Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mortal Kid or Kombat Kid on a Come Back?

Having been "kidding" myself for far too long that I am invincible; I find that I am indeed, mortal.

When I was a kid I was active and sometimes over active, what was then called "hyperactive;" which is now seemingly called everything from a disease to "kids needing tablets and extra help."

I could never run at school, and was often bullied for it and my natural big size; but I tried my best.

Then I was told I was too hyperactive and that I should "calm down" a wee bit... Trouble is, now I have "calmed down" I simply cannot get up and about anymore; as they say ~ my get up and go has got up and gone!

I just did not have the energy to do anything but sit at home, veg out and eat/drink myself silly....

This is where my problems all began, when you take into account the fact I like to eat, and have a sweet tooth. Then couple that with the fact I was turned into this under active child, and add in the family history too; it all makes for an easy target for bad health.

So after nearly 30 odd years of ignoring the normal dull aches & pains of a 70 year old, I finally faced the situation and went to try get healthy. It was more to do with wanting to spend as long as I could with this nice chappie I like, but either way; I thought I would do something about this mess I had got myself into.

Knowing that my Dad has not only had Diabetes for a good few years now, but has also had a triple heart by-pass; I knew that I needed to be careful. Obviously though I have not been that careful, when many forms of physical exertion causes me to have trouble breathing among other things.

But it was the blood test for Diabetes that was the catalyst in my lifestyle change, which I felt I should take along with everything else. I guess I knew it was coming, after all I knew my luck was running out. After the test I was diagnosed on 6th May 2010, a couple of weeks later I was told that it was Type 2 and that I needed to make huge lifestyle changes.

Of course I knew it was coming, but it was still a shock. I did feel depressed about it, not so much that I felt it was a life sentence more the case that I was scared stiff of having to inject myself with insulin. Which makes me sound much like the big wuss that I am of course, but either way; it still scared the poop outta me!

So here I am, nearly two months in and I am doing my best. Finding healthy stuff to eat is a bit of a battle; especially when I have like 32 plus years of bad habits to change. The exercise is not the easiest thing to deal with either if I am honest, not only to find something I like and can do (without killing myself ~ just ask said nice chappie who I actually ran after!) but also something that is cost effect.

As with life, money plays a big part in what we can and cannot do. With an endless pocket full of cash I a sure I could have helped this “lifestyle” change along quicker, with the right amount of money (and the number of a good cosmetic surgeon) I more than likely could give myself the helping hand I need to get back to some normality.

And after all that is all I want, help getting there. After I have a good start, I can at the very least continue to look after what little I have left. But heigh ho; it will just have to be “off to work” for me, all I can do is try my best. With the love and help of my family and friends, I know that it will seem that little bit easier; and for that alone I am eternally grateful to them all.

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