Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Girl in the World...

It will always be someone, anyone but me.
They don’t see this, but I do.
I have always seen it, always been aware of it.
I make the best friend ever, not to mention the one your man goes to when he needs a little “something extra…”

But no, I will never make that girl.
I will never be the girl he marries.
Or the one he cannot live without.
Or the one he would give it all up for.
I will never be the bride, always the one sitting at the back.

I know I will never see that day when I am the one he cannot do without.
I will never see that day when all these years of heartache make sense.
It will always be “her…”
The one who wants you for what you can do for her.
The one you will always believe is better for you.

Maybe when I am lying on my death bed, right as usual; you will all see this.
Maybe you will see that what I told you would happen, did happen.
When there is no one left, you will see.
When I am that girl I told you I would be; you will agree that I was always right.
Until then, I shall nod and agree with you; just to stop your looks and comments.

Always knowing deep down, that I will always be the last girl in the world.

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