Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thinking About You by ~ BluAtum

As you can tell this is not written by me, I just wanted to post this as I thought it was a brilliant; well written short story.

Hope you enjoy"!

Author's Comments

I was thinking of you and listening to the rain. you give me my best inspiration and I love you so much. This never happened, but it just shows that I care about you a lot. I hope you don't mind.


I felt a tug on my shoulders as he pulled my in from the window ledge. The rain was coming down monotonously and I was sticking my head out to enjoy some of it. He pulled my away from my post and sat me down on the edge of his bed; hair dripping slowly and mascara running. A slight crooked grin tugged at his lips and he bit back a chuckle. I smiled up at him like a five year old girl who did steal the cookie from the cookie jar. I playfully grabbed hold of his shirt as he was turning and drew him close.

“Now I’m cold.” I whispered and giggled in his ear. He shifted his eyes curiously as though he couldn’t locate something. Stooping over, he picked up a dark blue shirt. The sleeves were long and made of a soft cotton substance as most clothes were. With out a statement he put his hands on my hips, then to the rim of my saturated t-shirt and pulled upward.
I sat on his bed in my black lace bra, his favourite, and looked up to him excepting something to happen. To my disappointment, he just yanked the other shirt over my head and sat next to me. Hiding my disapproval, I inhaled deeply the new fabric restricting my body. This scent was only too familiar. The long sleeves covered my hands and I tried to pull them up but, lose as they were, they kept slipping.

“I can fix it, stop fidgeting.” To my surprise he didn’t roll them up. In one swift inhuman move, the shirt flew over my head and to the floor. Before it even came close to touching the ground, he was on top of me.
“You can’t think that wearing that bra wouldn’t get you anywhere tonight.” He chuckled. I gave him a confused smile and he just kissed my confusion away.
“I’m still cold, love.” I teased. So, to my expectance, he unzipped my jeans and pulled them down my smooth legs. Thank goodness I had shaved them this morning.

“Body heat is the best heat,” he teased back, “So let’s warm you up.”
His shirt came off quickly and I had no trouble losing the pants. His willingness to comply made it all the more easier, no doubt. He was still on top of me as the clothes hit the floor; he leaned down just enough so that our noses touched. His gaze always sent chills down my back but never enough for me to shiver. This feeling was remarkable; the feeling of his heat scorching into my skin and mixing with my own. My eyes fixated on his and we held our expressions the same. “I love you” was all over his face and I’m sure that’s all my expression read, as well.

“I love you, Morgan.”

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