Monday, January 12, 2009

I Love The Way.

I love the way you make me laugh,
The way you make me smile.
The way you hold me close to you,
And kiss me for a while.

I love the way you support me,
Even if you disagree,
You never turn your back on me,
You're always there for me.

I love the way you look at me,
It makes my knees weak,
The love and glow in your eyes,
Makes it hard for me to speak.

I love the way you love me how I am,
How I shouldn't loose a pound,
I'm sooooooo lucky to have you,
You're the best man around.

I love the way you're protective,
It shows me that you care,
Without you around to protect me,
Life would be unfair

I love the way we can sit around,
And not say a thing,
We have a special bond,
Who knows what the future will bring????.

I love the way we are different people,
Our likes are not the same,
Some of the things that I like,
You probably think is lame

I love the way you cheer me up,
Especially when I'm sad,
And even when we get in fights,
We never stay mad.

I love the way we fall asleep,
Holding each other tight,
With you being apart of my life,
Everything just seems so right.

I love the way you love me,
And the love we share,
I know this is true,
And nothing can even compare.

I love the way we love each other,
And the time we spend together,
I never want to loose you, I want to love you forever.

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