Thursday, November 18, 2010

Robbie and Scamp...

He could not explain it but he wanted to cry, his tears already close to falling.

“Come on Scamp, lets go...” He said to the little scruffy ball of fluff, the beige hairy mongrel looked up to his young master; cocking his head slightly as if he understood every word little Robert said.

Sniffing hard and wiping his eyes coarsely, Robert took his woolly black scarf and placed it around his neck as he took one last look around the room he was standing in.

Normally he would be rushing through the kitchen on his way to his room after school of out the backdoor to go play with Scamp or his friends, but not today; today was different.

For the most part he was like most normal eight year olds, but he had seen more than any young kid should see; many times his only escape was his imagination and Scamp his faithful companion.

The room was warm, he knew it was going to be cold outside; he could not help but wish he had eaten earlier. Looking around the room, Robert took more notice than ever of the room he had always seemed to take for granted.

The cabinets and cupboards were all pine; the white goods were just that, white. No black, silver or red refrigerators here. The net curtains were whiter than white, a clear sign that his Mother was always house proud. The kitchen table with its beautiful clean cloth was unusually round, the chairs sturdy enough to climb upon; smiling Robert remembered the many times he had tested that theory.

Sighing deeply Robert knew that life was full of “ifs” and “buts,” there was nothing more that he could do. Filling his knapsack with as much food as he could for himself and Scamp, Robert took one last look as he pulled on his thick scruffy old grey duffle coat; taking Scamps lead he placed it around his faithful companions neck.

As they both left, Robert could not help but allow his tears to fall; sobbing uncontrollably until they had to stop. He had no idea where they were until he heard the hum of the motorcars passing by; looking out over the dual carriageway, both must have looked a right state. It had started to rain heavily as soon as they had both left home, and it did not look like it was about to give up either.

“They never cared about us Scamp; it was for the best we left...” Robert said, hoping to convince Scamp; but knowing it was himself he needed to convince. Tears still threatened to fall, both had left the only home either had every known; goodness only knows who would have them now.

Now completely drenched though to the bone, both stood looking hopelessly out towards the dual carriageway.
“Well, we are on our own now Scamp...” Robert said, trying to make matters sound more positive than they were.

As the car drew up, Robert’s mind was filled with the stark warnings from his dear Mother; gripping the lead tightly in his little cold hand as the window was wound down.

“Get in the car wee Robbie...” The kindly female voice said, unlocking the passenger side door.
“You pair will catch your death of cold...” She continued, looking first to one and then the other.
“Aww Mum...” Robert began to protest, but Scamp just jumped into the passenger seat first before jumping onto the back seat.

Sighing deeply Robert followed suit, unable to express his relief but knowing it was part of the recovery.

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