Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Like That...

His cold piercing blue eyes are what I first noticed; as soon as the lift doors closed I felt the chill in the air. For some unknown reason I could just tell that something was wrong, it was as if his most famous (or should that be infamous?) character was coming to life right in front of me. He was no longer Sir Anthony Hopkins, he was Hannibal Lecter; and he was in the same lift as me… and we were alone!
As soon as I felt the lift jolt and judder to a sudden stop, the lump formed in the back of my throat. Turning towards me there is a look of emotionless coldness in his eyes as he slowly stalked towards me, I felt the chill running down my spine. Here was one of the scariest men you could ever wish to meet, and he was stood in front of me; looking about as intimidating as he was making me feel.
I cannot help be intimidated not just by his presence but also the fact that I was in a broken down stationary lift with a man that could, quite literally eat me alive! The fear and panic had already set in by the time he had moved closer still, leaning upon the side of the lift; trapping me in the corner. Swallowing hard trying to rid myself of the lump in my throat, I can already feel myself shrinking into myself; I can just tell that the end is neigh for me. Sensing this, his years of acting and life told him as much; this was the moment everything changed.
His cold eyes quickly became the softest bright blue eyes, and there was this shyness that I was not expecting too. His smile is light and I can see the softness shine through, as I smile back I cannot help but feel this girly flutter deep inside of me. Moving slightly he leans closer still to me, the words not needed yet. Even though we had not spoken yet, neither of us felt the need to; the atmosphere between us seemed to be relaxed and comfortable. The mood was light; the feeling around us seemed to just feel right, surely this was one of them moments?
You know the ones, those moments that you read about in books and saw in movies. The moments where the handsome hero sweeps his leading lady off of her feet and they ride off into the sunset, of course this was not going to be the case for me; it never was! But there was something about this moment, something that I just could not explain or put my finger upon.
Within an instant his hands assumed the position, his shoulders slightly hunched upwards. Before I had the chance to say anything or even question him, he spoke.
“On the other hand…” He began, his soft Welsh accent showing through as he did the voice I could easily place.
“I have different fingers…” He continued, holding his hand up, chuckling in the same way as the man who was clearly his idol would have done. Looking up through his eyelashes with his blue eyes, the smile in them obvious.
As he laughed the same laugh his idol would, it not only made me smile and chuckle too; but also broke the ice between us. Which of course helped the fact that we were trapped in this lift together, as the comfortable silence was threatening to return he continued with the jokes.
“Here’s a little trick I picked up…” He said as he held out his hands, as if he was about to actually show me a trick.
“Dunno who dropped it though!” His words resonating throughout the lift, the laughter quickly following. As he moved even closer still, he was within touching distance; his arm softly but barely brushing against my own.
At that the lift shuddered to and jolted back to life, he looked me deep in the eyes; as if he was searching my soul for a sign. Before he had the chance to say anything, as the lift began to move I smile and reply;
“Just like that…”

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