Monday, December 21, 2009

Share With Me...

Note: Once again something that Michael has written has struck a cord with me, hence why I am sharing this post. After reading it, it got me to thinking about how people not only view me; but also if this could be seen to be anything like me... He added a note after that made me think even more; I'll start the post with the note & you can all see what you think...

Note: A friend just called me joking that this was about him. I need to clarify that this is NOT about anyone. I just got to thinking about how much we share with other people on the Internet, and I got to wondering how much people really, truly empathize or not?
It seems paradoxical that we can often be emotionally intimate with strangers while struggling for emotional closeness with those we share air with.

Share with me
All the details of your life
How you used to love your wife
Just how fucked up you got
If your co-worker is hot
What you had to eat
The cancer can't be beat
Dog sprained his knee
The kite is in a tree
You feel a little down
Awfully scared of clowns
Just dropped some pills
But you think they were Advil's
Why you can't get laid
How much you don't get paid
That love is out of reach
A charity beseech
Daddy never understood
Momma had a heart of wood
Sister is greedy whore
Junkie brother at the door
Husband is a drunken lout
Sadly for you I just signed out

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