Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two by Louise D WtD forum….


It's just a box
A boring dark empty box
Brown and Motionless
Raw and Pointed
Easily broken, heard to repair
There is only so much damage it can take.
However, when you look close enough,
You see it is not just a box.
It's your heart
Soaking up wet tears
Decaying with time
Each beat becoming weaker,
each day it gets older
- wearing away.
Just like a cardboard box out in the rain.


If I was perfect - would I be loved more?
Or will jealously succumb others?
Perfection is something we all want - isn't it?
I mean in this world we all wish we could find it
but does it exist as in our hearts, we all have a perception
Beauty and perfection could be so many things
Is it just about looks or about what is inside?
Maybe perfection is a combination of both?
Would that be true perfection?
But can the self arrogance or beauty and perfection
make the girl a bitch deep done inside,
There for does it contradict the idea of perfection?
Sometimes someone's view of perfection is just someone else's view of damn right ugly

© Louise D 2008

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