Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of Me.... (well, a few hours)

Walking into my favourite café, I find my usual drink waiting for me before sitting down. As I take a seat I think about how strange it might seem to some people, but I like having a usual and it being there when I walk in. I also like the feeling of being part of a regular crowd, and that people seem to care about you.

The café itself has enough room (just) for five tables and a counter, the space behind the counter is also limited; which seems only add to the authenticity of the place. Manuel is the owner of this Italian styled cafe, he is a Swiss Italian; which lends a true feel to the place. Every day you can hear him pepper his conversations with strong Italian, mixing well with the multicultural customers that come in every day. The floor has blue tiles, the walls are peach coloured sandstone effect; and the ceiling is plain white with sunken spotlights.

It is hard to describe what you would see when you walk in, maybe a true taste of Italy? A picture of Napoli adorns the left wall as you entre, next to that is two small full-face Venetian masks. Next to that are three pictures with scenes from films, between them and the counter is a mini life sized statue of “David” in white.

On the right wall as you walk in are five pictures, also with scenes from films too. A small television screen is on the wall between that and the counter; it normally plays Italian Cityscapes or pictures of food. There is a gap between the counter and right wall, and usually has a table and chair so close to blocking it.

Above the counter runs a “film strip” scene with people drinking coffee, talking of coffee… one deep intake of breath and you cannot fail to smell freshly roasted coffee beans!  And you only need to try the cappuccino once to know it is easily the best in Northampton,  just ask all the people who sometimes queue to get into the café to be served. That reminds me, coffee time! Excuse me for a while, my latte is waiting…

Above the counter, right in the middle is the price list. And below this is what can only be described as the knick knack shelf, way too many things to mention each one by one; I am sure every one of them has their own story behind it. The food is now what is tempting me, maybe I should have eaten before I started to do this?

Anyways, the reason I love coming here? Other than the lovely coffee and food, the regular customers from Michael and Joe, to the “Prof” (BG ~ my councillor friend) and “him!”

This place is quite simple the perfect playground to write, think, relax and make new friends; this place has it all for people like you and me and well everyone!

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