Monday, March 10, 2008

Kat’s Song.

Hey there pretty angel where have you gone.

You with your good heart and soft tender touch.

You with your sad blue eyes.

Where have you gone?


Here I am just sittin’ here thinking.

Thinking about your love and how I miss you so.

How you showed me true love and how to love again.

I miss you so; miss your smile; your face; your heart.


Oh my love come back to me.

Oh my dear sweet angel know I miss you so;

Know that my heart is yours.

For now and always my heart belongs to you.


With me in my world and you in yours;

Know that I will always love you;

And that my heart belongs to you.

My heart and soul will always be yours.


Know this much my dear sweet angel;

Whatever may part us,

Whatever may come between us;

Wherever you may go; I belong to you.

Hey pretty angel, where have you gone?


© Nicky D Sarti 2008.

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