Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doris and Iris...

Doris and Iris must have been coming to this same spot for the past thirty years. Neither had known each other before, but both had much in common; although neither would find out until much later. Both had spent many a day seeing the other grow and develop.

“Of course it was all different in our day...” Iris said, looking at the punch of pink roses in their soft green tissue paper.
“I know dear, the youngsters would have had more respect...” Doris replied thoughtfully, trying to hide the smirk on her lips from forming.

“In our day kids would have got married before they had children...” Doris continued, not realising the irony in her words.
“I know, Fred used to say much the same thing...” Iris added, pausing so that Doris could finally grasp what she had said.

As the cogs whirred and it all finally fell into place, Doris could not help but blush as she thought of all the years; fifty to be exact; that she had spent with Fred.
“Ahh, who would have thought it hey...” Doris finally felt able to say, allowing a small smile to escape as they both studied the headstone in front of them.

For a long moment both women paused to take in their surroundings, sitting on the same well-worn wooden park bench neither woman felt the need for any more words. The sun was beginning to peak through the dark clouds that had been present for the best part of the morning, it may have been spring but it certainly did not feel like it; more like winter.

The grass was covered in a fine film of dew, giving their surroundings a somewhat fitting look. The grave both women sat by was clearly well cared for, both Doris and Iris had spent days clearing and cleaning the plain looking marble. As was their way, both Doris and Iris had their own thoughts and memories of Fred; both kept their thoughts to themselves – it was like their own little ritual that neither wanted to break.

Both women sighed deeply, realising that this could very well be their last day here. Of course, neither would admit it to themselves let alone each other.
“Until next time Fred...” Iris began, as she slowly got to her feet; after all these years the aches and pains caught up with her some days.
“Bye Fred, until next week...” Doris said as she too slowly rose, her own arthritis was getting worse; she did not know how much longer she could manage this trip.

“Until next week Doris...”
“See you next week Iris...”

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