Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Is Time To Change The Game...

This was written by a friend of mine, I think he has some valid points; even though it nearly got him killed in certain Countries! Good writing and good points? You be the judge of that!

Enjoy the read, whatever the case!! And thanks Mark; wherever you may be!!!

All of our reality is created from the power of our acceptance and the balance of its change is held in our expectation.

Avoidance of the truth is the cause of all unhappiness.

Emotional energy drives creative activity and combined with intention is the boss ~ all of the following environment will reflect that emotion and all associations will reflect the emotion of its leader throughout the frame.

Boundaries in society are not so much to do with individuality as to protect us from the truth. Evolution is the adjustment of our boundary and in love for one another we will end the division.

If you leave pieces of sugar out, the environment will balance with ants. We can adjust the number of ants in our kitchens by various means.

Once the acceptance of our life is rooted then the reality will follow in our environment, we can change our acceptances. All it takes following the realisation is a constant aver to the new acceptance until it takes in our being like a graft and becomes real. We are able to become what we want, just want!

If we seek hostilities because of our acceptance then we will find, from the environment, others in similar mediation of heart and joint exception to be partners in the game.

It is our responsibility to transcend the past and our ancestry (social and genetic influences) in the development of our emotional being. We are all responsible for the creation of our own environment.

We can adjust the boundary of our environment to alter our feeling or accept the state of being and the environment follows as sharp with you as you with it... Keep balance.

The reason you are bullied is your acceptance. Add courage there are only 24 hours a day so you might as well, as well as not. Love one another for in doing so we love ourselves, the more love we declare into the world the more we will find the return of that love; for love is balance and it is in giving that we receive.

We are all one ~ all part of the same God energy, accept this powerful understanding. Find God in your being and at hand rather than seeing him over there or not over there. If you accept that God is in your heart then God is in your heart and you will find understanding in the supernatural and clairvoyant and magic and healing.

If the world were full of peaceful people we would live in a peaceful world.

To say, "I have no money" not only reinforces the reality in the subconscious acceptance but also makes a creative statement to the world. Never make negative statements; just say what is wanted. Ask and it is yours to receive, don't lose the opportunity when it arrives.

Take into your acceptance all the things you want, use your expectation to control the direction; look to the source for all your ingredients in all aspects of your being. Fear is a powerful ingredient in the emotion.

By adjusting the boundaries of our environment we can balance the environment we want. Work with the environment and it will work with you. If something is recurrent and you say why does this always happen, then it is true that it will always be in your environment; even if you ran away it would manifest again and again until you find courage in facing the truth.

Lying compromises one's position, distorts reality and leaves one lost. Keep the deep peace of God's love in your heart with gratitude and honesty. When we know something is not wanted in our environment it is important to remove the thing and make no mean no! We are all creatures of habit and avoid the pain of change, taking refuge in lies and tradition.

As we realise and accept that we are all one we will find a greater ability to love one another and be kind, help one another and heal the space. Smile to one another radiate goodness and the people around you will feel it. If you walk through a crowd with love in your heart the people around you will feel it and it will change the environment. The same is true in reverse and you will be as sensitive to the thoughts of others as your subconscious requires in its production of life events.

  1. Grateful Heart, build from a point of gratitude.
  2. Love in motive and alignment with subconscious sixth sense, root of understanding.
  3. Acceptance that we are at one with the energy. Take honest and clear reference points. Look to the source for all your ingredients.
  4. Tend the garden of your expectation with kindness; the German word for imagination is vorstellung, which in English means to stand before you. Be careful with visual image ~ TV.
  5. Strong heart ~ this path will test you to take the ground. Don't seek your security at the boundary of your existence but keep the truth in the middle and see beauty around.
  6. Daily denial of selfish r dirty ingredients. (Process/development) Find freedom in honesty by hiding no fear.
  7. Self ~ confidence keys, allow yourself permission.
  8. Learn the magical power of words.
  9. Then listen and you will be guided.

Pray this human culture finds peace as it stops blaming external influence accepting new inevitabilities. Pray we populate this planet with responsibility in life's blessed understandings and open the door to the true potential. Show us our motive as we review social boundary and justice.

May the eddy of life in a tide of despair illuminate hearts in answer to prayer and find love's acceptance in our honest hearts.

May the work of our hands prosper the good of us all, our social control mechanisms remove illusions of need and our media see Road Rage and weep.

Pray the human race find the true value of life and dance in the balance of naturelike birds in the flock and the fully evolved state that is a shoal of fish.

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