Friday, March 14, 2008


This was written by a friend on a fan forum I belong to, I wanted to post this here because it touched me deeply and I found it so moving that I wanted to share it on my blog page; mainly because I want to remember this and how it makes me feel. Hope it makes someone else feel touched too.


It’s 22nd Feb 2008.

Here I sit alone
Dazed, un-well, un-loved
My tears stream from my face like a waterfall
Running wild as my head goes crazy

Best form of insanity

A missed dose
Turns me to one regretful girls
A nigh wasted, a night I should enjoy
Just wasted over my petty mistake

I mask my pain with food

Over eating, mood swings and sudden grouchiness
A daily routine in my home life;
Yet here I be in the city that never sleeps
And I am down in that dwelling route

To my shrink, I’ve proved my point

My mind races with fear
Causing my mind to go into rages of thunder
It controls that distressing thought
A razor blade a box of pills

Back to that desperate state

Tears are no more
I sit here and shake
Fears of silent scream
Arise from that secret chest

I’d do it all again

A sick feeling in my throat
A pound in my head
My body is at war
Who will win?

Tick, tick, tick

Maybe I’ll die tomorrow?
End this stupid farce
But maybe once again
I should try it myself

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