I had witnessed this, the attacker would turn his attentions to me and begin to chase me. But before the attacker could catch up with me, I would always wake up with a Frank Sinatra song running through my mind and no real idea why, maybe the dreams were all part of what had happened last night. As I turned off the shower and began to dry myself those dreams were still in the forefront of my mind, so much so that I did not hear my folks speaking to me at first. I just agreed and began to get ready, not realising that my dreams would soon be settled. As I dressed time passed by quickly and pretty soon the time for us to leave for our night out had arrived, sighing deeply I bemoaned at the fact that I did not really want to go.

“Come on now Gabby…” My father said, gesturing to Mum to wait up for us.

“You know we had arranged this for your birthday, you always said you wanted to go Carnegie Hall… and Aunt Dana will be there.” Dad always knew how to make me feel guilty, so smiling I follow them to Carnegie Hall not really thinking but with my mind elsewhere. The walk took us a little over 20 minutes, mainly because I was dragging my feet; still thinking of other things. Finally we arrived at Carnegie Hall and greeted my Aunt Dana before taking our seats, Dana was not my Aunt by blood; more of a ‘virtual’ Aunt. Made into one of my Godparents, Dana had always been there for me and had never forgotten about me. No matter how bad I was feeling she always knew how to make it better, and would always have the right answers for any questions I had. However, I knew that this might be all too much for even her to believe; so quietly I sat pretending to listen to all my parents and Aunt said. Out the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw Michael and Hunter so made my excuses and left to seek them out. Wandering outside I had no idea what dangers I was heading into, in fact if I had been thinking straight I would have never gone down that darken alleyway beside the Hall; but I was not thinking straight.

I had already reached half way and the alley was almost pitch black, still I never saw the dangers until too late. It all happened so quickly; one moment I watched how this figure dressed in black attacked this helpless woman, the next calling for him to stop. If I had been thinking straight I would not have called out, had I been thinking straight I would have run away the second after he had looked up; but I was not thinking straight. He was already within feet of reaching me when I had realised I needed to run away, turning to run I was almost out of the alleyway when I felt him catch up with me. I never felt him grab hold of me, but as I felt the sharp blow to the back of my skull and the intense pain that followed; I knew he had caught up with me. I can remember I just had time to yell out with fear and pray I would be ok before I fell unconscious, I don’t remember much other than being dragged back deeper into the darken alleyway. With fear in my heart I as I awoke I could just make out his figure becoming blurry as he got ready to do goodness-knows-only-what to me, as I shut my eyes tightly I braced myself for the inevitable end that I felt would be coming.

As Frank walked into the dressing room without Gabby by his side, he knew by the look Sammy and Dean gave each other that the question would come soon. And he was right, after nearly 30 seconds of him putting his bag down the questions had started.

“So, where’s Gabby?” Dean asked, as he looked around just to add affect to his question. Shaking his head, Frank answered sadly.

“I don’t know Dean, one minute she was there and the next she wasn’t.” Hoping that would be the end of it but knowing otherwise Frank tried to get ready for the show but if he was honest with himself, he knew he did not real want to go out on stage.

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Sammy asked, as Frank sighed audibly.

“Did you fall out?” Sammy added, looking to Dean who was always up on his feet.

“Did you make a pass at her?” Dean said, meaning it as a joke but realising something else had happened when Frank shot him one of his legendry looks.

“Look guys, all I know is that we were all talking and then after you had fallen asleep so did we and when I woke; Gabby wasn’t there.” Frank said, almost pleading with his friends to drop it. But when they would not Frank took drastic measures and walked out of the dressing room, no real idea where he was going just that he had to go somewhere. As Frank walked to God-only-knows-where he felt the same emptiness he had felt all day, he had to admit he could not understand it; could not see how he could have fallen so hard and so quickly for a stranger. As he continued to walk all Frank thought about was Gabby and how he wish he had more time with her, his mind was so focused on her that he nearly didn’t hear her fearful cry. Stopping dead in his tracks for a moment Frank silently listened for the sound that had caused him to stop in the first place, as he heard it again he quickly searched for where it had come from. Finding it and without thinking Frank rushed off to this woman’s aid, without thinking he had no idea what he would find; only that he needed to help.

As Frank called for the figure to leave the woman alone he had yet to reach her side or even see who she was, even when he was at her side it took him a few moments to realise it was Gabby. The moment he realised a sick feeling entered his stomach, the blood had drained from his face for a few moments before he gently picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the dressing room. Unlike before when Frank had entered the room, now Sammy and Dean rushed around like clucking Mother hens trying to help.

(The next part is written from my POV… and is in italic)

While I was drifting in and out of unconsciousness I could just about see Frank and almost hear him, but it was his soft touch that made me acutely aware that he was by my side. As he gently lay me down on what I could only guess was a sofa I could hear both Sammy and Dean rushing around trying to help Frank, who was clearly having some trouble trying to stay calm. During a moment when I was almost coming to I could feel Frank silently shed a small tear upon my cheek, it all some seemed to help me come from my catatonic state.

“Oh God Gabby, I thought I had lost you for a moment there… Are you ok?” Frank said the relief obvious in his eyes and face as I slowly began to open my eyes. I felt to week to speak or even move so I tried my best to smile, this alone took a lot of energy. But was all worth it to see Franks relieved smile, while Dean and Sammy left us to talk Frank continued to look after me. Neither of us spoke, neither of us needed to; we both sat in comfortable silence for a few moments.

“What happened Gabby?” Frank said sadly, looking away for a moment; trying to quell his tears.

“I don’t know…” I answered quietly and honestly, wanting to say so much more I could not find the words. Without warning, Frank pulled me into his arms and held me there tightly and although I was shocked, I never complained I just held him back; I needed to be held at that moment in time. After a long time I began to stir and spoke, causing Frank to loosen his arms from around my waist.

“I think I know why I was here with you the first time, but I can’t say it will make any sense!” I was about to tell Frank all when Dean walked back into the room, inform us that Frank was due on stage.

“Why don’t you come sit at the front and watch?” Frank said, nodding I slowly got to my feet and tried to follow; but being a little unsteady on my feet still, Frank helped me to the stage. Joining Sammy and Dean Frank smiled over to me as one of the ushers took me to the table at the front of the stage, smiling back, I sat and watched Frank, Sammy and Dean put on their world famous show. It was Sammy that sang first, a slow number called; What Kind of Fool Am I? I had heard his, along with Frank and Dean voices many times before on the radio and TV; but never had it sounded quiet like the way I was hearing it tonight. Pretty soon, the song had ended and Dean was being introduced; walking onto the stage with his trademark glass of scotch in his hand.

“And here he is Ladies and Gentleman, straight from the bar; Dean Martin…” The crowd all cheered loudly as he was introduced, smiling and taking the mic from Sammy he began to sing the opening bars from a song made famous by Tony Bennet called; I Left My Heart In San Francisco. With Dean singing it the only way he could, I could not help buy laugh along with the audience as Dean sang the wrong words. But if the truth was told it was Frank I wanted to hear sing, he always had what I classed as the voice of an angel but now more so than ever I felt like his voice was truly a Godsend. As Sammy stood on the stage trying to make Dean laugh Frank came onto the stage, I could feel my heart skip a beat; I felt like a lovesick teenager… I never knew anyone could ever have this affect on me, let alone someone who was meant to have died 10 years previous! Dean had finished singing by the time my mind had stopped thinking about Frank, as he took the mic and thanked Dean he smiled directly at me; causing the butterflies to start again. Frank began to sing a song I had not heard before, looking around and then to Frank’s two colleagues on stage I realised nobody else had either. As he continued to look directly at me as he sung, I realised that Frank was singing this song not at me; rather for me.

Hey there pretty angel where have you gone.

You with your good heart and soft tender touch.

You with your sad blue eyes.

Where have you gone?

Here I am just sittin’ here thinking.

Thinking about your love and how I miss you so.

How you showed me true love and how to love again.

I miss you so; miss your smile; your face; your heart.

Oh, my love come back to me.

Oh, my dear sweet angel know I miss you so;

Know that my heart is yours.

For now and always, my heart belongs to you.

With me in my world and you in yours;

Know that I will always love you;

And that my heart belongs to you.

My heart and soul will always be yours.

Know this much my dear sweet angel;

Whatever may part us,

Whatever may come between us;

Wherever you may go, I belong to you.

Hey pretty angel, where have you gone?

As the song came to an end I realised Frank had not taken his eyes from mine as he sang, it was as if they were glued to mine. The rest of the night went quickly with the three friends doing their normal routine and singing the songs that had made them famous over the years, although I had enjoyed the show I must admit my heart wanted it to be over; but of course that was just because I wanted to spend more time with Frank. Soon I was heading back to the dressing room with Frank and the boys, acutely aware that Frank was following the others and trying to make the walk back last for as long as he could. Or maybe he was trying to make the whole night last, the last time we had spent time together we both fell asleep and both of us missed the chance to say how we truly felt. As Sammy and Dean headed off for the dressing room, Frank held back a little and soon we both had come to a standstill. Gently he took my hand and enquired if I was feeling any better, nodding slowly I showed him the bump that was now forming and told him I would live.

“I loved that song you sang Frank…” I began, smiling up into his bright blue piercing eyes; I had forgotten how much I had missed them when I had first met him.

“It was a new song right?” I asked, as I lent up against the nearby wall. Frank nodded and replied, as he moved slightly towards me; still holding my hand in his.

“Yeah, I have a confession to make… I find the lyrics early this morning.” Frank replied as he moved closer still, a soft smile and tenderness in his eyes.

“I just thought I would sing it when I saw you smile at me out there tonight… it just felt right.” Frank continued, softly he touched my cheek with the back of his finger; causing tiny electrical chargers to run through the skin. My silence told him that I was still in shock, so as Frank moved a little closer still he spoke softly.

“I hope you didn’t mind me making it ‘your song’? It just seemed right.” Frank went on to say, but I could hardly hear him for all the beating my heart was doing in my chest and ears I had trouble hearing him speak. By now his lips were almost brushing my cheek and I have to admit this alone was killing me inside, I needed and wanted him to kiss me again; I could not explain it I just felt it. Then as he pulled back slightly and as if he knew what I was thinking, Frank gave a little smile and softly kissed my lips. In that moment time stood still for me and I can clearly remember feeling things I had never felt before, I was acutely aware of the rising emotions in both of us that moment. As our lips parted, I knew that no matter what happened or when I returned to my own time, I knew I would never forget that moment; or indeed that kiss. Neither of us needed to speak, we both just seemed to know what the other was feeling, as we both smiled at each other we headed back to the dressing room.

Sat back in the dressing room Sammy and Dean were all but ready so the three of us sat talking while Frank showered and changed, there was no real subject we spoke about; just more chitchat I guess but the conversations always seemed to flow. They of course asked about what happened and why I seemed to disappear for a while, as I explained I tried to avoid answering the questions I knew would obviously be on their minds. Truth be told I wanted Frank to hear my thoughts first, I was still unsure why it had all happened now and not when I started to have the dreams. The moment they asked me I quickly changed the subject and spoke about the future and what it held for not just them, but also humanity in general; I knew that this was the best way I had of defecting their questions. Just as I felt their questions about to turn back to why I felt I was there, Frank came back into the room and the four of us headed back to the Waldorf=Astoria where they were all staying that night. None of us felt like retiring so we sat in the hotel bar talking for most of the night, both Frank and myself were aware that time may not be on our side and made our excuses to head off to the room.

Although I knew he wanted to ask Frank stayed silent as soon as we got into Franks room, talking but also giving me time and space. If I was being honest with myself though I was also giving Frank time to find the words he needed to say whatever her felt he needed to say, truth be told we both needed to talk.

“What is the song you sang for me called Frank?” I asked as we relaxed upon the plush king size bed that seemed to be the focus of a whole room that was lavishly laid out, the interior was in keeping with the whole theme of the hotel; luxurious and elegant. The room Frank was staying in was more like an apartment back home, it was one of their Luxury Suites all decked out with deluxe luxurious accommodation and overlooking Park Avenue. The whole room seemed like something out of an old-fashioned film where the movie star is hugely rich and has a room at the local hotel that looks like the penthouse suite, I have to admit had I stayed much longer I would have felt like a movie star myself.

“It doesn’t have a name yet…” Frank began, looking up at me with his blue eyes. Looking at him questioningly, Frank continued to explain.

“When I said it was a song I came across, I meant that it was a new song… as I sat thinking about you and how I felt I just began to write the feelings down, and this is what I came up with.” He was silent for a while, not able to face me.

“What are you trying to tell me Frank?” I asked, as my mind raced. In truth though I guess I knew what he was saying, but my past had taught me never to take anything for granted and to expect the unexpected. Without another word Frank moved towards me slowly, taking my hand in his he spoke softly.

“That it’s your song…” Pausing both of us knew he wanted to say more, after a few moments he continued.

“I can’t say that I understand it all, but you know that I have a lot of feelings for you; don’t you?” I could tell Frank was almost stalling and almost skirting around the words he wanted to say, wanting to make things easier on him I wanted to tell him I felt the same; as I went to explain there was a knock at the door. As Frank answered I could tell by how he stood and answered that something was wrong, it would not take me long to find out either. Thanking the person at the door, Frank shut the door and headed back to the bed with a look on his face I could not place.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as he sat beside me, he was silent before answering.

“Why do you think you came to be here?” Frank asked, it was as if he asked this but meant something else; so I answered him the best I could. Explaining about my past and how my then boyfriend had turned to abuse and beat me after losing his job and hitting the bottle, I told Frank of how I began to have these reoccurring dreams.

“The dreams start when I find myself in a dark place, I’m not sure where it is or what I am doing there, only that the place seems to be completely pitch black…” I begin as Frank comes and lays on the plush bed next to me, taking my hand softly in his I continue.

“As my mind beings to focus I can sense things changing all the time, I could sense the chill in the air which told me I could be outside; and although there was silence around me to start with this began to change too.” Frank never once took his eyes from my own, although sometimes I felt that I had to look away to gather my thoughts.

“After a few moments I figured that I was in a very dark part of an alleyway, with no idea why I began to search around trying to find some answers…” I continued, closing my eyes for a moment I am taking right back to the dreams. Usually when I would have them I would be afraid, but with Frank holding me my fears never surfaced.

“Suddenly the silence is broken by a woman’s fearful cry for help, seconds later I see the woman being attacked by a guy dressed in black…” Frank can tell that I am finding it hard and beings to gently caress my back, softly reassuring me all the time.

“Without thinking I call out for him to stop and as he stops and looks over to me I immediately being to regret it, he slowly heads towards me causing my mind to panic…” I continue, sighing deeply with each gentle caress Frank delivers to my body.

“By the time my mind has woken up to the fact that I am in danger the masked man was already almost within reach, as I turned to flee I ran as fast as I could to get to the main street…” I pause for a moment, trying not to be overwhelmed by the moment.

“I could see the safety of the street ahead of me and I was within a few hundred feet of getting there when I felt a pair of hands grab me roughly, seconds later and before I could cry out I felt a sharp blow to the back of my skull; followed moments later by an intense pain…” I went on before I paused, my silence went on for a while and I’m sure Frank was concerned. Clearing his throat slightly, Frank spoke softly.

“What happened then?” Smiling softly at Frank, I touched his cheek gently as I continued to explain about my dream.

“I don’t know Frank, every time I get to that bit I would wake up with one of your songs; normally My Way or New York New York playing on the radio. It’s always the same and each time I had no idea why it happens…”

“Until now, right?” Frank said, nodding I agree.

“So who was that at the door? Something tells me it was about my dreams?” I asked, as Frank nodded in agreement.

“”Apparently some woman was attacked in the alleyway where I found you, the guy who attacked her was disturbed and ran off… The police wanted to know if either myself; Dean or Sammy had seen anything.” Frank said, pausing before looking up at me and continuing.

“You saved her life Gabby.” He said softly, gently touching my cheek with the back of his hand. Sitting there my mind was still on what Frank had said and that I had indeed saved someone’s life, I became aware of why I was there. It had never occurred to me that I could actually save someone’s life, my mind was still thinking about it when I felt Frank softly touch my cheek. Smiling up at him there were no words needed for that moment, just a sense that we both knew how we felt. As we got comfortable next to each other on the huge plush king size bed Frank took me gently into his arms, holding each other for ages and hardly moving our positions. Tenderly he caressed my body, softly we kissed and slowly I could feel myself falling deeper in love with him.

“You know I am never going to forget you, don’t you?” Frank finally said, after a long silence. Nodding was all it took from me for him to understand, kissing my forehead softly and taking a deep breath he continued.

“I love you Gabby, always will…” Closing his eyes, Frank settled down and gently pulled me close.

“I love you too Frank and will never forget you either…” I replied, closing my eyes and settling down also. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would fall asleep again, pausing for a moment I continued.

“Goodbye Frank… Thank you.” Was all I could manage, seconds later my eyes began to shut completely I heard Frank reply.

“Goodnight my Darling Gabby…” Both of us knew we would more than likely never see each other again, but somehow neither of us felt sad.

(Back in 2008)

As I slowly come to my mind began to focus I knew instantly that Frank was no longer by my side, which made me well aware that I was back in 2008; what I didn’t know was where or how I was.

“Gabby?” I almost heard a faint voice say, I was trying to picture the voice when I heard it again; only this time a little louder.

“Gabby… are you ok?” Slowly I began to open my eyes and focus slightly more, I mumbled some sort of an answer as I continue to try get my head awake.

“I dunno… where am I?” They could just about make out what I said, their relief on their faces was obvious; if I could have seen them anyway!

“Man, we thought we’d lost you back there! Paul saw you leave and tried to call after you, so we followed…” At last it clicked where I was, finally I knew where that voice was from… Michael and Paul had thankfully been there when I needed them, and I was more than grateful. Thanking them silently my eyes were now open and I was trying to get up from the bed and asking what had happened.

“When we got to you, you were near the top of the alleyway and some masked dude was standing over you…” Michael began, as he tried to help me stand up.

“We called out for him to leave you alone, which he did; and then we brought you back here.” Paul added, as he come to Michael’s aid as I begun to get unsteady on my feet.

“Where’s my parents and Aunt? Are they ok?” I ask, holding onto Michael and Paul before I slowly sit down on the edge of the bed.

“Steph has gone to get them, don’t worry they’ll be here any moment now.” Paul said, as he helped Michael get me sat on the bed. Nodding my thanks, I sat on the bed and tried to come too.

“Did you ever get that thing sorted Gabby?” Michael asked me, looking slightly confused he explained a little more.

“That thing you told us about, ending up in 1962 with Frank Sinatra?” Smiling slightly at the sound of his name told both Michael and Paul all they needed to know, but before I could answer Steph was entering the room with my parents and Aunt in tow; who were more than a little thankful I was alright. Assuring them I was ok, they spent a few moments fussing around me as I told them what had happened; of course leaving out the part about travelling back to 1962 and falling in love with Frank Sinatra! After we had all talked and had thanked Paul, Steph and Michael we said our goodbyes and headed back to our hotel.

“Oh by the way Michael, yes it was all sorted out in the end…” I said as I walked out of the door and headed off, as I walked out into the cool night air of Manhattan it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Looking to the sky with its star filled canvas I somehow knew that things would be ok from now on, something just seemed to be different. Back at the hotel my parents and Aunt sat in the bar, unwinding from the day’s events. Being a little tired I headed to the room, settling down I turned the TV on and found a music channel before curling myself into the bed sheets and shutting my eyes.

Hey there pretty angel where have you gone.

You with your good heart and soft tender touch.

You with your sad blue eyes.

Where have you gone?

Here I am just sittin’ here thinking.

Thinking about your love and how I miss you so.

How you showed me true love and how to love again.

I miss you so; miss your smile; your face; your heart.

Within seconds of hearing the first few words, I knew instantly that it was Frank singing what he called “My Song.” Wide-awake now I listened intently with my mind firmly fixed upon Frank and the day I had been having, I could still see him singing it to me that night.

Oh, my love come back to me.

Oh, my dear sweet angel know I miss you so;

Know that my heart is yours.

For now and always, my heart belongs to you.

With me in my world and you in yours;

Know that I will always love you;

And that my heart belongs to you.

My heart and soul will always be yours.

Know this much my dear sweet angel;

Whatever may part us,

Whatever may come between us;

Wherever you may go, I belong to you.

Hey pretty angel, where have you gone?

As the song came to an end, I lay back down; closing my eyes I smiled as I drifted off to sleep thinking about Frank, falling into a deep well earned sleep.

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