Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I REALLY think of you!!!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, in truth it has been on my mind for longer than I care to admit. I guess that I have never had the guts or “don’t give a damn” attitude that has seemingly come my way recently; well, that and a million other reasons!

I was never confident enough in myself to actually believe in myself, I was also afraid; and of everything before you ask!! Many of you will know me and know that I am the genuinely nice girl I am made out to be, maybe that is another big reason; I did not want to lose the nicer part of me.

I have to admit I was also unsure for a long time of what I wanted to say, sometimes what I wanted to say escaped me; even who I wanted to say it to also escaped me sometimes!!! My family and friends are easier to address than those who are not on my Christmas list, to my family and friends I could do all that “gushy” stuff; but I will spare you all from all that.

To say all I want to those people who “
THINK” they are my friends, has been very hard for me; especially given the fact I am so nice to everyone!! (Curses to my nice genuine nature... god it is so hard being as perfect as me!) Firstly, if you “think” you are on the latter part of that list, then you more than likely are! And if you have to ask or are worried you “might” be, then it looks like you are also on the list; yay you!!

Now the good news is that I very rarely ‘hate’ anyone; love and hate are two very strong emotions, as such I don’t do either emotion easily! (Or often for that matter ~ hence why you are privileged if I love you!) So, even if I dislike you; it is not
ALL bad; I would at least piss on you if you were on fire!! I promised I would make this post a short one compared to my last few, so I will end by finally being totally honesty...

· To my family and best friends: all the love, hugs, (yes you, young man!) support and ongoing friendship means absolutely everything to me. And so you
ALL know, for you guys; I’d take a bullet anytime! (and you know it) Thank You Very Much... always.

· To the friends I am yet to make and those I enjoy the company of: looking forward to more of it and getting to know you better ~ especially my Lib Dem friends! (Notice the subtle hint there gentlemen? If not, go to the back of the class and start again!)

· To the “friends who had to ask or think about which list they belonged to: Thanks for all manner of things! Walking all over me, taking the piss, abusing my good and kind nature, hurting me, using me, breaking my heart, taking me for granted, not seeing me for who I really am or my true potential, for judging me, making me cry and (at times) making my life a living nightmare!!!

To all you “friends” (and I use the term loosely!) and anyone else who chooses to piss me off...




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