Saturday, February 26, 2011

Political Wrestling.... (work with me on this!)

Having been set this challenge to link politics and wrestling, the most obvious line was not forthcoming; just how on earth you can link sports entertainment and current affairs is beyond me... (Other than they both seem to have a little too much drama at times!)

But then after I watched some WWE wrestling on YouTube last night, I began to think about it more and more. Maybe they are not so different after all, and I know that many of you will be sat there thinking about this and wondering; what the heck am I on about...  so let me explain :-

When you think about it, every MP is chasing after a dream; that they will reach the top and do the best they can for their constituents. Just as all wrestlers spend their whole lives working damned hard to be the best, and to make their fans proud.

We elect every MP because we think/feel they will be the best for the job, in wrestling us fans make those we love (or love to hate) popular for much the same reason.

When we get fed up of their actions, we turn our backs/stop supporting our MP’s. When we stop liking a wrestler, we stop cheering for them; turn our backs on them.

But one of the biggest likenesses I have found is the most surprising, it happens in both politics and wrestling ~ and in much the same way!

I had watched WWE wrestling for a while, (probably ten years) before giving up sky about three or so years ago. I do not claim to be an expert on any of it; I just used to watch for some amazing athletic performances and the storylines. But one thing became clear to me, I loved a “face” ~ what they also call baby faces..., it basically means a good guy!

One such wrestler is, John Cena. Kids and women love him; guys over the age of about eighteen do not. They think he sucks and cannot wrestler, and maybe that is true. But he always carries himself well, and sends out a good message to the young fans out there.

Which brings me to my point, the hatred this wrestler has evoked is amazing. From the “Cena Sucks” chants that fly around the arena’s, to the puerile videos on YouTube; some fans cannot wait to vent their fury upon a wrestling character!

He is not the only one that has received this type of treatment either; Michael Cole has been demonised too. Both have had their fair share of videos posted about how they suck, both have had the “you can’t wrestler” or “you suck” videos; but both have been turned into demonic baby eating monsters.

And here is why I think wrestling and politics are alike in this way, simply; if your face does not fit you are pilloried and hung out to dry by fans and voters alike.

I end with an example from politics, one of our local councillors; Tony Woods. Made a mistake by leaving his car, in his parking space; in a car park very few people can use. I believe that, for the most part he was simply too busy to sort matters. I also believe that, when matters became “political” he showed a stubborn nature and attitude. I believe that while it was “wrong” to leave the car their, in the grander scheme of things; it was not that bigger deal.

In my life I have far more important things to worry about, I am sure that the majority of people do also. Do I really care that the man is not the same as everyone else? Do I really care that he parked his car in his parking space? Why should I care about anything, other than if he is doing his job?

Just the same as John Cena, do I care that he cannot wrestle as well as say; Kurt Angle or Chris Beniot? Do I care that fans think he sucks or is gay because young fans like him?  Do I care that people do not like him being a “face” or because he is popular? He does his job of entertaining us fans very well, which all you can ask really isn’t it?

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